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With the constant technology innovation, digital media has improved our way of life. It has influenced many people regardless of their age. These days, the young and old generations are exposed to different types of digital media. Digital media products have paved the way to distance learning, online shopping, video conferencing, and work-from-home setup.

The role of digital media in our daily life can’t be set aside easily. Businesses are using digital media products for brand awareness and marketing strategy. Just as how we’ve shifted from writing traditional letters to sending emails, digital media will continue to make things possible.

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What is Digital Media?

Digital media definition can be simplified using the term itself – digital and media. According to Springboard, “digital is defined as any data represented by a series of digits 0 and 1, while the term media refers to broadcasting or communicating information. Thus, digital media is any kind of information transmitted electronically in a form of audio, video, image, or text.” With the use of electronic devices such as desktop computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and the like, digital media can be found on websites, web applications, and softwares. Different types of digital media can be created and transmitted using mobile devices. We are aware of the significant influence of digital media in our day-to-day activities. You’re already exposed to it while reading this article. You’ll probably hang out on social media, later on, play mobile games, chat with a friend, or publish blog content. These are examples of digital media that we use every day.

If you’re an artist, photographer, content writer, web designer, social media influencer, or entrepreneur, digital media can help you promote your brand and grow your business. There are several types of digital media products that you can use in your marketing strategy.

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What are the Different Types of Digital Media?

The types of digital media can be categorized according to format, content type, and its purpose. There are several types of formats for digital media that we are familiar with. Most of them are something we use on a daily basis like the music you listen to, accomplishment reports you send at work, photos you share online, and the list goes on.

  • Audio

It is digital media that we can listen to or stream online such as songs, news, podcasts, etc. Some of the audio formats that we know are .mp3, .mp4 files that can be downloaded on the internet. Among others, you can listen to audio files offline once saved in your electronic device.

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  • Video

This type of digital media is a combination of auditory and visual. Once videos are downloaded on your device, you can access them offline. Movies, documentaries, and short video clips are examples of digital media. Another example using this format is video conferencing, live streaming, and the likes.

  • Illustration / Image

Photos are used to illustrate blog, news story, and other online content shared on social media. Images are widely used in broadcasting informative content online. Illustration and photos stimulate our mind to react or express our emotions. If this type of digital media is properly used online, it can help attract your target customers. Use high-quality images to market your brand. After all, most online buyers look for specific details on a picture or description before they purchase a certain product. As an entrepreneur, you should invest in high-quality photos and materials to represent your business online.

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  • Text

Text is an essential type of digital media because it helps with online transactions and proper navigation. You use text to search for something online. Many online shops use text as call-to-action information. It’s a perfect way to get your customer’s attention.

  • Ebook

Unlike the paperback copy, the ebook format enables readers to access their favorite book using their mobile device. Ebooks are widely used because of their accessibility and affordability.

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Kerryn Gamble website

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  • Blog Content

Another type of digital media is blog content or articles published online. Many businesses use blogs to communicate to their audience, provide information, or as a form of entertainment. Writers, journalists, or a company PR team can create blog content. This type of digital media is commonly used to drive more traffic to the website. SEO-optimized blog content helps improve website ranking on search engines like Google.

  • Ads

This is one of the types of digital media that we can see everywhere. Yes, it can pop up anytime while you’re reading blog content or browsing online. Ads help promote brand awareness. As a marketing strategy, advertisements are used to drive more traffic to a website.

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  • Social Media

Some of the well-known social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social media content can be posted according to your audience preferences – public or preferred audience. You can post or share blog content, videos, or photos on social media. Social media has become the common ground for startups and small businesses. It’s where people hang out, celebrate milestones with friends, and get information.

  • Video Games

We all know that video games are created for entertainment purposes. Popular mobile games have made a breakthrough over the years. This type of digital media is popular among certain age groups, mostly with the younger generation. There are video games that you can play offline, but most will require internet connection.


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How Can Digital Media Help You in Growing and Marketing Your Business?

We are exposed to digital media almost every minute of our life. Most people find different types of digital media entertaining and informative. Businesses take this opportunity to launch new products, create ad campaigns, and develop new marketing strategies for their target audience. Digital media plays a significant role in both the community and business industry.

1. Digital Media Empowers Startups and Small Businesses

If there is a common ground for startups and small businesses, it is the online environment. Social media networks, websites, web apps, and advertisements have made it possible for entrepreneurs to launch new products, share informative content, host contests, and communicate to their customers.

This kind of ambiance has empowered small businesses. For instance, a local shop with a social media page can easily respond to customers asking for direction. An online store having a year-end sale can notify existing customers via newsletters. Enticing customers using digital media products is the newest trend in marketing.

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2. Digital Media Helps Encourage Social Interaction

Open communication helps maintain good relationships in business and personal aspects. Digital media has made it possible for people to get in touch regardless of the distance and time zones. Broadcasting information and encouraging social interaction are two significant reasons why digital media plays a vital role in our life. It helps connect people across the globe. Big and small businesses benefit from the way digital media improves our way of living.

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3. Digital Media Can Drive Traffic and Increase Sales

Every business owner’s goal is to get more revenues and attract more customers. No matter how old-fashioned you are, your business should not be limited to becoming global. You should invest in digital media if your goal is to get more customers and increase business profit. Drive traffic to your website using affiliate marketing, collaborate with other businesses, and customer referral programs. These are examples of how you can use digital media in business growth and development.

4. Digital Media Can Promote Brand Awareness

Sharing informative content such as blogs, short videos, ads, or podcasts related to your business promote brand awareness. Starting your own business is an exhausting journey. Nevertheless, finding the right path to showcase your brand gives you the domino effect. Everything follows when you’re in the right direction. Promoting brand awareness is difficult at first. You must choose the right type of digital media that’s aligned with your marketing strategies.


The trend for many people these days is to run their errands online. It’s where they go for shopping needs, listen to their favorite songs or podcasts, book a flight, make a reservation in a local restaurant, and read an ebook. As a business owner, you want to grab every opportunity that comes your way. Digital media is a powerful means to introduce your brand to the world. You can create a website with a killer ‘About Us’ section that tells a story about your milestones or humble beginnings. A podcast interview with a social influencer for a startup business can give you a wider audience.

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Digital media has changed how people run their businesses. Thanks to constant technological progress, it has become more manageable compared to traditional marketing styles. This is one of our specialties here at Strikingly. We can help you build a website with the best web services, tools, and features. Our dedicated team is also ready to answer your questions about building your online space.

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