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“When God closes a door, He opens up a window” is a statement we commonly hear from people who encourage us not to give up. Just because we failed more than once doesn’t mean we can’t get up again. For some, obstacles mean a new set of opportunities. If you are one of the many business owners who are affected by the pandemic, you are lucky to have a positive mindset. Talking about new opportunities and limitless possibilities for your business, this is Strikingly at its best. More and more people are taking advantage of the eCommerce website and its benefits to both the business owners and their customers.

Are you thinking about setting up an eCommerce website? You’ve probably been searching about the following keywords like ecommerce website builder, free commerce website template, or online store templates. Today is your lucky day because we’ll teach you how ou can easily make your own website and choose the best online store templates that fit your business.

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Who would have thought that an eCommerce website will actually make a breakthrough in 2020? The popularity started a few years back. Ever since people are forced to stay at home due to drastic changes caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, the eCommerce website has paved the way. Who knows where changes can lead us?

Even before the pandemic, people are used to doing things online like shopping, banking, travel booking, and even buying tickets through different websites. Now that we are living in the ‘new normal’, the eCommerce website is the key solution to all restrictions imposed. When all the doors are shut for most business establishments, the only hope is to set up an eCommerce website.

Don’t ever think that only professionals and tech-savvy can run a business online. In fact, you can build and choose the best ecommerce website design for your online store. With Strikingly, building a website is a no brainer. Plus, you can do more and explore further with the safety features and premium account perks.

  1. (D.I.F) Do-It-Free

Do it yourself. Most importantly, do it for free. Imagine how cool it is to establish your business online while you spend a little to nothing of your money, energy, and time. Unlike a physical store that you have to pay for space rent, manpower, and spend your precious time more than the total duration of the store hours, having an eCommerce website for your products will save you from doing all these things. Plus, there’s a free commerce website template that can tailor-fit the kind of business you run. For instance, if you have to choose between shopping website templates or online store templates. It’s really up to you.

Starting from scratch with your eCommerce website is not so easy. Well, that was the idea of most business owners over a decade ago. Back then, people were skeptical to order and purchase stuff online. The growing number of eCommerce website builder who continuously makes improvements and adds safety features to give business owners and consumers the peace of mind to trust an eCommerce website.

  1. Don’t sweat, choose a template.

Choose from the pool of unlimited eCommerce website templates. One thing you need to keep in mind in choosing the best online store templates is that you have to consider yourself as your website viewer as well. You have to put yourself in your ‘target audience’ shoes to identify and understand their wants and needs. The colors and shapes you choose do matter. Ecommerce templates are designed to make your life, as a business owner, and your customer easy and hassle-free.

  1. Make them Feel Home with your Brand Design - Your brand design is the heart and soul of your business. But, don’t set aside the fact that a trusted eCommerce website is most likely to get more traffic because it has safety features that protect you and your visitor’s information. Moreover, think about your personality and its relevance to your brand. Create a web presence by choosing the best eCommerce website design that fits your products or services. Choose a design that gives your customer the ‘feel at home’ atmosphere instead of being trapped in an unknown place somewhere. Strikingly has made a pool of great online store templates just for you. Check our members’ websites and learn how you can choose the best for your own eCommerce website.

Get Inspired with these Online Store Templates

  • Take a closer look at the Baby Fresh Organics eCommerce website. The website template has a healthy and nourishing sense on its design like baby food should be. The business owners, who are also parents to a twin, have created a sense of understanding among other parents with the same struggle to feed their child. The website gives its customer the peace of mind they need because of the transparency and advocacy to help busy parents provide proper nutrition to their child. From the food source to preparation up to the delivery process, truly it helps the business to have a clear path to the parent’s heart.

Slices and Puree Fruits

Image taken from BABY FRESH ORGANICS

  • This featured sample of an eCommerce website for a ‘premium quality rice, grown in rich nature’ has proved that the simplicity and authenticity of your eCommerce website template speak louder than words. The welcome page is composed of a logo, information about the product, and picture slides of Hayashida rice. Simple presentation means a lot. You don’t need to be an expert and techy to sell your product through an eCommerce website. You just need genuine materials to use as proof and value of what you are sharing with your viewers. Focus on the relevance of your product to the design and template you choose.

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Image taken from HAYASHIDA RICE

  • If you are an online store for pastry products just like Valentina’s Chocolate, highlight some photos about the baking process and those sweet-looking cookies and slices. You may share some easy-snap recipes with your subscribers and visitors to get their interest. Always put what is needed first and for sure you will get the rest.

Just like this, Valentina’s Chocolate will definitely be a hit. Whether you choose to show up on your date or have a plate of these sugar-free assortments, it’s totally up to your diet. Show them what you got in your business with these eCommerce website templates.

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How to Create Your Online Store With Strikingly

After so many sleepless nights thinking about how to establish your business online. Regardless of how small or new is your business, you have to understand that the digital age will take it to the next level. Here at Strikingly, we love to see your business grow. Here are the steps to get you started with your online store.

  • Create an Account - this is the first and very important step. Sign up for a free account to get started.
  • Select a Template - We have multiple templates with different categories like business, company, service, store, startup, and lots about personal websites. Since you’re about to create an online store, you need to select store templates.

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  • Add Simple Store - First and foremost, don’t hesitate to bring your business to the next level. Many businesses are making the right decision to showcase their products online. Simply choose among the pre-designed templates and customize your online store. Here’s how it looks and how it’s done.

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  • Add your products, pricing, payment option. Simply add products by uploading actual photos. Don’t forget to add a product description, pricing, payment options, and shipping information. You can do this every now and then when you have to add or remove products that are out of stock. Hit save once you’re done.

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Product details and pricing

  • Get a free plan or upgrade to premium. It’s okay to get free trials and add more security to your eCommerce website. But, also consider the advantages of getting premium access. Security and safety are very important features in your online store. You need to make your customer feel secure when they put in their personal information. With a Strikingly Pro account you can add up to 300 products.
  • Try it for yourself. Don’t stop your research on how to make a seamless experience for your customers when they visit your website. Try to visit your site as a viewer. An online store should have an inviting and interesting landing page. Welcome your customers with the best deals in your store and make them want to see more.
  • Finally, get live and publish. Get yourself some freedom and let your eCommerce website run your business online. Manage your online store with our mobile app feature anywhere and anytime you want.

It’s really simple and easy to build a store with Strikingly.

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The New Trend in Business is Change

At the end of the day, you realize that we, at Strikingly, are fond of making a huge difference. Creating changes to help empower many businesses to set up their eCommerce website. Run your business at home or anywhere else with the help of Strikingly’s mobile app. The breakthrough of the eCommerce website has opened up so many opportunities and new ideas in the world of business. Some may lose and some may win in this ‘game of change’. But what really matters most is your strength and determination to try new things. Start coping up with the change and make this change your turning point. Your business is at risk if you don’t go with the new trend which is changing. Set up your online business here and now. You won’t see better results unless you try and try.