Online Advertising

If you want to win in this competitive digital world, every businessman and company requires internet marketing. You must know about online advertising strategies if you are in charge of any online store. If you think having a website isn’t the most important thing for your website, your opinion will change in no time. To create an ideal online presence, you must understand the influence of online ads. Otherwise, there is no point in doing all the hard work related to your website development and content when you have nobody to recognize it.

If your website doesn’t have a solid customer base, it doesn’t mean that your website is inactive. It means that you haven’t done all the relevant things to create an online presence for your website. Your company will be more successful by applying search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and digital advertisements. On the internet, you won’t find a single experienced website developer that doesn’t use advertisements to promote its products and services.

What is Online Advertisement?

To create an ideal web presence for your business, you must know what online advertising strategies are. An online advertisement is a form of marketing message appearing on the Internet. It is important to note that the marketing message could be of any type. It means that when you advertise online products, they will appear on your web browser, search engine (Google), social media platforms, and mobile devices. For many reasons, the marketing people are twerking on this idea because of the following reasons:

  • It is very cheap
  • Ability to reach large sections of the audience
  • Its scalability can be determined by your business’ success or failure
  • It can be segmented as per your customer needs

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With the new trends incoming related to social media, the internet is opening new ways for the marketing people to conduct online advertisements. However, you must follow the relevant advertisement strategies to promote your brand. For example, Strikingly is a massive advocate of Facebook advertising as it is cheap and easy to manage.

Benefits of Online Advertisement

1. Communication

If you look at all the relevant online advertising methodologies, they have one common denominator i.e. communication with users. The internet has become a common medium for user interaction. No longer people are just associated with one landline to communicate with others. There are numerous social media platforms and other mediums to send messages and receive feedback. Regarding web advertising, the most significant talking point is your brand.

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Brand management strategies are important in the evolution of your online advertisements. Brands get customers' comments, likes, and shares apart from sending messages. Even though it brings a lot of attention to the organization, the business owner can reap many benefits. You will get a better understanding of users’ demands, interests, problems, and opinions. Customers won’t value your products and services if you don't value your customers. If they share their queries, you shouldn’t hesitate to resolve their issues.

2. Flexibility

The most significant benefit of online business advertising is its flexible features. No matter what location or time it is, you can use images, videos, and texts to reach your target audience. If you have done online advertising on the right platform and at the right time, it has tremendous potential to explode across the internet. If we talk about native advertisements, you have a handful of options. All of these online marketing strategies can be conducted anywhere across the world. All you need is a quality laptop and Internet connectivity.

strikingly youtube channel

Image taken from YouTube

Images and videos are the most common ways to conduct online advertisements these days. YouTube is arguably the biggest platform for publishing and promoting videos. If you want to promote your products through videos, you can open a YouTube channel for yourself. By creating a website on Strikingly, you can easily add your YouTube videos to your Strikingly website. However, you must upload that video on your YouTube channel before attaching it to your Strikingly website. Strikingly doesn’t allow you to upload your video on the website itself.

Tips for Online Advertisement

1. Customer Segmentation

When advertising online, you must have an idea about your target audience. You should only do online advertising in front of a relevant audience. For example, you cannot be talking about the gaming world and have an audience of adult women sitting in front of you. Therefore, customer segmentation is an important tip for website advertising. Customer segmentation plays a huge role in the building of your brand image and conversion rate.

If you don’t target the relevant audience, you are doing no favors to the goods you are promoting. Instead, you are wasting all your and your manufacturer’s hard work. This is something that many marketing people tend to ignore. If you have the correct target audience, you can create a strong customer base through your existing profile and convert your visitors into paying customers. Regardless of whether your brand is online or offline, it should look attractive to your customers.

2. Branding Tactics

As we have said in one of the points, brand management strategies have a huge influence in determining the success or failure of your business. As digital marketers, you shouldn’t think twice about putting your brand as your utmost priority related to online advertising. If your online ads are good enough, people would be more willing to buy your products and services. Even if the product isn’t their utmost priority, they may buy your products by getting impressed by your advertisement tactics.

Once your customers check out your advertisements and the way in which you showcase your brand and promotional products, it becomes easier to understand your viewpoints. The next time when your advertisement runs on their computer screen, they would know what to expect from you. Most customers like a predictable approach in advertisements, which makes everything clear for their understanding.

3. SEO

It won’t be a surprise to say that the current online advertising strategies are strongly connected with the search engine rankings. For those who don’t know, SEO strategies are defined as techniques that are required to bring your web page or website into Google's eye. If you have relevant and ideal SEO strategies at your disposal, it means that your online business advertising skills are second to nobody. However, you cannot expect similar results if you implement the SEO strategies of 2012 in 2022.

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It is also important to know how search engine rankings are connected with an online website. The search engine rankings of a website are determined by its technological structure. SEO is also a paid online advertising technique that can be achieved by optimizing website content. It helps you not just to attract new customers to your website but also helps you to retain the current customers.

4. Social Media Marketing

Whenever we talk about online advertising campaigns, it is likely that social media is the first thing that comes to mind. Social media is defined as the heartbeat of online ads. Depending upon our brand personality and the demographics, you can publish your website content across numerous social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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Even though this strategy won’t bring positive results immediately, it will help you create an effective long-term brand image. You must also understand that your website content is your biggest asset in this regard. You must create a fantastic experience for your customers. This strategy helps you in promoting your brand and creating brand equity. Due to the influence of social media in just about everything related to an online business, you can use your syndicates to create inbound traffic.

5. Email Marketing

If you don’t have an ideal fan following, email marketing is not the right approach for online advertising. Even though it is time-consuming, it will generate great results for your online business. Your email must be precise and simple to read for your customers. If your web advertising content isn’t satisfactory, your target audience will consider you spam.


Although many businesses still depend on banners and local promotions, they finally understand the importance of online advertising. Nowadays, web advertising is no longer an option. It is a necessity to attain long-term results for your business. Online advertisements aren’t just used to promote different eCommerce products but also give your customers reason to make repetitive buying from your store. If the customers are returning to your store from time to time, your advertisement strategies are relevant and paying off.

Even though the traditional businesses refuse the idea of working online, it has shown with a time that the world is becoming increasingly inclined toward digital transformation. Online advertisements can also be the first step to bringing your online business to the next level. So, create your website on Strikingly and integrate your advertisements to boost your online sales.