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If you go through the internet today, you will find dozens of creative website ideas. There is no better feeling for you as a beginner because you need the best design inspirations around you to create the best possible website. The problem comes when you have to go through them one by one and decide what you want. There are numerous website builders on the internet, such as Strikingly, that help you create ideal website designs.

We have created a compilation of professional websites to inspire and make life easy for you. It is important to note that these websites are not templates that you can copy. You can improve your credibility as a web developer by designing quality websites and improving your portfolio. If you are a beginner, you would love the list of websites we have provided below.

Best Website Ideas on Strikingly

1. Scan Ask

Do you want to see the creative website ideas surrounding technological websites? You can go through the Scan Ask website on Strikingly and see it yourself. This website enables you to share your problems related to building QR codes. There is a CTA button of “Contact Us” on the homepage that you can click and interact with the website owner. As QR code scanning has become extremely common in recent years, people are becoming more motivated than ever to report problems related to it.

scan ask technology

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If you go through the other website sections, the developer has shared specifications related to the mobile devices. If your mobile device ticks those specifications, you can point your mobile camera to the given QR code, automatically detecting it.

2. Passion Explorer

Passion Explorer on Strikingly is the benchmark for all the web developers who want to create websites for a social cause. If you want creative website ideas related to social work, such as foundation, Passion Explorer is the website for you to look at. This website is dedicated to all the unfortunate people struggling with day-to-day necessities in their respective lives.

passion explorer website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This website targets four social points related to the citizens. Firstly, it talks about hunger as there are issues related to food security. Due to food problems, many children today are facing malnutrition. Secondly, children suffer from diseases due to a lack of clean water. Thirdly, children do not get the right employment status based on their skills. Therefore, they have to settle for anything good enough to keep their earnings afloat. Lastly, there is a trafficking issue among the children that causes them to be neglected by society.

3. OOO Graphic Design

ooo graphic design

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

OOO Graphic Design website is the epitome of all creative website ideas related to graphic designing. The changing colors on the homepage set the tone for what you can expect from this website. It shares details about their team and the services they provide. Most importantly, it shows all the design works they have created previously.

4. Wozber

Resume websites have become one of the common things that we see on numerous website-building platforms today. If you look at the established websites on Strikingly, you will see thousands of world-class resume websites. Therefore, you will see many creative web designs on the internet. It may land you a professional job somewhere if it is created correctly. The design created by Wozber is very rare to find these days.

If you want to know why resume websites have become one of the typical creative website ideas on the internet, you only need to look at this design from Wozber. You only need to look at the welcome page designed by them. It is so clean and transparent. You can create classic websites on Wozber. However, it is essential to note that you need to complete any registration to consider yourself eligible for website building on that platform. Therefore, whenever you create a website on Wozber, make sure that you make it powerful and simple.

5. Workstack

If you want to consider the creative website ideas related to the color palette, you only need to consider Workstack website inspiration. Ideal website designs create a unique brand identity and a powerful online presence. If you have a creative landing page as the design on Workstack, you can easily create a strong customer base and improve your conversion rate. If you are thinking about the best web design inspiration, make sure you are clear about what you want.

The best designs will have a strong brand that will impact your overall website appearance. If you look at Strikingly, we provide you with an adequate color palette, which allows you to make creative websites without spending too much effort. Moreover, we also help our users to create unique website logos, which play a part in their brand awareness. Workstack also believes in team management. Therefore, you can use their example and organize your thoughts to get to the root of your website's purpose. The answer to why you want to create a prolific website will act as a guiding light throughout your journey.

6. Toggl

Toggl is one of the creative website designs that has attracted a lot of customers in the past few months. It is one of the creative website ideas that uses a combination of unique animations and an effective call to action (CTA) button. This combination is pleasing to the eye and helps you create an ideal customer base. Imagine attracting audiences through your landing page. There isn’t a better feeling than that as a website developer.

The best thing about this platform is that it makes it easy for the corporate offices to manage manpower without spending too much time and effort. If you want the solution for an effective time tracking software, Toggl is where you should be. If you look at the web design of this platform, you will understand how easy it is to use the website. There is a reason why Toggl has more than five million users onboard.

7. Commerce Cream

Are you looking forward to seeing some of the creative website ideas surrounding eCommerce? You don’t need to look any further than Shopify’s Commerce Cream website. This website provides you with a collection of classical eCommerce business designs. It also showcases the beautiful experiences of business owners on Shopify. If you like the website design of the Commerce Cream website, you can use it to your advantage and build homepage designs showing quality product images.

commerce cream website

Image taken from Shopify

How you run your online business directly connects with your website’s looks and how your customers recognize it. If your website is attractive, there is no reason why your customers won’t talk about your website and your web development skills on good terms. If you don’t realize, there is a message section on the bottom left that you can directly link with your customers. As you can suggest, the website looks extremely delicious with its white and light pink background. There are many such websites you can find on the Shopify store.

8. Founder Mastermind

If you want to see the most straightforward creative website ideas on the internet, you can look at the Founder Mastermind website on Strikingly. If you just look at the landing page, it may not look appealing to many customers. However, we have always believed that your website designs shouldn’t be complicated. If you want to know why this website has a mustard background color, it is just to make sure that the homepage is simple. This website provides an exclusive site membership facility for all customers.

founder mastermind strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This is a unique concept because most websites would create unique website designs to appeal to the audience to sign up or subscribe to their newsletter. However, Founder Mastermind provides access to the people who have requested an invitation. This is a brilliant strategy from the website owner to build a strong community of business founders. A unique and simple website design plays a huge role in engaging site visitors.


It was just a few decades ago when building a website compared to climbing a mountain. The developers believed that the website development was extremely time-consuming with so many technicalities to consider. However, quality website builders today have made it very easy to explore creative website ideas and embrace them. As a beginner, you can get inspiration from numerous design ideas and build professional websites for your business or personal reasons.

If you want to rely on a quality website builder, you don’t need to look further than Strikingly. Strikingly provides you with a compilation of mobile-friendly website templates that you can customize as per your niche idea. Once you are done with the customization, you can click on the publish button and make it accessible to the target audience. If you have problems related to website building, you can contact our Happiness Officers today. So, create wonderful websites on Strikingly and make your target audience embrace your creative skills.