Digital Marketing Mistakes

Many digital marketers are available today, making it easier for businessmen to choose the perfect business model for their online store. By choosing the best business model, they can conduct their internet operations effectively. It enables them to save costs and overcome web development’s tensions and complexities. After all, an effective online business is what every businessman dreams of.

However, an effective online business isn’t just a walk in the park for everyone. It takes a lot of research and analysis to ensure that you have an effective business model. One of the things that you must consider is the digital marketing mistakes that mostly occur within these models. If you cannot remove those marketing mistakes, it is more than likely that your online business will give inconsistent results.

Common Marketing Mistakes to Consider

Even though an online business can have many advantages, it also has its fair share of drawbacks. Nowadays, we have seen that many online business owners tend to make marketing mistakes, which leads to inconsistent sales on their online stores. We have shared some of those inevitable mistakes and how they influence your business for your better understanding.

1. Ignoring Competition

One of the biggest digital marketing mistakes you can make is not doing the competitor analysis. You must be aware of the kind of products that your competitors are selling, their marketing plans, the prices they have set, and how they have evolved their marketing trends. If you ignore your competition, you will be unable to keep up with the market standards. If you want a breakthrough in a niche market, you must conduct in-depth research before checking what others have done about that niche.

2. Choosing a Poor Website Template

The inability to choose the perfect website template for your online business is one of the most common digital marketing mistakes encountered today. If your website template is effective, your visitors will find it more fitting to browse around your online store after opening it. Not just that, you must also make sure that your website template is mobile-friendly. As most digital marketers tend to use mobile phones these days, you cannot disregard that audience at all costs.

strikingly website templates

Image taken from Strikingly

If you want to start from square one, the clean website template of Strikingly will be the best fit for you. This template provides an effective grid-style design, which can be reasonable for displaying your latest posts. Apart from that, it can also be beneficial in publishing your creative written tasks and portfolios. Just because your background is simple, it doesn’t mean that it will take away the creativity of your written tasks. Apart from that, Strikingly provides website templates that are user-friendly and mobile-friendly. We ensure that our audiences find the templates befitting.

3. Uploading Blurry Photos

The quality of your website images also plays a part in your digital marketing strategy. If your photos are blurred or do not have an appropriate background, it will be one of the biggest digital marketing mistakes that you can make. Eventually, your buyers will change their minds and try to buy the same product from one of your competitors. After uploading high-quality photos, you can create effective product descriptions and set prices accordingly.

upload quality photos

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

It is pretty straightforward. Your sales will not skyrocket if your product photos aren’t good enough. When you are selling products online, product photos are fundamental things that your customers check before buying them. As they cannot touch or taste the product, they rely on high-quality photos to finalize their decision. Nowadays, it is not even that difficult to get top-quality images. All you need to have is a reasonable smartphone. However, make sure that your shots are clear and bright.

4. Poor Product Descriptions

As we have mentioned above, product descriptions are also one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing strategy. If your product descriptions aren’t catchy or attractive, it is one of the top digital marketing mistakes that you can make. When you write a product description, it must consist of the following aspects:

  • Product features
  • How the product can solve a problem
  • Product varieties (sizes and colors)
  • Whether the product is old or new

ideal product descriptions

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Without knowing anything about all of these aspects, your customers will be unable to decide whether they should buy the product from your online store or not. If you rely on an effective website builder like Strikingly for your online store, you don’t need to worry. We provide you with all the credentials to ensure that you provide the product information as per your liking in the store.

5. Not Considering Customer Service

Nowadays, not considering customer service is one of the digital marketing mistakes to avoid. Customer feedback is one of the most important factors determining whether your online business will be a hit or a flop in the industry. If you disregard their opinion, your online business will most likely falter. Some businessmen tend to look only at positive feedback. The reason is that they refuse to accept the criticism that comes their way. This is where they commit the inevitable mistakes as they don’t accept that criticism is part of their learning curve.

strikingly customer service

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly is one of the biggest advocates of providing high-quality customer service. For our customers, we have provided the live chat function. This function keeps the audience engaged and up-to-date with all the happenings regarding a particular online business. When it comes to the customers, the equation is pretty simple. If you keep your customers happy, the customers will keep you happy.

6. Not Checking the Responsiveness

As you may know, the majority of the users visualize websites or online stores through their mobile phones. If you do not look after them, you could be making one of the biggest digital marketing mistakes. Gone are the days when your website only had to be best suited for desktop users. Now, your online platforms must also be responsive and mobile-friendly. If it isn’t optimized for mobiles, you will notice that the product photos will overlap, or your text will become scribbly. If your visitors see any of these issues, they will not like to revisit your platform ever again. Hence, when you decide to create a digital marketing strategy for your online store, make sure to keep responsiveness in your mind.

7. Not Considering Site Functionality

When you are building an online store, you must be careful about all of the things associated with your website. All of the things displayed on your online store must have a meaning associated with them. If you post unnecessary items on your store, it will only increase complexity in the user’s mind. For example, if your customers want to search certain products on an eCommerce product page, they must have a search bar at their disposal. Through that search bar, the customer can search the product via keywords. If the customers don’t get what they have come for, it is considered one of the top digital marketing mistakes.

french website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The designer’s squad on Strikingly is one of the best examples regarding site search functionality. Even though this website has French origins, it gives the user an option to convert the language into English. If this website didn’t have this option, this online business would have lost a lot of international traffic.

8. Ignoring Website Maintenance

If you build an online store and ignore your website statistics, it is considered one of the biggest digital marketing mistakes. If your website statistics are going in the right direction, it means that you are closely monitoring the functionality of your online platform. Apart from checking your visitors through website analytics, you must also be aware of any technical faults found within your website. If your users recognize any technical errors, it will result in a bad reputation for your platform and for you as a digital marketer. Your brand image will lose its value, and soon your platform will face a loss in its online sales.


As you know about the digital marketing mistakes to avoid, you can use the information above and build the best online store for your online business. Regarding your online business, you cannot afford to create digital marketing strategies without doing homework. If you have a proactive approach, you will be better equipped to handle any setbacks that you face in your online store.

If you are looking for the best website builder for establishing digital marketing strategies for your online store, Strikingly is the answer. You can create your account for free right now and learn about its basic features. There are plenty of templates for your online store for you to choose from. So don’t waste any time. Get down to business and shine in the world of eCommerce.