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In the world of business and the digital age, we can say that change is the only thing that is constant. In that case, it is ideal to have a unique and dynamic approach in presenting your business goals and ideas online. This principle is applied by many business owners and individuals who have successfully established strong web presence for their business online.

To define the word dynamic, it is a force or factor that influences a process of growth, change, interaction, and activity when it’s pertaining to process or system. By its meaning, we can easily understand why the word dynamic is associated with web page designs. Most experts in line with website building understand that a dynamic web page is a powerful feature for ecommerce businesses, blog sites, startups and organizations. Strikingly knows it very well that’s why we make website building a less-complicated process for our users. In this content, we will share the benefits of dynamic web pages and the importance of dynamic web development for your company. We will also tackle the technologies used to create a dynamic web page. Also, we will help you discover ideas and insights on what is a dynamic website and how effective it is for ecommerce business.

What is a Dynamic Web Page?

To understand what is dynamic web page, we have to know first the characteristics of a dynamic website. Suppose you have searched about what is a dynamic website before. In that case, you are aware that it is designed to serve different content to different users based on various factors such as the users’ preferences and selections, the time zone, language, and more factors that are subject to change. One perfect example of a dynamic web page or website is Google. As you can see, Google has a dynamic website design that changes according to its users. For example, you can change it to present information in your language. The good thing about having a dynamic web page is that you can execute good communication and connection to your visitors.

A dynamic web page is designed with functionality on top of the priority. It aims to interact with users to cater to what they are looking for when visiting a website. For instance, Site Search is one of the functionality that a dynamic web page has. Another good example is the Buy Now slider, which allows users to purchase items online. Strikingly has made it easy and straightforward to add a slider for our users’ websites.

A dynamic web page is technically built using both client-side and server-side scripting that is written in languages such as CGI, AJAX, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and JavaScript. In real-time, these technologies allow a dynamic site to perform functions such as accessing a piece of database information or simply connecting to external files. A dynamic web page may take more time to load but this can be resolved with a CMS solution. Speed is just one factor that may be considered if you’re choosing a dynamic website design over a static web page. But again, this issue about a dynamic web page load time can be resolved by a CMS solution where the page is created dynamically and then converted and uploaded as a static page. Since we have introduced to you the static web page, we’ll elaborate more about its difference from a dynamic web page.

What is a Static Web Page?

A static web page is very simple. It has specific numbers of pages with a consistent layout design. Others refer to this as an internet default because its pages will remain the same until someone changes it manually. Though there is one good thing about static pages because it takes less time to load, many are convinced that a dynamic web page is still the best feature.

The technologies used to build a static website are HTML, CMS, and sometimes JavaScript. A static website is ideal for making portfolio sites and personal CV or resumes that only use a few pages. It won’t take you much time, effort, and money to build a static webs This is one reason why others choose a static site over a dynamic web page design. But, if you want your business to stand out and rank well, you might think about giving your visitors the best interactive features on your site that can only be done with a dynamic website design.

Difference Between Static and Dynamic Web pages

  1. Static web pages require less time, effort, and resources to create, while a dynamic web page can incur more cost and effort to incorporate its designs.
  2. Static web page does not have any application or program, while a dynamic web page contains application or programs.
  3. Static web pages are written in languages such as HTML, CMS, JavaScript, and etc., while a dynamic web page is written in languages such as: GCI, ASP, GCI, and ASP.NET.
  4. Static web pages take less time to load, while a dynamic web page can take more time in terms of speed.
  5. Static web page is very simple in terms of complexity, while a dynamic web page can be more complicated depending on the functionality on a website.

Benefits of Using a Dynamic Web Page

We can say it is mandatory to have dynamic web pages if you plan to create a blog site, an ecommerce business, or a news update or event page. If you have tried to create and run a website, you are familiar with the process already. With Strikingly, making a blog site is simple and easy with our pre-designed templates. You can instantly publish new content on your site without going through so much hassle. In fact, we have a feature for our users where they can use Strikingly mobile app to easily manage their site. Making simple edits while on the go is one good reason why you have to choose a dynamic page over a static site. You can change the theme or the template design without any code. Strikingly makes your life simple and easy in building your own website. You can go simple or complex without doing much of a hard work because our team of web developers and designers are ready to help. There and more benefits of using a dynamic web page the next time you make your own website. In fact, you can try it now with us. If you’re not convinced yet, here are some of our users websites to show you our cool and stylish designs.

Dynamic Web Page Example

Connected Women

Connected Women is an organization site that empowers women through entrepreneurship, freelancing, and remote work. A dynamic website like this is very timely because most people, especially women, prefer to work remotely and choose freelancing instead of being employed to only one company. Connected Women website is a job matching platform to help women find a job that fit on their skills and experiences. They have an artificial intelligence section where visitors have a better understanding on how the website works.

Connected Women website

Image taken from Connected Women website

StoryBoard Method

Have you ever encountered a website like StoryBoard Method? We are proud to say that this creative and interactive web page design is created with Strikingly. Not only that StoryBoard Method concept is very unique, it also gives its visitors a visual representation of how the process works. A dynamic approach on how to present ideas is a job well done by StoryBoard Method. The same reason why Strikingly loves to empower our users creativity and advocacy using only the best tools and services to create a website.

Storyboard Method site

Image taken from StoryBoard Method website

Inspire Organics

Inspire organics website is one of Strikingly users. On their website there is a pop-up chat box that will appear when you land on their web page. This interactive chatbox is a feature that you can add with Strikingly yearly plan. Having a chatbox on your site is an effective tool to give your audience a personalized experience on your site. It can also feature your latest articles like how Inspire Organics did it well on their site.

Four curly hair women

Image taken from Inspire Organics website

Project Punchline

A website for a cause is a wonderful idea of Project Punchline. During this time of pandemic, they have collaborated with talented people who can present their advocacy the same way that they want to help feed many children. This dynamic web page where users can Login or Register is a great tool to attract people to help others and make their own way of executing this good advocacy headed by Project Punchline.

Golf course setting

Image taken from Project Punchline website

The Henningsens

The Henningsens is a site created with Strikingly. As you can see on this featured image from their website, it says “New Album Is Out!” which makes an enticing message to their visitors. An interactive layout design with an Order Now button can allow users to purchase the latest album they have released. This is one good example of a dynamic website where people can check on the About page, Music section, Latest Videos, and even make a purchase. Strikingly makes it easy for you to add a Simple Store on your website where you can sell products and make business in an instant.

The Henningsens website

Image taken from The Henningsens website

It’s your turn to shine and show the world you are ready for change. Visit Strikingly website and create your own website now. Your customers are waiting to know more and discover your products. Share your lovely insights by adding a blog content that will help your site to get more visitors. With Strikingly we have multiple pre-designed templates made to inspire and connect to your audience. Sign up now.

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