Ecommerce Website Design

Every website has its own identity as the website owners establish the eCommerce website design based on various needs and objectives. An eCommerce web design of an online store enables the consumers to get their credit cards and buy different products. The best eCommerce designs have a higher probability of conversion rate. A design that prioritizes the audience’s priorities is most likely destined for success in visitors and conversions.

Being one of the highly established eCommerce website builders globally, Strikingly enables entrepreneurs with some magnificent website editing tools that allow them to create a brand identity for their online business. With ever-growing online users worldwide, our platform has become a starting point for startups that always look for cost-effective solutions to set up valuable online storefronts. Over the years, we have seen various trends regarding website designs, such as animation, advanced filtering, product searches, etc.

Tips for the Design of Ecommerce Websites

1. User Experience

If we look at the best eCommerce website design examples worldwide, they all have one common denominator, i.e., a great user experience. Even though this doesn’t mean that you should compensate for the quality of your eCommerce website, you must highly prioritize the ease of use while creating your website. Shoppers must get to their desired products as fast as possible without interruptions that can hamper the buying process.

website user experience

Image taken from Strikingly

If you are having a lot of issues regarding the cart, it is recommended that you must alter your eCommerce website template to ensure that the purchasing process gains efficiency. The landing page of your website must have the required main menu items that enable the shopper to search for their desired product. For example, they can look at the categories of homemade products and takeaway menus or confirm their participation in an online cooking class. If we look at the best designs globally, they are always straightforward and do not mess about.

2. Mobile-Friendly Design

We may already know that a huge chunk of website traffic comes from mobile phones nowadays. As there are more online users associated with a mobile phone than a desktop, the website owners need to have a proactive approach and prioritize the eCommerce website design from their end as well. If you can maintain an effective eCommerce web design regardless of the platform, device, or quality of the internet, it will create a strong reputation for your online business.

mobile-friendly design website

Image taken from Strikingly

Interaction via messenger is one ideal feature that website owners include in the mobile-friendly designs for the customers. Apart from that, Strikingly also enables you to add live chat for your customers for interaction. Strikingly possesses a built-in analytics dashboard that effectively visualizes the website traffic. With this dashboard, you will be able to get the information about the source of your visitors and your traffic’s sources i.e. direct traffic, other websites, social media pages.

3. Customer Satisfaction

If we talk about the shopper’s perspective, they will always want to see the products in various environments and angles. You must enable them to make the right decisions via high-quality images, including tutorials about using the product. Apart from the product images, social media streams can also play a part in your eCommerce website design. Ecommerce web designs that contain social media streams (such as Instagram streams) will enable the users to reinforce buying decisions.

By looking at how the product is used and the number of customers using the same product, you can see an increased conversion rate at your end. However, you must note that the product images can also be large and may need some time to load correctly. If the pictures don’t load quickly, the customers will be distracted. Strikingly provides you with size recommendations that enable the users to get notified about the best image sizes for optimum performance.

4. Improved Purchase Process

If you are running a business-to-consumer space online, you must keep in mind that the majority of the purchasing decisions are made out of emotion or because of any upcoming event. For example, if a boy plays a tennis match on his sports day, his mom will order a tennis racket online. One factor determining the best eCommerce website design is an effective purchase process. Having a visible add-to-cart option and a fast checkout process will make life easy for your customer and yourself.

5. High-Quality Homepage

One of the most reliable eCommerce website design tips we can give is having a high-quality homepage. If you have an ideal homepage, it will be the best thing to have happened to an entrepreneur. The homepage of your website has the responsibility of making or breaking your customer’s time duration of staying on your website. When it comes to a homepage, the customers usually say, ‘First impression is the last impression’. Once the customer lands on your website, you must take this opportunity to grab his attention and create a good impression about your website in the first five seconds.

ecommerce high-quality homepage

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If the customers are not satisfied with your homepage, it will result in a high bounce rate. They will not even bother looking at all the other elements of your website because their first impression of your website wasn’t good enough. Even if you have struggled to create a strong homepage on your website, make sure to create modifications before it is too late. Once you create a bad reputation for your brand, you will have a mountain to climb in the eCommerce industry to get to your desired targets.

6. Iconography

In the guide to eCommerce website design, we give a lot of importance to iconography. Have you ever wondered why iconography carries a lot of importance in the world of eCommerce? It provides proper categories and image representations of the products we sell online. For example, if you are willing to sell makeup or beauty products, it is the best strategy for you to create their categories. It will make it easy for your customers to identify the products they are looking for.

create product categories

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If the customers spend most of the time searching for their product, they will become frustrated and leave your website. If we look at the example above, Bahia Blanca on Strikingly has done a similar thing for their customers. As they sell various eCommerce products on their platform, they have created categories of men, women, houses, and belts that make it easy for the customers to identify their desired products.

7. Simplicity

In the guide to eCommerce website design, you will be hearing the saying “Simplicity is genius”. In the world of eCommerce, more complexity in your website design will only determine that you are not good enough to be an entrepreneur. Regardless of the niche you prefer, you must always opt for simple website templates requiring minimal design. If your background is white, it will give a refreshing look to your website. It will also enable your customers to remain focused on the products or the content that is displayed by you.

8. Comprehensive Product Information

When you go through a tutorial on how to design an eCommerce website design, it is more than likely that you will bump into eCommerce products. The eCommerce products carry a lot of weightage in the success or failure of an eCommerce website. It is not just about taking high-quality images of the products you want to sell. It is also about giving compelling product descriptions. The entirety of the product information is vital in the success of eCommerce.

complete product information

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

When your customers identify a product they want to buy, they must be aware of its pros and cons. They must be assured that they are getting the correct product with all the required details before completing the purchase. By adding the entire product information, shipping details, stock items, and high-quality image, you will be able to get the best out of your website design.


If you have decided to own a website for your business, it is crucial to select the best eCommerce website design template. You may also need to make the right decision when choosing a website builder for your website, and you don’t need to look any further than Strikingly. After all, we are the kind of platform that will bring efficiency to your business operations and provide you with high-level support.

Strikingly enables you to make the most out of your online store by creating a solid reputation within the business world. If you are still finding it challenging to figure out an effective game plan for your eCommerce website, don’t hesitate to go to our homepage and check out all the magnificent user websites on our platform. Once you have an idea about your roadmap, the rest will only follow.