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Promoting your business to your target customers is like hitting two birds with one stone. It can boost your brand presence to a larger audience, and you also get more sales. This is why, as an entrepreneur, the next ideal thing to do after setting up your own business is to bring it on to the public. There are more than a hundred ways to promote your business online or offline, but we have sorted the top ten of the most effective strategies on how to promote your business anywhere, anytime. Since there are limitless possibilities in turning the table to favor your business endeavors, Strikingly handpicked some of the finest steps that worked very well for its users worldwide. We are a website-building platform allowing experts and ordinary people to easily set up their own websites. While dealing with online opportunities to promote your business, we thought it’s best to explore offline strategies as well. When you promote a business, you must be prepared for both opportunities that can drive more traffic and sales. Here are ten ways to promote your business online and offline.

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10 Ways to Promote Your Business

As a startup business owner, you probably have limited resources to set up a strong brand. This is why these ten ways to promote your business will guide you even with or without a budget allotted for marketing purposes. The question is whether you’re ready to take a deep dive or shy away from the many opportunities ahead. We will part them in half for both online and offline possibilities to promote your business.

  1. Build a Website for your Business
  2. Promote Your Business on Social Media
  3. Create a Business Blog
  4. Send Out Newsletters
  5. Join Online Communities
  6. Get a Featured on Local Press
  7. Produce Quality & Creative Product Packaging
  8. Participate in Expos or Local Exhibits
  9. Hold a Contest for Product Launch
  10. Provide Excellent Customer Service

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Promoting Your Business Online

1. Build a Website for Your Business

In promoting your business online, building a website is a must. A business website makes a stronger brand presence regardless of your target customers. Setting up a social media page is not enough to establish your business online. Some customers find your business more reliable when they bump into your website. It gives your business a sense of legitimacy that attracts more clients and customers. Remember that a good website is a key to your marketing strategies to be effective online. When customers want to learn more about your business, your website will serve as the face of your company online. They can also meet your team, read a blog about how your business started, and purchase on your online store. Strikingly has the best web services and features so that you can promote your business online. Here are some valuable features that come with your business website for free.

  • Connect to Social Media Page
  • Add a Simple Blog
  • 100+ Artistic Templates
  • Built-in Ecommerce
  • Accept Online Bookings
  • SEO and Marketing Tools Ready
  • Mobile-Friendly Designs

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2. Promote Your Business on Social Media

Social media platforms are effective for your marketing strategies to succeed. These days, people spend more time on social media. To promote your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you need to have a website where visitors can look for more information and convert them into customers. Also, social media sites have great features for business accounts. People can write reviews and recommendations, add check-ins, and even share your business page’s posts. Indeed, there are so many ways to promote your business content on social media and drive more sales.

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3. Create a Business Blog

Business blogs aren't just online content that talk about your business. They serve as an ideal way to promote your business online. You can write about the story behind your business's success. Also, a blog can be an opportunity to make a collaboration with influencers and other businesses in the same niche. With Strikingly, you can easily start a blog about your business and publish them in minutes. Start your own business website and enjoy blog themes that can make your customers want more of your products. With us, it’s straightforward to promote your business.

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4. Send Out Newsletters

You think email marketing has gone obsolete these days? Think again. Sending out newsletters to your existing customers or new members can help in promoting your business online. Let’s say you are about to launch a product, make some updates on your website, and even send out promotional coupons to loyal customers – newsletters are perfect for these kinds of announcements. It takes your business to a professional level that other business owners take for granted. When starting a business, you see every opportunity as success. Sending out newsletters is still one of the most effective ways to promote your business online.

5. Join Online Communities

It helps to be around people interested in your niche. Find online communities that are aligned with your business ideas. Some are advocating for certain movements such as energy conservation, sustainable lifestyle, environmental awareness, and the like. If your business drives one of these advocacies, go discuss it in online communities. Just be careful when you talk about your business stuff. Otherwise, you’ll end up violating the rules and regulations of membership. Instead, join online communities that support business startups.

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Promoting Your Business Offline

1. Get a Featured in Local Press

Okay, having your business featured on a local media channel is a great way to get exposure offline. Some people still prefer to watch TV, listen to the radio, or read the morning newspaper. As a business owner, you can’t just ignore these opportunities. You can contact a local press and have your media kit ready. Have a short interview about your recent product launch or business developments. Some business startups can already gain attention from award-giving bodies because of their advocacies. If you can’t send out multiple applications to be recognized, the local press can help you get the right exposure for your business. You have to get their attention both online and offline.

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2. Produce Quality & Creative Product Packaging

Whether an online business or you run a physical store, quality and creative product packaging with your brand logo can go a long way. Make sure to take advantage of this offline opportunity to promote your business to your customers. Produce packaging with your business identity on it. This is one of the best ways to put your customers in awe once they purchase a product from your online shop or a physical store. Invest in the designs and quality to ensure the products will not be compromised.

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3. Participate in Expos or Local Exhibits

For startups, participating in local expos or exhibits can help promote your business. It can be a bit exhausting but definitely worth the effort and resources. You can give away some freebies, have product demos, and distribute flyers. Moreover, meeting your target customers in person is more effective than advertisements or online promotions. If you’re dealing with products that are ideal for expos – go for it. Pack up and meet your potential customers.

4. Hold a Contest for Product Launch

You can use online and offline opportunities for this kind of promotion. Holding a contest for specific products to increase sales can also help promote your business. With social media platforms, you can have giveaways for your followers, while physical stores can give coupons or discounts on a certain number of purchases. This kind of engagement with your customers is one of the best ways to promote your business.

5. Provide Excellent Customer Service

All efforts will go to waste if your business doesn’t have good customer service. Providing excellent and personalized customer service to your loyal customers can help promote a business. Word of mouth is the most effective way to make your brand known online and offline. Make sure to devise a customer care plan that will make your customers feel special and welcome to your business.

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Final Thoughts

Strikingly has worked with many business owners over the years. What we’ve learned about promoting a business is not to waste a single opportunity. Online opportunities are limitless, while offline strategies take care of the rest. Build a strong online presence that all your customers and potential clients can visit in case they need to research your company. Make sure you make the best of your available resources to promote your business. Take it to the global market and drive more sales. With us, it’s almost effortless to start a business website. Join us.