Whether you're an arts and crafts manufacturer or a vintage collectibles curator, you know that Etsy is a perfect platform to turn your passion into profit.

The platform provides sellers a perfect way to start and develop a market of more than 45 million customers and outstanding brand awareness. Etsy gives manufacturers a website designer called Pattern, in addition to a ready marketplace, making it simple if you're just starting out.

Etsy, however, can only take your company so far. It owns your customer list, after all, so you're limited in terms of branding, retention of customers, and retargeting. By recommending other vendors who offer similar items at the bottom of a product page, Etsy also pits makers against each other. Thus, we have prepared a list of websites and alternatives like Etsy to allow you to sell on other markets or on your own e-commerce site.

6 Websites that function like Etsy

Because of the Etsy platform's limitations and increasingly restrictive rules, merchants who begin their retail journey on Etsy, immediately decide to explore other options. One of the most common reasons for switching from a retailer is to gain ownership of their store. Esty owns all of the information when you have a store on Etsy, or any third-party marketplace, which makes it difficult to run advanced marketing campaigns, such as automated emails or retargeting ads.

Furthermore, if your company grows to the point where you want to switch from handmade production to outside production, your products will no longer be available on Etsy for listing. Except in the case of vintage items, Etsy forbids reselling. These constraints make it difficult for a start-up business to scale to the next level.

However, with this list of sites like Etsy, we aim to give you more options with your crafts business. An online store often creates a great "home base," a place where the content, information, and customer list are owned, and still gives you the option of selling on markets to supplement your revenue. Our list of online stores like Etsy will give you the upper edge in the market. Let’s start!

  1. Strikingly

Price: Free; Monthly Plans start at $20


Of course, Strikingly is our number one, and for the right reasons. Users of Strikingly see our service as their next step in growing their business and expanding their reach. Strikingly is also the perfect website like Etsy since we offer a robust website builder that is packed with features and tools to make website building easy for you.

Our website builder also offers a lot of assistance and options for starting your own online store in just minutes. Strikingly does not require any coding experience or ecommerce experience to set up at all. You just need to know what kind/niche of business you are in, and match it with our templates and themes! Strikingly also lives on your domain meaning you own everything on your website; from your store, down to the customer list.

Strikingly offers flexible pricing plans that start for $0. Yes, we offer free services for everyone! But, if you wish to level up your business game, then look no further with our monthly plans which start at only $20. Our premium plans cover more features, tools, and many more. Strikingly is our top recommendation if you are a beginner who is looking for a website like Etsy. Visit us now and get your business started!

  1. Ecwid

Price: Free with first few products; monthly business plans start at $15

Ecwid is not, strictly speaking, an actual website creator. Instead, it's a platform you can use to connect your goods to your website, social media, and other forms of commerce and enable consumers to browse and buy. For starters, if you're an artist with an existing portfolio site on a compatible website, you can add an ecommerce section using Ecwid's Buy button functionality.

Ecwid is easy and open, making it enticing to new e-commerce entrepreneurs and Etsy producers seeking to explore their own shop. There's no need for you to know how to code or build. This includes critical aspects such as unified inventory, order processing, and pricing, which are more sophisticated than Etsy, but less than a featured-pack online service like Strikingly. Etsy is a decent choice if you are a beginner digging the internet for websites like Etsy.

If you want to sell on Etsy and Ecwid, you'll need at least a business plan that, if charged annually, begins at $29.50/month. On Facebook, Amazon, Google, among other channels, various plans support sales. Both plans restrict the number of items you will sell at $99/month, except Unlimited.

  1. IndieMade

Price: 30-day free trial; monthly plans range from $4.95 to $19.95


In particular, IndieMade was designed for artisans, so it has certain characteristics unique to these kinds of vendors that are searching for an Etsy alternative. It's an affordable platform that makes it easy for your site to curate content. You should include a blog, an event schedule, picture galleries, and news and press, in addition to creating an online shop.

The inventory tracking capabilities of IndieMade synchronize with your Etsy inventory data in real-time, meaning you do not have to think about erroneous data or overselling. There are limited options for product variants, however, like Etsy, making it hard for merchants with growing product offerings.

Indiemade won’t be a groundbreaking service in terms of its features, but its wallet-friendly pricing and artisan flavor add a nice touch to the service. Unlike Strikingly, it does not offer any permanent free services and only runs on a free trial business plan.

When it comes to customizing the pages, IndieMade is mostly missing. While, compared to other website designers, you can make improvements to the overall look and sound, the choices are minimal. It operates more like Etsy in that sense, but you may want to look elsewhere, like Strikingly, if you're looking for more power over your branding.

  1. Wix

Price: Free; Monthly plans start at $23


Wix is an e-commerce website creator with user-friendly models that make it simple to develop a drag-and-drop editing website. The models can also be personalized to fit your brand.

Wix helps you to control transactions, accept purchases through PayPal and credit card, generate discount coupons, and set tax and shipping rules for various locations. As well as an engaging group, knowledge base, and phone service. Wix provides tiered monthly pricing options.

One of Etsy's downfalls is the lack of choices for customization and promotion. Although Wix has a number of marketing resources, using their models, you're still trapped in that same pit. Restricted SEO features are also evident, which are necessary if you want to attract organic traffic to your site.

Wix already has an Etsy integration, but its 2.5-star scores and feedback cite a wide variety of concerns, from technological obstacles to inadequate distribution platforms. It can be enticing for beginners since their features are very user-friendly, but it certainly won’t be the best when it comes to other sites like Etsy.

  1. Squarespace

Price: Free; Monthly plans start at $12


Another e-commerce site that entrepreneurs and ecommerce retailers may use is Squarespace. Its user-friendly models include options for drag-and-drop programming, making it a perfect alternative for beginners. Squarespace also allows you to upload your Etsy page, allowing you to manage your products and product URLs in the process, making it one of Etsy's simpler options if you wish to move.

Sellers will also be able to take advantage of the inventory infrastructure of Squarespace to sell goods with social media resources built-in. Squarespace provides a tiered pricing plan based on the functionality you require, which varies. The option to deliver gift cards or subscription items, for example, is in the highest price range of the service.

Squarespace calls for a degree of knowledge comparable to Etsy: practically zero. This is one of the simplest ways to build an online shop. Squarespace takes more time and patience to set up, though, because it is a full website designer while Etsy provides a basic e-commerce tool. If you have the budget, you might start investing in outsourced web design and production services to help.

  1. Big Cartel

Price: Free; Monthly plans start at $9.99


Another alternative to Esty is the Big Cartel, which, with its tailored culture and services, caters to designers, crafters, and entrepreneurs. The platform includes templates that you can customize to suit your brand, the ability to use your own personalized domain name, and a range of marketing tools.

Sellers, depending on the number of items they sell, pay a flat monthly rate. Shoppers buy from your store directly and can connect with you through a contact form.

The built-in audience and client base are one of Etsy's greatest benefits. Although Big Cartel also offers a forum for similar manufacturers and crafters, the profit does not come with it. Instead, since you can create your own website and online store with the Big Cartel, you're also responsible for driving traffic. Etsy, though, could still be a better choice if you don't have a budget or plan for bringing customers to your shop.

Build a promising online store and website with Strikingly

That wraps up our list! If you are interested in starting a website like Etsy, then we stand by with our number one recommendation: Strikingly! If you wish to see more of our work, we post daily blogs, have a lively community forum, and the friendliest of customer support. See you over here!