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There are few people who feel that there is no chance to make any financial mistakes in their lives. They feel that they have worked hard, saved constantly, and invested a lot in earning platforms. Surely, they cannot be making any mistakes that have a negative impact on them financially.

Well, the harsh reality is that they do commit mistakes. Mistakes are not just associated with foolish people, it can also be done by us because of the things we ignore. As they say, “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take”. Therefore, being ignorant can also be damaging to your financial condition, just like making bad decisions.

Some of the Common Mistakes on Finances

Here, we will look into some of the most common financial mistakes that create many financial difficulties for a person. Even if you are already facing problems financially, you must get rid of the following errors from your system to sustain a better living for your family.

1. Excessive Spending

Ideal fortunes are usually one dollar at a time. If you have a healthy bank balance, it will not be a problem for you to have a barbeque or dinner outside with your family, or go to a concert after getting notified by a music website, but all the most minor constituents add up. For example, the $25 per week you spent on your dinners may result in $1300 per anum. This may result in the acceptance of several credit card transactions or auto payments.

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If you are not enjoying financial success, you must refrain from this mistake at all costs. If you are just a few dollars from bankruptcy, you must know that every dollar counts for you to sustain a living. The risk of default is down to the common financial mistakes you have made in your professional life. Therefore, you must become pragmatic in terms of your spending.

2. Excessive Payments

There are certain payments that you every day, every month, and every year. If you feel that you are facing a burden with such expenses, you must ask whether making such monthly or yearly payments is worth it or not. Aspects such as television, music services, gym, swimming pools may take out a massive chunk of money from your pocket but result in you owning nothing. This is one of the most common financial mistakes that you encounter in life.

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When your budget is tight and you are keen on saving more money, you must create a leaner lifestyle that increases your savings and keep you from getting into financial problems.

3. Survive on Borrowed Money

Using online payment systems to buy the necessities in life has become commonplace for most people. However, if you see a huge number of clients willing to pay double-figure interest rates on gas, embroideries, and many things that are gone before the complete bill payment, it is not in your best interests to do so.

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Credit Card interest rates make the price of charged products even more costly. Therefore, you must be pragmatic in your payment when you are trying to survive on borrowed money. In some cases, you may have to spend more than you earn, which is one of the biggest financial mistakes that you can encounter.

4. Purchase a New Car

In every country, millions of cars are getting sold out each year. However, there are very few customers in the world that can pay for them in cash. If you own a car website, you must be attracting customers with an innovative car dealership website design, which allows them to invest heavily in your platform for certain car deals.

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However, if you cannot buy a car at the spot, it also means that you are having problems affording the car. After all, affording a payment is different from affording a car. Moreover, when you borrow money for a vehicle, the client pays interest on a declining asset, highlighting the difference between the value of the car and the payment associated with it.

The worst-case scenario is when people trade in their cars every few years and lose money at the end of each trade. If you want to avoid financial mistakes, you must know that you should not be trading unnecessarily.

There are a few times when a person has no other option but to acquire a loan to buy a car. But how many clients are there for a large SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles)? These vehicles require a lot of money, with additional costs on fuel and tires. Unless your bank balance allows you to, investing massively in SUVs may turn out to be the wrong decision.

Every car is expensive, and if you are acquiring more than just a simple car, you are spending money that could have easily been saved to cover your future debts.

5. Investing a lot in your House

When we talk about buying a house, buying a bigger home doesn’t necessarily mean living in paradise. If you do not have a large family, buying a huge house is one of the most common financial mistakes that you will encounter.

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For example, you have a family of three, and you decide to buy a 6,000-square-foot house. There will be a considerable proportion in your home that will remain unused because of the small size of your family. There will be substantial overhead costs associated with it. Further expenses, such as utilities, taxes, and maintenance, will create a burden on you. Why would you be putting a large dent in your monthly budget by buying such a massive house for your family?

6. Sustaining a Living on Paychecks

Nowadays, many houses in the United States live paycheck to paycheck. However, unexpected problems may surprise you if you are unprepared for them. Overspending on your households is one of the biggest financial mistakes you can make because it puts you in an isolated position.

Firstly, they would need every percentage of their income to sustain a living. Secondly, every missed paycheck may turn out to be a disaster. This is not the financial position that you would like to find yourself in. Many people would keep three-month expenses in their bank accounts, which they can use very quickly. Not having a good profit margin will result in the drainage of your savings and leave you in a situation of overcoming timely debts.

7. Not Considering Retirement

If you can't make money from the stock market or other sources of income, you'll simply work for the sake of working. Making a monthly contribution for a specified retirement account is ideal to ensure an adequate retirement.

Or, you can also look into the sponsorship plans of a well-established platform, like Strikingly, to overcome the most significant financial mistakes. We provide ideal retirement plans to enjoy life after you call an end to your professional career.

Strikingly allows you to build an eCommerce store and sell different vendors’ products, an ideal option for your retirement. The best thing about this business is that it requires little investment and no overhead costs to start. When selling products online, you do not need to invest highly in security or retail space. All you require is to create a simple website on Strikingly and establish an online store on your platform.

8. Paying Debt With Savings

You must be feeling that if your debt is worth 19% and your retirement account is making 7%, exchanging retirement with debt will allow you to have the difference in your pocket. However, it is not as easy as it is said. For example, if you have a successful online business, you can easily overcome your debts via a good gross profit. However, it is tough to pay back the retirement funds in most cases, and you could have hefty fees waiting for you as well. This is one of the common financial mistakes that you encounter.

With the right strategy, acquiring money from a retirement account can be an ideal option. However, even the best planners find it difficult to overcome their debts and make these accounts grow.


If you want to avoid financial mistakes, you must visualize all the small costs that add up quickly. After that, you can look into the bigger expenses. If you have an additional income source, you can quickly pay off your debts and payments. However, there is a difference between doing payments and making purchases. Therefore, when you buy a house, you must be aware of all the additional costs associated with it.

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