Fool Proof Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Fool proof Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Everyone is trying to make money on Instagram, does that really mean that it’s for every individual? You must be thinking, "How do you make money on Instagram?” if everyone is already at it? Even though almost 50% of Instagram users are trying to make money through the platform, that does not mean you don’t have the chance to do so anymore. There won’t be too many sellers on the platform. It is not like everyone’s a Coke fan, because if so, then Pepsi shouldn’t exist today. If that does not convince you yet, take a look at the 3 of the most effective ways to make money on Instagram.

Major Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Major Ways to Make Money on Instagram

If you’re asking can you make money on Instagram with a small follower count, the answer to that is that it depends on how hard you are willing to work to earn the trust and loyalty of strangers. But really, it also depends on which venue you would like to tackle. Here are three common ways to make money on Instagram:

● Be an influencer for brands that reflect your own branding by posting content sponsored by brands.

● Try entrepreneurship and sell your own products.

● Sign up to be an affiliate marketer selling other people’s products.

These 3 ways already have proved profitability for those who tried. Scroll through your Instagram feed and look at those influencers/celebrities sharing other’s products, selling their own products, and being an ambassador for other brands. Luck doesn’t exist in the world of influence marketing. If you want to get noticed, then you must start doing things that are noticeable.

How to Monetize Posts on Instagram

How to Monetize Posts on Instagram

You have seen it, heard of it, and are probably looking to try it. In the early months of 2019, there were almost half a million active Instagram influencers. From supermodels like Gigi Hadid to local fashion bloggers, there is clearly a niche and market for all classes. You are probably thinking that if they are successful with that, how do you make money on Instagram?

The answer depends on whether you are good at making strangers like and trust you or not. One of the requirements is a growing follower count and a competitive engagement rate. In other words, this strategy is for you if your aesthetics are likable. To make money on Instagram through influencing is not like e-commerce. You are not selling a product. Instead, you are introducing yourself to the brands and services that make you. People trust authenticity and it is your personal or own branding that is on the line.

Pro tip: Before you go accept every PR package, put the brand to the test. Does it fit your own branding? Would you love the product so you can manifest interest in producing an honest review?

Post sponsored content from partner brands

So, the question remains, how many followers do you need to make money on Instagram? The answer depends on your engagement rate. Sometimes, having ten thousand followers with a 60 to 80 percent engagement rate is better than millions of followers with 30% engagement rate.

Choose your segment

If you think you do not have enough followers, then you must consider that there are brands who prefer micro-influencers as they present more authenticity. Knowing how to get paid on Instagram will give you more confidence when it comes to choosing the brands that you would like to work with. Build your profile before you go for revenue.

That means the more specific you are, the better. Fitness and health are already so saturated, so why not try to give it a twist to make it more personal? Take note of the brands that are choosing to work with micro-influencers, they might be small businesses, but they surely have lots to offer especially learning and training. You’ll never know which brand will help you make money on Instagram until you have tried them.

Partner with brands that can be a venue to start your influencer career

There are two main routes to linking up with brands. And before you go asking how much Instagram influencers make, be sure to have the heart to get through what it takes to get there. Otherwise, you could be wasting your time and the products of brands sent you.

One of the most effective ways to find sponsors is to pitch them directly. Contact the brands you admire yourself and tell them what you can offer. There are different ways to reach out to brands and one is to email them. The next thing to do is follow them on social media and be active in engaging with them.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Unlike sponsored content through influencer marketing, this strategy is less about spreading awareness and more about making sales by the use of your branding. So, how to get paid on Instagram through affiliate marketing? It’s simple and straightforward, you only make money when your followers buy the product. On a positive note, you don’t need to worry about producing that product or fulfilling orders as an affiliate marketer because you are only sourcing whatever it is you are selling.

Choose a niche

For instance, affiliate marketers sometimes start as product reviewers. They are loyal buyers who trust a brand so much they would love to spread it through affiliate marketing. If you are just starting out, you have the luxury of choosing an audience with specific material desires.

There are different kinds of niches you can go for to target specific buyer behaviors and likes. Including dog or fur parents, old triathletes, young and single moms, there are unique ones that you won’t even think of using to make money on Instagram. Through the form of social entrepreneurship with corporate social responsibility, as small as you are, you could be helping the world with one service or product at a time.

Find merchants to affiliate with

You can affiliate with a brand directly or you can join what is called an ‘affiliate network’. These network groups are usually found on Facebook. Affiliate networks are intermediary platforms between brands who run affiliate programs, and marketers like you who would like to make money on Instagram. Amazon Associates is one of the easiest ways to start with affiliate marketing. Otherwise, you can go for ones on Instagram looking for resellers. These are also great venues.

Pro-tip: Make sure you are a believer in a product. First and foremost, you must patronize the product so you can sell the main benefits of a certain brand.

Sell Your Own Products

The third strategy to make money on Instagram goes beyond influencer and affiliate marketing and into the world of actual e-commerce business. Rather than using your personal brand to sell other people’s products, you can sell your own products. This could be about anything that you use daily which you would also like to share with other people. Convenience and aesthetics are the key to selling something that is profitable.

Imagine your product

If you want to start making money on Instagram, make sure you are ready to tackle the ins and outs of e-commerce and Instagram selling. From writing a business plan to developing product and product testing, you must be able to pay equal attention in order to make the best of it.

Set up your account so it’s shoppable

In the past few years, Instagram has been rolling out different kinds of shopping-focused features: the Explore tab, product tags, shoppable posts, linkable stories and Instagram Checkout to further enhance your opportunity of guiding customers in their buying journey thus helping you in making money on Instagram.

Build out your e-commerce infrastructure and update your Instagram

Setting up a website to provide more information to your customers is the first step to making money on Instagram. Look at how you can improve your website’s SEO in order to build more credibility in search engines which in return enhance your brand’s visibility. Keep in mind your customer experience. Apply UI and UX to better improve the customer’s journey.

Finally, do not miss posting ads on your Instagram. You can hype your products using regular Instagram posts, Stories, or even reels! Make sure you know how to look at analytics tools that will help you measure your success. This will also dictate whether you can make money on Instagram or not.

Create a Website

Making money on Instagram will be greatly aided by the creation of a website. It shows authenticity and gives people the peace of mind that you are a credible individual in the online world. Creating this form of trust can help you boost your social media, when people try to look you up on search engines or the web, seeing a website, whether personal or for business will guarantee that you are someone who is established in your respective field. You can showcase your products on your website and have a similar design concept found on your Instagram. This solidifies your branding.

Key Takeaway

If you are serious about making money on Instagram, then make sure you can choose whether you would like to be an influencer, affiliate marketer, or an entrepreneur. There are clearly different ways to make money on Instagram, no matter what you choose, you will get there if you put your heart to it and act smarter. Create a plan on how to take the path you want to pursue. Would you like to accept sponsors regardless of your own vision and mission or do you choose to be more specific and unique? Making money on Instagram is not for everyone. You should have the guts to do it and of course, you must have the skill of making people like you.