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If you have started a business and are looking for ways to grow it, you need to do Facebook Live marketing. Using Facebook Live for business is one of the greatest new trends in the world of social media. It is growing in popularity so fast that it seems like it will define the success of many brands in 2022 and beyond.

Among the numerous benefits of using Facebook Live in marketing is that it enables you to reach a wide audience, including your existing followers and new fans. It gives your audience a healthy dose of brand awareness as we experience the increasing popularity of the trend of live videos.

Social Media Today claims that people spend more time browsing through and watching Facebook Live campaign videos than videos not streamed live. Facebook Live campaigns thus get you three times the traction than you can get through other forms of video marketing.

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If you have a business, you also need to use Facebook Live for your brand. This is the best time to take advantage of this ever-growing social media platform, while it still has the novelty factor that has kept it among the top social media sites for the past few decades.

If you are wondering how to use Facebook Live to market your brand, know that you have come to the right place. In this post, we will discuss the use of Facebook Live for business and compare the effectiveness of Facebook Live marketing with various other digital marketing strategies.

If you compare it with Youtube Live videos, you will observe that Facebook Live campaigns are more prevalent these days. More people are browsing through their Facebook newsfeed daily and are watching any interesting live videos that they come across. This makes Facebook Live marketing as well-liked as YouTube videos. According to a study conducted by Livestream and New York Magazine, about 66% of the participants said they preferred Facebook Live for business.

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In short, it is best to use Facebook Live for your brand’s promotion in this day and age. But how do you go about it? That’s what we are going to discuss today. There are actually many ways to create and promote a Facebook Live campaign. We will look at this topic from a practical standpoint and give you contemporary ideas on how to use Facebook Live.

Remember that a live video stays on your Facebook page long after you finish streaming it. Therefore, you must create an exciting and enjoyable experience through your video that people are enticed to watch over and over again.

10 Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Brand’s Marketing

The following techniques will show you how to use Facebook Live for marketing and promoting your products or services.

1. Host a Q&A

The first way for Facebook Live marketing is to host a Q&A. This is a terrific way to begin because it gets you instant and honest customer feedback regarding your performance. Since the audience is a major participant in the Q&A session, you can generate content quickly without putting in too much effort on your part.

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Make sure to hold the Q&A session based on the topics that your audience is keen about. To further enhance the audience’s engagement, provide in-depth insights about your products. Give your customers more exposure to what you have to offer. Sometimes, you can extend the basic Q&A session to elaborate, including pop quizzes or quick online games.

2. Teach How to Do Something

Facebook Live marketing can be used to give tutorials to your audience. Everyone is interested in learning how to get something done, as long as it is pertinent to their lifestyle. Tutorials provide significant value to the audience because they solve a problem for most of them in one way or the other. If the tutorial is about using your product, you can turn it into a lead generation session for your brand.

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3. Stream an Exclusive Interview

Even if you do not have enough material or content to stream a live video, you can still conduct a successful Facebook live marketing session by putting someone else in the spotlight. Stream an exclusive interview with someone your audience looks up to. Make sure their field is relevant to the business sector you operate in. Attract their followers onto your Facebook page and mutually grow each other’s traction.

4. Announce a New Product Launch

Facebook Live marketing is a fantastic opportunity to announce a new product launch. Apple is known for transforming its new product announcements into brand awareness events. You can do the same by creating a social media firestorm on your next product release. Suppose your audience knows beforehand that you will announce and introduce your upcoming product in your next Facebook Live campaign. In that case, they will be curious to attend the campaign due to their anticipation. This is the secret to attracting the engagement of viewers throughout the video.

5. Explain the Usage of an Existing Product

Besides announcing new products, you can also use Facebook Live marketing to explain and display the usage of an existing product. Show a product that’s already available in the market and explain the right way of using it for maximum benefits. This is particularly helpful if you sell electronics, gadgets, or other tech-savvy goods. People are always interested in knowing how technologically advanced products function, even if they are not planning to buy them soon. At the least, using Facebook Live in marketing your products in this way will attract a large number of people to your video.

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6. Give a Live Tour

Facebook Live marketing is a convenient channel for giving a live tour of your unique location or beautifully designed retail outlet. This is a huge opportunity to remind your existing customers of the amazing experience they have when they shop at your store. You can also give a live tour of your online store if you sell your products through an eCommerce website.

7. Create a Recurring Show

An easy way to schedule your Facebook Live campaign videos is to create a recurring show. This will give massive value to your most loyal followers regularly. You can make it as regular as a daily show to maximize engagement and excitement. Your followers will feel like you speak to them personally if you hold the show daily.

8. Announce Breaking News

If an event is conducted that impacts your brand, live stream it as part of a Facebook Live campaign. This is a good way of providing a sense of information to your followers in the same way traditional media channels do. Decide beforehand on the event that you want to broadcast live so that you have some time to prepare accordingly.

9. Film an Unedited Version of a Past Video

Suppose you have successfully built large followership on your Facebook page. In that case, you can use Facebook Live marketing to film the unedited version of a video that you uploaded in the past. Most of your followers must be used to viewing edited versions of your videos. Showing a video in its raw form will sound enticing to them. This will attract viewers to your live stream.

10. Show Off Your Brand Personality

Another way of engaging your audience through Facebook Live marketing is showing off your brand personality. Think of a particular focus for your video that allows you to provide a transparent glimpse into your corporate culture and branding activities. This will give a personalized feel to your audience. As they feel closer to your brand, they will prefer buying more products from you in the future.

Besides the 10 ways mentioned above, you can also make unique use of Facebook Live marketing to drive traffic to your brand website. Simply introduce your website to the audience at the end of each live stream. Encourage the viewers to visit your website and browse through it, even if they do not plan to shop. Keep reminding them of your website URL by mentioning it in your videos. This is likely to increase the traffic to your site.

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But remember, bringing traffic to your website is one thing, and retaining the traffic is another. Your website needs to be attractive, comprehensive, and easy to navigate to make people spend time on it. If your website is too complicated to browse through or not responsive enough to open neatly from different devices, you will experience a high bounce rate.

You need to prevent people from leaving your website soon after opening it. Consider using a website builder that provides you with ready-to-use templates to create a professional and user-friendly web design. Our platform also offers many website templates that provide a smooth browsing experience to site visitors.

Suppose you use Strikingly to build your brand website. In that case, you will save the time and cost of getting the job done by an expensive web developer and enjoy the benefit of being able to update your site easily any time you like.