If you have a fondness for clothes and fashion, you can monetize your interest by building your clothing website.

Tons of clothing brands, especially the well-known ones have built their clothing website to cater to a wider network, customers they would’ve never met had they focused solely on physical stores.

If you create your clothing website, you can share your passion with everyone all over the world.

Whether you’re a designer, a fashion clothing curator, or simply an entrepreneur who has a knack for finding well-converting fashion items, having your clothing website is a good way to reach a bigger market.

Think about it:

The fashion industry has reached new heights when it comes to growth. Globally, the clothing market is valued at 2% of the world’s GDP. That's around 3 trillion dollars!

This means creating your clothing website has a huge potential for conversions.

I’ll first tell you about pointers you keep in mind while you plan your clothing website. You can also work with a clothing website builder like Strikingly to get the heavy lifting off your load.

Build Your Brand’s Identity

Before you start making your clothing website, you want to identify and build your clothing brand first.

For starters, it’s good to remember that “we are what we wear”. Clothing is such a personal matter, it defines our identity and brand defines our style.

Are you the artsy type? The trendy? The vintage? The feminine?

Whatever it is, you have to build your brand for people to easily recognize and recall you.

When you’ve built your brand, it’s easier to determine your target market and be able to tailor your website design to their liking.

Think about:

• What kind of people would wear my clothing line?

• What is my edge over the competition?

Having the answer to these questions will give your website design a direction.

Choose A Clothing Website Template

There are tons of clothing website templates available to choose from. Having your brand identified will also make it easier for you to choose what kind of clothes website templates to use.

Later on, I’ll show you 5 fashion website templates you can use or get ideas from.

Using a clothing store website template will make it faster for you to set up your clothing website.

You can think of a fashion website template as the skeleton of your store. You have the sections and racks in place, all that’s left to be done is to create your clothing website content.

Using a template will make it quicker for you to choose a color scheme that identifies with your brand.

You can then start displaying your clothing line.

Strikingly helps you eliminate the need to create a website from scratch. You don’t have to worry about programming or web design yourself so you can focus better on running your clothing website.

With our easy to use site editor and trendy fashion website templates, your clothing website will be up before you know it.

Choose Site Element To Go With Your Clothing Website Goals

Strikingly offers a lot of elements to make you manage your clothing website better.

It allows you to have a pricing section so it’ll be easier for visitors to know how much an article of clothing is worth.

Even better, you can add custom checkout and modify them!

Striking also makes inventory super easy for you. It includes a search order feature to make finding orders quick for you.

If you want to get better traffic for your clothing website, you can also add a blog section. You can add insight, styling tips, news, and updates about your brand.

Market Your Website

Of course, your clothing website is not for your eyes only. People have to know it exists for you to get customers.

Sharing your site to social media networks is an easy and free way to invite visitors in.

You can also optimize your clothing website for search engines and Strikingly offer to help you by providing SEO tools so you can rank better.

A blog helps a lot in this regard. If you want to know how you can add blogs, check out this guide.

Now that you have some pointers to work on, let’s start exploring fashion website templates you can use or just something to look at to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Divi Premium


This immense website canvass includes pre-built designs, elements, and layouts.

Divi is for just about anyone. It comes with a lot of complete demos so you know every bit of this template.

If you don’t find something you particularly like, you can edit it through an easy drag and drop technique.

2. Ashion


Ashion is another remarkable clothing website template you can utilize. It’s so user-friendly, you’ll think coding is a thing for kids.

Even as a newbie, you can create a first-rate clothing website using Ashion.

Another added benefit of using this template is it uses the latest technology to achieve a sought-after clothing website performance.

Some of the elements it includes are:

• Social media icons

• countdown timer

• Text slider

• And other pre-defined elements

3. Look


This clothing website template includes pre-built layouts you can immediately use.

Whether you use it as it or tweak it better to suit your brand, you’ll always end up with an amazing masterpiece.

Using Look gives you the chance to showcase your clothing line with models to give your items a more personal feel.

It also loads content with a hover effect while you scroll, menu overlay, and testimonial sliders.

If you decide to start a blog, you can connect with your audience with the contact form it also has.

4. MaleFashion


As the name suggests, it’s made mainly for male apparel brands and fashion.

Just a few customizations and you then start using this fashion website template in any male clothing line.

What I particularly like about it is how the layout is so pleasant to the eye. You’ll also get an amazing user-experience with this because it has a fast-loading browser and retina-friendly display.

For a free template, MaleFashion has a lot to offer you. All the goodies (countdown timer, slider, and top bar, and hover effects) are packaged to be freely used by you.

5. Wish


Like MaleFashion, Wish is a free fashion website template.

It’s known for its modern, clean, and easy interface.

If you use this fashion website template for your clothing website, your masterpiece will mark a great space online making your shoppers love enough to keep coming back.

This fashion website template is quite engaging and also sparks the interest of visitors with its alluring slideshow to welcome them.

Aside from this, Wish also uses easy sticky navigation so visitors can easily access the pages they want to visit.

Another great thing about Wish is it has a dedicated section for special deals, newsletter subscriptions, and a gallery slider. Overall helps to get people a great user experience.

Lastly, to help drive more traffic, you can connect it with your social media accounts to get more people to notice your brand.

The samples we mentioned earlier are not inclusive. Arguably, there also are other fashion website templates that will be as good as any of the 5 mentioned here.

The purpose of showing you these 5 is to give you inspiration on what to look for when choosing a fashion website template.

Ultimately, it goes back to what your clothing website’s goals are. If you have this determined together with your brand identity, choosing a fashion website template wouldn’t be too nerve-wracking.

Also, while narrowing down your choices for fashion website templates to consider, keep in mind the rest of the pointers we talked about at the outset of this article.

• Identify your clothing line’s branding

• Choose clothing website elements that go with your goals

• Market your clothing website

I couldn’t emphasize enough how helpful blogs are. They do not just help you rank better in search engines for more people to see you, blogs also provide them value even before they decide to buy anything.

Giving free value will make the difference, it will increase your conversion chances because people will view you as an authority in the industry.

Plus, basic human psychology: No one would say no to a good freebie.

If your blog content is good enough, your clothing website will reach far higher heights in the industry.

Who knows, once more and more people start to notice you in the industry, you can potentially be identified with the top clothing brands in the market.

This means far bigger conversions for you.

The basic takeaway here is that you build a clothing website, with a brand that’s easy to recognize and recall. No faster way to do it than to use a fashion website template so you can focus on the more important things – developing your clothing line.