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Every website is unique in its own way, designed to fulfill a variety of needs and objectives and ecommerce websites are no exception. An online store is primarily designed to get consumers to get their credit cards out and make a purchase. The best ecommerce website design gets a higher chance of converting visitors to customers. An ecommerce design that puts audience-first ideas on top is most likely to reach success in terms of numbers and interactions. While one ecommerce web design doesn’t fit all, these experts’ ideas and tips will surely take your business to success.

As a leading free ecommerce website builder, Strikingly empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with innovative website editing tools to help them build their brand. With more than 3 million users worldwide, our platform has created the ideal starting point for startups looking for cost-efficient solutions for setting up profitable online storefronts. Over the years, we’ve benchmarked some of these trends in ecommerce website design, including animation, advanced filtering, 360-degree product previews, and product search. These trends, while proven to be effective for some, do not always guarantee conversions or an awesome user experience. Here are some experts' tips that make the best ecommerce websites attract repeat customers and the upcoming website trends for the coming year.

Experts’ tips on the best ecommerce website design

  1. Prioritize great user experience
  2. Be ready with a mobile-friendly design
  3. High-quality visuals pull customers closer
  4. Smooth purchase process gets more sales
  5. Winning homepage design reach wider audience
  6. Efficient and effective use of iconography
  7. Keep it simple with minimal design
  8. Make a complete product page information
  9. Visible CTA takes your visitors into action
  10. Establish professional branding

Along with the best ecommerce website design ideas and insights are examples from Strikingly users and non-users to give you a wider scope of the things that really work well for ecommerce websites.

  1. The Mixtape Chef
  2. Cretvo
  3. Jan & Jacob
  4. Natural Shilajit
  5. Burrow
  6. Solo Stove
  7. Hayashida Rice
  8. Fighting Pretty
  9. Dr. Chai
  10. Real Meal Grill Detroit

1. Prioritize great user experience

When it comes to ecommerce website design, it is always best to aim for simplicity. While this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice aesthetics and elegance, you want to keep ease of use at the top of mind when creating your online store. Shoppers should be able to get what they want as fast as possible and without encountering complications that can keep them from completing their purchases. If you are getting a lot of abandoned cart issues, chances are you need to tweak your ecommerce website template to make the purchase process smoother.

The Mixtape Chef

Image taken from The Mixtape Chef website

The Mixtape Chef

The Mixtape Chef is a good example to look at when it comes to streamlined ecommerce site design. The landing page brings users to three main menu items that they can explore based on what they need - shop for homemade products and takeaway menu, reserve for private dining or take part in their upcoming cooking classes. The best ecommerce website design has the characteristic of being straightforward, and you get what you ask for within a few clicks.

2. Be ready with a mobile-friendly design

Many users prefer browsing the web from their mobile devices. It’s more important now than ever to make sure your website looks great on smaller screens and smartphones. Maintaining a consistent user experience regardless of platform, device, or quality of internet service is key to a successful and best ecommerce website design.

Cretvo website

Image taken from Cretvo website


Cretvo takes mobile-friendliness to another level by providing customers with an easier way to reach out to them through Messenger integration. By adding a chat plugin, users can send in their inquiries and get responses in real time. By adding a chat feature, you also get to engage customers in various stages of the buying journey and helps them complete the purchase process by preventing any potential hiccups.

3. High-quality visuals pull customers closer

Shoppers want to see products in different angles and in various environments. Help them make informed decisions through high quality images that may also include action shots or demo videos on how to use your products. Aside from product images, social media streams can help sell your products as well. Websites that contain a stream of their Instagram feed have been known to help reinforce buying decisions. Seeing how a product is used and how many other customers are using the said product have the potential to attract conversions.

ideas for online shops

Image taken from Jan & Jacob website

Jan & Jacob

An online store based in Amsterdam, added shots of its products in various angles and included interior design inspirations to help users visualize how their cushions and rugs might blend in their own living spaces. The site also has a design gallery and an integrated Instagram feed section to keep visitors updated with their social media posts.

Having said that, it’s also important to keep in mind that high-quality media files can be quite heavy and may take some time to load. Images that don’t load fast enough can cause consumers to wander elsewhere. Strikingly file size recommendations can give guidance on appropriate file and image sizes for optimum site performance.

4. Smooth purchase process gets you more sales

If you’re running a B2C or Business-to-consumer space online, you have to keep in mind that most purchase decisions are made out of emotions and event-driven circumstances that take them to ecommerce websites. For instance, a girl finds a lovely dress that she could wear to a prom. Your mom needed a new set of garden tools, so she ordered it online. One thing that makes the best ecommerce website design is a smooth and seamless purchase process. A one-to-three-step buying process makes a whole lot different rather than taking your customers to sign up or subscribe to something first before they can buy online. A visible add to cart option, a quick product info page, and fast checkout process help make the best ecommerce website design that gets more sales.

best ecommerce website design

Image taken from Natural Shilajit website

Natural Shilajit

One of the best ecommerce websites is Natural Shilajit. What is cool about this site is a simple and less complicated purchase process. Interested customers can even subscribe for a 30-day supply which makes it easier and hassle-free for them to purchase online without having to do it on a daily basis.

5. Winning homepage reach wider audience

A winning homepage makes the best ecommerce website design advice for entrepreneurs. Your site homepage serves as a storefront that can make or break your customers' length of stay on your website. Once a customer lands on your online store, take the opportunity to grab attention by making a good impression on the first five seconds on your landing page.

e-commerce web design ideas

Image taken from Burrow website


Burrow website welcomes their visitors with this nice and cozy scenario of two men relaxing on a couch while probably talking about good things. This is exactly what you want your site audience to feel when they land on your ecommerce website homepage. They’ve also used a video and a series of images with good vibes.

6. Efficient and effective use of iconography

What is iconography and how to effectively use it in ecommerce? It is providing appropriate category and image representation of the products you are selling online. If you’re selling makeup or beauty products, it is best to organize them in relevant categories that make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for.

best ecommerce website design

Image taken from Solo Stove website

Solo Stove

Solo Stove makes an admirable iconography strategy on its ecommerce website. The fire pit manufacturer made custom icons for each product category so that they can showcase and highlight product info and specs properly.

7. Keep it simple with minimal design

What makes the best ecommerce website design? Keep it simple by using minimal design. Simplicity always stands out regardless of the type of ecommerce websites. White background makes a refreshing effect on your website. Minimal designs can keep your audience focused on your products and the images you want to show them. If you’re thinking of the best ecommerce website design, a minimalist concept makes it less complicated and clutter-free.

ecommerce websites example

Image taken from Hayashida Rice website

Hayashida Rice

8. Make a complete product page Information

A complete product page information is vital in ecommerce websites. Your customers are assured that they’re getting the correct and complete details they need in order to make a purchase. Adding a complete product description, shipping details, number of items in stock, and high-quality image are key to the best e-commerce web design.

Fighting pretty product page

Image taken from Fighting Pretty website

Fighting Pretty

Fighting pretty website gives its audience concise and complete product information such as product name, proce, and description. Keeping their customers well-informed about the products they’re purchasing is definitely an effective strategy to avoid abandoned carts due to incomplete product info.

9. Visible CTA takes your visitors in action

A visible call-to-action button or slider takes your visitors to purchase one or more products on your ecommerce website. Make sure that you are using relevant CTA lines to get the attention of your customers such as buy now, make a reservation, order now, and the likes. One click of a button can bring your customers to take action in your online store.

Dr. Chai Tea website

Image taken from Dr. Chai website

Dr. Chai

Dr. Chai Tea website has got what it takes to be the best ecommerce website design. A visible CTA, complete product info, smooth purchase process, and flexible payment method. For entrepreneurs who want to set up their own online shop, make sure you’ve got a powerful CTA to catch the attention of your viewers and engage with them by taking them to the wonders of your online business.

10. Establish professional branding

A perfect description of the best ecommerce website design coincides with professional branding. Having a strong online presence is necessary to achieve and come up with the best e-commerce web design ideas. If you have a unique and authentic brand presence, your site looks more professional and help you stand out among your ecommerce business competitors.

ecommerce websites sample

Image taken from Real Meal Grill Detroit website

Real Meal Grill Detroit

Real Meal Grill Detroit expresses a good first impression to their customers with a powerful brand statement. A business logo, eye-catching image, and a good cause statement are just some characteristics of a strong brand presence. Own your business by choosing an e-commerce web design that relates to your brand.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to choose the best ecommerce website design for your business. You also need to make the right and best decision on choosing a website builder with a great foundation. After all, you should only build and entrust your business operations and transactions to a reputable website builder that can provide high-level support and backup your ecommerce website with the best services and tools you need in order to pave the way in the business world. If you’re having a hard time deciding, go straight to our homepage and check out our awesome users websites. We are absolutely sure you’re going to love it.