As an internet company, Strikingly aims to empower small businesses and startups by providing free website builder and hosting services that enable them to build their online presence in the most cost-effective way. Our freemium plans equip you with all the right tools to create unique and beautiful websites that will represent your brand.


When you create a free website with free domain name and free hosting on Strikingly, you get access to a wide collection of site templates that you can customize to get the look and feel that you want for your site. You can select custom color schemes and use different font types on your site make it look unique. With your website handled by the best website builder and hosting in the industry, you can rest assured that your site has room to grow in scale as your business grows.

Free website and hosting frees up your marketing budget for other campaigns or for product development. Here are some of the digital marketing trends you want to invest in aside from website building and hosting.

1. Content marketing

A good website building and hosting platform can help you create a beautiful and professional looking site but the content is going to be entirely up to you. To enhance the usability and appeal of your site, it has to serve up the right kind of content that your audience is looking for. A site that is considered a reliable information source has the potential to stand out in a digital crowd full of competitors.

Putting your money on a sound content marketing strategy can help propel your brand to greater heights in the coming years. As audiences consume huge volumes of information every day, you want to give them respite from content fatigue through personalized and authentic content that targets customers in every phase of the buyer’s journey.

2. Video and live streaming


Consumers like watching videos. It’s one of the easiest ways to consume information and it makes people feel more connected to the product or the person for which the video was made. Repurpose old content into videos as well as live streaming can help you reach more audiences. In 2020, we’re going to continue to see a lot of live streams from different brands to engage audiences and encourage users to participate in community conversations about their products or service. Add videos to your website and update them regularly with Strikingly’s intuitive and free website design and hosting service.

3. Creating a strong digital marketing strategy

A solid online marketing strategy is crucial in this era where people no longer tolerate mediocre content. Even a free website should be built based on the results of thorough market research and audience targeting. Your company needs to understand what you’re creating your site for and not just how. You should have a clear plan as to how to frame your message to suit your audience. You also need a strategy for marketing your site and making sure it fulfills all its objectives.

4. Social media marketing

After making significant savings by leveraging on Strikingly’s free website design and hosting service, your marketing spend would be better allocated towards a social media marketing campaign. With many internet users spending a lot of their time on the various social media platforms, it would seem logical to consider rolling out ad campaigns to market your content and your product on these networks. Social media caters to virtually every audience group of various ages, professions and lifestyles. You can streamline your ads so they only show to your selected market niche thereby increasing your chances of attracting quality leads.