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When you start becoming or sports lover or you start playing sports, there is another thing that you become addicted to, i.e., health and fitness. As you start growing up, you eventually realize that the addiction turns into desire and a way of inspiring others. To make the most out of this desire, you must connect with top-quality developers to create a fitness website. On these websites, you can do fitness blogging.

You don’t need to have TV rights or host a top-ranked show to tell your story. All you need is confidence and the ability to keep your audience engaged with what you want to tell. And then, within no time, your credentials and credibility in the health and fitness industry grow substantially. Creating blogs on fitness can be a time-consuming process, but it can also reap many benefits if you do it right. A top-quality blog can boost the visibility of your online brand and attract leads.

Best Tips to Start a Blog on Fitness

If you are a fitness professional, you need a strong internet presence. You cannot be having all the knowledge on health and fitness without anybody recognizing you or your work. If you blog on fitness, it is a brilliant way to share your experience with others, but you can also do it for many other things for yourself and your business. If you don’t have a website for blogging, you are already falling behind concerning the rest of the competitors. Here are a few ideal tips for you to start blogging on fitness.

1. Choose a Good Title

It isn’t a secret that if you want to know how to start a fitness blog, you must be creative in choosing the best titles for your content. In the world of blogs and content, the first impression is the last. That impression is usually associated with the title. If your title isn’t catchy, your audience will walk away from it. Hence, you won’t receive good customer feedback for your blog.

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If that’s not enough pressure, we would like to share that people find it challenging to find unique blog titles. Most of the titles are either modified or aren’t associated with the blog that they had published. Therefore, you must be careful with your choice of words to select the best title for your blog.

2. Consider Who You are Talking to

If you want to know how to make a fitness blog, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. Firstly, you must ask that on what story is your blog based. Secondly, you must be aware of the kind of audience that you are talking to. Customer research is one of the critical aspects of creating a successful blog. You must understand the demands of your audience before starting your respective blog.

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Once you do the customer research and identify their area of interest, make sure you decide about the content you must prioritize. For example, you can be posting videos, a 30-day challenge, exercise tips, etc. If you choose to be an all-rounder and try to cover all these things, you will not establish yourself in one key aspect. Most importantly, your customers will appreciate your loyalty to a more significant degree.

3. Be Honest

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In the world of fitness blogs and websites, you must make sure that your content stands out. This can only happen if you are honest with your work and your audience. You must understand that customers are valuable to your platform. Do not be like the rest of the bloggers and paraphrase content and write on the same topics repeatedly. For example, there will be numerous blog titles that start with ‘5 tips for”. Even though it is a great title, it is too typical in the world of fitness and health.

4. Don’t Limit Yourself to Dot Com

When you are starting a fitness blog, one of the first decisions you make is your blog. For a fitness website, you can buy and register your own custom domain. On Strikingly, your domain purchasing package is charged separately from your website subscription plan. If you want to connect your domain to our platform, you must upgrade to our Premium Plan.

Apart from buying the domain, you must show uniqueness to your domain as well. Therefore, instead of going for a typical score of the .com domain, you can look for a different domain name, such as .fit, .fitness, .health, etc. They will create a unique personality for your platform and make it easy for your clients to remember your website.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Annoy

It is never an ideal strategy to be annoying to your customers or visitors. However, when creating a fitness blog, you shouldn’t be bothered about annoying your readers with a lot of content. Every reader has a different mentality. Some people will just continue reading, whereas will just stop after reading the first or the second blog. Therefore, you need to do customer segmentation and make sure all of them are happy. And to make them happy, you have to be annoying.

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Do you think that the highly established fitness platforms only generate views because of their popular content? They don’t, but they generate content daily, and they don’t care about how the people react to them publishing content frequently.

6. Be Ahead of Schedule

Speaking of publishing content daily, make sure you are ahead of schedule and creating great website content on health and fitness. There can be commitments in your life which hampers your schedule and stop you from publishing daily content. Therefore, you must have the content saved in the form of a draft so you only need to publish it. When you are doing fitness blogging, every single day counts.

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Just one day without a single blog post, and your readers will start believing that you are losing motivation to post your blogs. Or, if the readers find your content to be vague or sloppy, you will eventually destroy your reputation of being a top-quality blogger. If you are going on a vacation, make sure that you have a partner that takes care of the content management. You cannot extinguish your platform completely when you are on leave.

7. Make Your Blog Engaging

You can add questions to your blog. For example, if you create a fitness blog about your dietary plans, you can keep your audience engaged by asking specific questions. The questions can be such as “Do you have proteins as part of your diet?”. However, you should not add a lot of questions to your blog. That will only make your audience lose interest in your blog.

Nowadays, people spend most of their time on mobile phones. Therefore, you need to make sure that your platform is user-friendly on mobiles the same way it is in the desktop version. Your blogs must look good on the smaller screen the same way it looks good on the bigger screen. You can’t just be one-dimensional with your blogs. As an alternative, you can also create a mobile website for your blogs. Strikingly takes away the responsibility off your shoulders to integrate additional code to make your platform mobile responsive. You can look into the well-designed website templates that can suit well your mobile devices and provide a good customer experience.

8. Take Negativity as a Challenge

The best thing when you start a fitness blog is how you respond to your audience. Even though it is always good to read positive comments about yourself, the negative comments also keep you motivated and inspired. You need to take everything on the chin that you receive in your comment section.

When you enable commenting for a simple blog, you will receive both positive and negative comments. You must respond to the negative comments in a certain way. For example, if someone in the audience claims that he/she tried to adopt your recommended fitness tip but ended up hurting his/her back. You must reply to him/her by saying, “Hey! Can you elaborate on your scenario?”. It is a simple response that doesn’t involve a great deal of discussion.


Starting a fitness blog and monetizing your platform is not a walk in the park. Both of these things take time to be bear fruit. Attracting an audience for your blogs requires patience and a desire to share your experience. Your motivation will be the key to driving your respective blogs. Therefore, you must remind yourself all the time about the reasons why you started blogging on health and fitness. There will be numerous people in the audience who have the same motives and desire as you. Make sure not to let their motivation levels go down.

For blogging, it is essential if you have a fitness website to publish your daily content. You can rely on a well-established platform like Strikingly to create your website. You don’t need to have any coding experience or invest in high-quality developers for creating a fitness website. All you need to do is go through the fitness website templates that we have provided. After selecting the best template, you can customize it as per your needs and publish your blogs over there. If you want to know more about fitness websites, make sure to contact our Happiness Officers via live chat.