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The part of an email address following the @ sign is known as the email domain. Most people use,, or for personal emails. In a commercial setting, however, firms nearly always have their own email domain.

Getting a domain email address takes some effort, but it's well worth it in the end. As a businessperson, you'll want an email address that will stand the test of time while accurately representing you or your brand, and that you won't have to change again, even if your network provider closes down.

What is a domain email address?

The web address that follows the @ sign-in email address is known as an email domain. For example, the email domain in an email like is “” Email domains allow you to create an email address with the @company name of your company or brand.

You can either purchase an email domain for your business or obtain one for free when you construct a website.

Establishing a domain email address is similar to establishing the groundwork for future business communications. You can use a standard server and its cPanel dashboard to set up your email account. Alternatively, you can go with managed hosting and integrate your G Suite account with only a few clicks.

Simply avoid fussing with your personalized email address; instead, ensure that it incorporates your real name or initials and gets your business up and running. That is the crucial portion!

Benefits of Having a Domain Email Address?

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There's a good chance you'll be emailing potential and existing clients on a regular basis. It's frequently the first stage of internet networking and connection building.

As a result, your personalized email address is an important aspect of your brand that you should strive to safeguard and improve. You can't afford the first impression that an email address like "" gives off as a freelancer or business owner.

To begin with, it's difficult to tell who the email is from just by looking at it. Second, even if you use a more serious email address like "," your email receivers will have no easy method of verifying your identity.

Any name can be used to create a Gmail or Outlook address. Without your email address, how can a potential client be sure you are who you claim you are?

You are not serious about your business if you are unwilling to invest in a domain email address. That's why you'll want something like or as an email address.

How to Create A Domain Email Address with Strikingly

Strikingly provides a full solution to our customers that seek a well-established business website as well as professional communication. Here are three simple steps to setting up a personalized email address with us.

1. Make a Website with Us

Creating your own website is the first step in developing a professional brand for your company. You can choose from a number of different templates. Our simple-to-edit templates will offer your company a professional appearance.

2. Register or Transfer Custom Domain Email Address

domain email address

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If you already have a domain, you should definitely maintain it. If you have a domain that is not registered with Strikingly, you can use Strikingly to transfer your existing custom domain to your website or register a new one. Simply click the register a new domain button and enter your desired email domain name. If the one you want is not available, it will present you with a list of others from which to choose. You may create a personalized email address after you've chosen the ideal domain for your company.

1. If your domain is registered with Strikingly

A custom domain from Strikingly is required to create an email address Log in to your Strikingly account once you've got a domain and follow these steps:

  • Go to your Dashboard on Strikingly.
  • Click "ADD EMAIL ACCOUNT" under "Emails."
  • Fill in the blanks with the required information. Email addresses can only have letters, digits, periods, and hyphens in the account name. The use of other special characters is not permitted.

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  • Select "PURCHASE EMAIL ACCOUNT" to get invoiced right away.
  • While our system establishes your email address, it will be set to pending status.
  • Your domain email address will be ready in a few minutes, and login details will be sent to the email address you specified.
  • Log in to your account using the email address you provided upon registration. A password, username, and login URL will be included in the email.

2. If your domain is NOT registered with Strikingly

When you transfer a domain, you may use Strikingly to manage both your domain and your website. When you transfer your domain to Strikingly, Strikingly becomes your domain host. Follow these easy steps to transfer your domain to the Strikingly website.

STEP 1: Contact your domain registrar to release your domain

  • Go to your current domain provider's website and log in
  • Research your domain registrar's transfer policies
  • Make your domain transferable by unlocking it
  • Turn off the WHOIS privacy protection for your domain
  • Ask your present domain provider/registrar for an authorization code (EPP code)

STEP 2: Begin the Transfer Process

  • Go to your Dashboard on Strikingly
  • Click "TRANSFER DOMAIN" under "Domains"
  • Type in your domain name and click "Transfer"

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  • Click "CONFIRM TRANSFER" after entering your Auth/EPP Code
  • On the next screen, fill in your domain's contact information
  • Click "Submit" and double-check your details
  • When you click "Confirm Purchase," the amount stated on the screen will be charged to your credit card. The price of a domain is determined by the extension/TLD, such,.net, and so on.
  • Once validated, your domain will appear in your account as "Waiting"

STEP 3: Keep an eye on the status of your domain and respond to confirmation emails. Your current registrar may send you an email requesting you to click on a link to terminate the transfer. To allow the process to continue, you can ignore this email. Your transfer request will be canceled if you click the link.

  • Keep an eye on the status of your domain
  • Respond to Emails of Confirmation

STEP 4: Wait for the transfer to finish

The domain transfer could take up to two weeks to complete. When the transfer is complete, your domain will indicate "Live."

Once your domain is registered with Strikingly, you can follow the same steps mentioned in the first part of the procedure to create a domain email address.

3. Create a Custom Email Address

You can build your own personalized email address once you've purchased a domain. My sites, Domains, @Emails, and Audience are the four tabs on your site dashboard. If your chosen email address is not accessible after you register a new custom domain, you can write it in and it will display you a few format suggestions. You can register by selecting the closest email account suggestion. Tada! For your business, you now have a professional email address.

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Benefits of Having a Domain Email Address with Strikingly

When it comes to business communication, utilizing a professional email account has some relevance. It distinguishes your company's brand in the sense that you have your own distinct identity for your services or products. You must consider numerous factors while building a personalized email address, from your own domain to purchasing email accounts that you will use in all of your business contacts. You should think about the effectiveness of any new feature or function you add to your website.

Our users may maintain their own websites using Strikingly in a seamless and hassle-free manner. You can build a custom email address by purchasing a custom domain or transferring your existing one for a low annual fee of $25. This is something that many business owners and professionals seek while creating their own websites. It should provide them with the tools and services they require to run their website. Strikingly assists you in running your company in the most effective and professional manner possible. Create your website with us right now. Make contact with your customers and let them hear what you have to say.

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Why Choose Strikingly to Host Your Custom Domain Email Address?

You have a lot on your plate as a small business owner, yet you don't have a lot of time. Choose a website builder like Strikingly to save time and expedite the website construction process. You can design your own unique website in minutes using a collection of pre-formatted and eye-catching themes that you can modify with your brand's text, images, and videos. When you upgrade your free account with Strikingly, you'll get free website hosting and a customizable domain (for the first year). You may also use this opportunity to test out a mobile-friendly domain name for your website.

domain email address pricing

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Your website should be ready in a matter of minutes once you've finished your domain registration. You save time by not having to switch websites to check and respond to emails or send newsletters. Strikingly will take care of everything. Strikingly is a one-stop-shop for all of your website's requirements.


You may buy a domain email address that is as unique as you and your brand by following the steps above. Remember to notify individuals after you get a professional email address, copy your contacts, alter some or all of your subscriptions, and adjust your preferences on other platforms!

Your firm will suffer if you choose a generic email address. You should understand how to set up a personalized email address if you want to appear legitimate. Connecting your website's name to an email service like Strikingly can be intimidating. Still, if you want to push your company to the next level, it's worth the effort.