Ideal Ways of Hosting an Online Concert

Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, live streaming has become a massive asset for many people around the world. Now, we can use live streaming to interact with an unlimited number of people. For musicians, live streaming has brought them ways to interact with their fans via an online concert. They use the stream links on their social media platforms to broadcast numerous events.

If you believe that a music band can only be at one place at a time, live streaming completely laughs it off. A good deal of music bands uses live streaming to broadcast their concerts directly from the venue. However, they do not look into the idea of playing online concerts for their fans.

This article will give you all the elements surrounding a live concert and how you can promote it.

Why Host a Concert?

Booking gigs is not an effortless task by any means. If you are continuously associated with your cell phone trying to book certain places, you will consider yourself out of your depth with no virtual concert to look forward to. Moreover, we should also look into the expenses and the time limit associated with a gig. Hosting an online concert will allow you to avoid barren situations, and can save you time and investment.

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If you play in one geographical location, it also minimizes the audience growth for your respective show. However, you will gain popularity throughout a four-hour gig. Regardless of your popularity, there will be a certain portion of those fans who will not be there for you. These kinds of shows will become a burden for you to attract fans, and we have seen many top musicians experience this difficulty.

You may feel that we want you to dislike gigs in favor of the live-streamed content. It is not the case. We believe such plans should become part of your overall marketing strategy to ensure that you achieve something that you simply cannot with small or local shows. Hosting concerts from your living room is an ideal way of interacting with your fans. You will feel that every one of those fans is accompanying you in your living room.

How to Host a Concert?

The rules and regulations surrounding social distancing have hampered many live concert performances throughout the summer. This means that artists cannot make money from live events for a while. At the same time, online concert streaming is a brilliant idea for releasing music albums and maintaining a strong relationship with fans.

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If you want to be on the same wavelength, you need to choose your platform. There are many music websites around the world that artists used to communicate with fans and to bring them updates about the incoming streamed concert. Or, artists look into the social media live streaming options.

With no external services, you can stream with one platform at a time. You must focus on the best platforms from which you can promote your concert. There are several choices for the streaming of your online concerts. You can look for a service that is committed solely to your event, or you can do it yourself (DIY) through different social media platforms. We will cover these options below:

1. Pre-recorded or Live Streamed

Before you start with your online concert, it is essential to determine whether your event will be pre-recorded or live streamed. Both are effective ways to post or promote a virtual concert or a gig.

If you want to perform regularly at the same time, such as once or twice a week, live streaming would demand you to be available for the performance at that particular time. Pre-recording will bring you ways to be flexible with your approach. You can record your performance and post it as per your will.

Most importantly, pre-recording also gives you a chance to have multiple takes for your performance until you are satisfied. You can have as many takes as possible until you are satisfied. You can undertake editing as per your demands. However, it will be time-consuming.

Hosting an online concert is arguably a simpler option, as you can generate ideal traffic for your concert, instead of requiring to edit it afterward. Every algorithm surrounding a social media platform will always fancy live content over a pre-recorded content. Therefore, your live performance will have more views in comparison with a pre-recorded performance.

One more benefit regarding live streaming is that it maintains the normal gig or a concert experience for the participants. As they are watching you in real-time, it will make them feel as if they are part of an original concert. Live streaming also provides the host with an opportunity to interact with their fans in real-time. They can do that by either responding to their comments during the concert or afterward in the FAQ section. Interaction with the audience will give you an understanding of your live performance. Also, it will help you to increase your social media following, which may benefit your future concerts.

2. Self-Made Concert Services

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Two ideal self-made concert services are inclined to your music events and concerts. They are:

  • Concert Window

Concert streaming was solely brought to this world for hosting an online concert. It enables you to schedule your event posts well ahead of time, and even integrate this event in the online directory list. You can use the concert window for free. However, it takes away 30% of the revenue.

  • Gigee

Just like the concert window, Gigee enables you to create and promote your concert well ahead of schedule. It is not specified to artists, as it includes different categories, such as fitness and education. Similar to the concert window, you can also use Gigee for free, but it takes 20% of the revenue.

3. The DIY Route

If you feel that a self-created service is bringing financial problems to your online concert, you have other options to ensure the success of your concert. You can look into many social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to host your concert and gain an audience.

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Facebook Live is gaining a lot of recognition among the musicians in this pandemic, as live videos have a higher watch rate as compared to pre-recorded music content. Like we have described above, Facebook Live enables you to interact with your fans live as they are watching. Unfortunately, there is one drawback that you cannot determine a ticket price for people to join your concert. However, you can use a Paypal link and add it to your virtual tip jar, so it comes directly onto the people’s screens if they are interested in your concert.

Furthermore, you can rely on operating system platforms, such as Strikingly, to produce music websites for your respective concerts. We ensure to make your music website stunning and informative. We add numerous features on a music website, such as a gallery, map, background photos, map, and attach your favorite ticketing website to your platform. Moreover, we also bring you ways to attach audio files from SoundCloud. You can look into our live chat box for further assistance.

How to Promote Your Live Concert?

Promote your online concert early, just like you would do with a gig. You must integrate it within your website’s gig listing. You can use Facebook events to promote your event shows or post on other valuable platforms, such as Instagram. Send a calendar invite to your mailbox and provide all the event details for the promotion of your show.

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Apart from that, you can use Strikingly as a valuable platform to sell tickets for online concert streaming. We have provided some of the most innovative event ticketing, marketing, and management tools below for the welfare of your concert. Use them alongside your Strikingly website to ensure that your concert gains popularity.

∙ Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a great tool for the management of tickets at your concert and also for discovering other monumental events. Many widgets are embedded with this tool. You can get the Eventbrite embed code by heading over to the Eventbrite Embedded Checkout. Then, you can choose how the checkout appears before copying the embedded code and pasting it on your website.

∙ Eventnook

Eventnook is an exquisite up-and-coming ticketing management platform with ideal back-end management tools.

∙ Peatix

Peatix is a transparent and cost-effective platform. There are no hidden fees associated with it. Regarding the sale of paid tickets, there will be a payment processing amount.


By going through the above details, you will be ready to host your first online concert. Engage with your fans just like they are in your room. Look into the comment section to get to know about their favorite songs.

Strikingly provides you an opportunity to create websites related to online concerts. We will bring you ways to do Q&A sessions with your fans after the show. Bring good energy and create an amazing atmosphere for your fans. If you want to create excitement for your concert, you can look into our online ticketing service, such as Eventbrite, to handle concert ticket sales and promotions. You can use our promotional services for your live concert and generate effective traffic on your platform.