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If you run an online business in today’s day and age, you may know the importance of starting a podcast. Considering it has gained the spotlight in the past few years, you must know how to create a podcast. Your business will always seem like a jigsaw with one missing piece without a podcast. If you look at some of the most successful businesses globally, all of them make huge profits through podcasts. Podcast hosting and podcast platforms will always be seen supporting any up-and-coming business today.

If you want to successfully create a web presence, you must know how to establish a podcast website. Most importantly, you should also know how to attract a wide range of audiences to your podcast website. Your podcast must always be likable to the audience. Before looking into all of the tips for creating and promoting podcast websites, you must know about the best podcast hosting platforms and audio hosting sites. Only then you will see a growth in your business revenue.

What is a Podcast?

Before you understand how to start a business podcast, you must first know what a podcast is. A podcast is defined as a collection of digital audio files made available for listening through the internet. Every audio recording is classified as a podcast episode. Podcasts can be of a single person or multiple people talking about a particular subject. If you understand how to make a podcast.

create podcast website

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Many people consider a podcast a digital version of a debating session. If you create a podcast today, you are guaranteed to have an ideal professional career in the long run. People participating in the podcast lead a conversation, share stories, or report the news. They give arguments in support or against a topic. And at the end of a podcast, a conclusion is derived. If a new product is in the market, people create podcasts about the pros and cons of that product and how it can influence the market going forward.

Tips to Create Podcast Website

1. Purchase Equipment

Have you decided to create a podcast? If the answer is yes, you should start thinking about all the steps required to make your podcast productive. Like it is the case with most online businesses worldwide, a laptop is a necessity. A laptop will be the heart of your podcast. It will conduct all the operations required to make your podcast successful. Alongside that, you would require a microphone.

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If you are starting a business podcast, you must know the importance of a microphone. A microphone shouldn’t be any random one lying around your working station. It should be a professional one. By analyzing all the equipment needed to be purchased, you will have an idea about your marketing budget. If you have done the cost-benefit analysis, you will have a clear image of your business before doing your first podcast.

2. Provide Information About Your Podcasts

If you are willing to create a podcast website, make sure that you consider a single-page website. A single-page website is extremely easy to navigate and improves the user experience. You can provide information about your podcasts on different sections of your single-page website. Strikingly enables you to create a one-page website without any cost. You have to select different parts of the template before adding your podcast content.

You must give information about your podcast background and introduce its purpose for your podcasting business. Do you create podcasts to share your experience with different eCommerce products? Do you create podcasts to share news about the political situation across the world? These questions have to be answered before you even think about creating a podcast. If you want people to trust your podcasts, you must give contact details on your podcast website.

3. Create Promos

If you are a beginner and thinking about starting a podcast, you must start from square one. When you create a podcast, you don’t expect positive results and think you have made it in the digital world. As a beginner, it is all baby steps in the digital industry. You have to take all the time in the world to promote your first ever podcast.

The best way to promote your first podcast is through the influence of social media. If you have a strong fan following on your social media channels, there is nothing wrong with bringing them to your professional website. All you have to do is create quality captions for your podcast and include the link that brings them to your podcast. YouTube is a social media platform that is becoming increasingly common for podcasts worldwide. If your podcast is good enough, there is no reason why visitors won’t return to your YouTube channel to view more podcasts.

Strategies to Promote a Podcast Website

1. Emailing List

Email marketing can go a long way toward the evolution of your podcasting business. When people create a podcast, they usually neglect the importance of an email. They feel that email is an old-school tactic that doesn’t have the marketing influence previously. They couldn’t be more wrong because email marketing is still creating gigantic strides in the digital industry. As a marketing person, you must avoid all the odd graphics in your promotional emails.

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If you have any unnecessary content within your promotional email, it is likely that your email will end up in the spam folder. If your podcast is about a new topic, make sure that you add infographics as part of your promotional email. Ensure that you create an email list of your target audience by acquiring information from reliable sources. Afterward, you can add those who have subscribed to your podcast website.

2. Use Social Media Status

Just like is the case with most online businesses around the world, social media also has a strong influence on your podcasts. When you create a podcast website, make sure that you don’t neglect the influence of social media. When you upload your podcast on your website, make sure that you also upload the podcast on your YouTube channel, Facebook account, etc. YouTube is arguably the best platform when it comes to digital transmission.

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As a marketing person, you must use your YouTube channel to attract a wide range of audiences. If you are new to YouTube, you can talk to other notable influencers on the platform and make sure that you consider their help in promoting your podcast. The established YouTube influencers are guaranteed to have a huge fan following. If their fans come to your YouTube channel through their assistance, there is nothing wrong with that. On Facebook, you can create quality captions for your podcast and add links that lead the visitors to your podcast website.

3. Create a Website

In today’s day and age, you won’t create an ideal online presence for yourself without a podcast website. If you want to increase your fan following, you must know how to make a podcast website. To create a podcast website, you must look into the best website builders. If we were to recommend, we would say that Strikingly is the website builder that connects all the dots for you.

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Strikingly makes life easy for all those developers who want to establish a podcast website. We provide our users with a collection of website templates, which they can customize as per their liking and creativity skills. The web designs on Strikingly can be created without writing a single line of code. Make sure that you include the website logo of your podcast website on the top of your landing page. The logo will create a brand identity for your website.

4. Share Website URL

When you create a podcast, everything must be magnified by ten times. When everything is done related to your podcasting business, you can click on the “Publish” button on your Strikingly editor. Strikingly is a free website builder that supports the promotion of podcast websites. Once you publish your website, Strikingly won’t take more than 48 hours to make it active. Once your website is active, you can start sharing your website URL with everyone on the personal and promotional network.


The starting of a podcasting business can be a fun experience for you. If you have all the innovative tools available at your disposal, you can make the most out of this experience. If you want to become part of this experience, create a podcast website yourself and register yourself on Strikingly. Strikingly will do everything required to promote your podcasts around the world.

At the end of the day, podcasters are also content creators. If you are creating high-quality website content and maintaining your professional website on Strikingly, there is no better feeling for you. Nothing will stop you from growing your business in the long run. If you are struggling to maintain your podcast website, waste no time interacting with our Happiness Officers. We are available all the time for any kind of assistance related to website development. So, create your first podcast today and let the world know about your business.