create the best facebook business page for your online presence

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners seek online opportunities. Social media is one of their top choices for promoting business brands and launching new products and services. We can't ignore social media's influence as people spend most of their time on social networking sites. As a result, the best place for businesses to be is none other than social media networks.

Would you like to know how many people use Facebook? Facebook has 2.94 billion monthly active users, according to this Oberlo article (Facebook 2021). Every day, approximately 1.96 billion people visit social networking websites. If you are a business owner, this is where you want your company to be. While numerous options are available, creating a Facebook business page remains essential. Yes, it is unquestionably a must-do. Furthermore, it is critical to comprehend the significance of creating a Facebook page for your company's growth and development.

Different Types of Facebook Business Pages

Facebook offers four types of business pages for companies and organizations. Depending on your business goals, you can select from a local business or place, company, organization or institution, brand or product, artist, band, or public figure page.

  • Local Business or Place. This page is for businesses with a physical location that customers can visit, such as a restaurant, store, or service.
  • Company, Organization, or Institution. This page is for organizations such as nonprofits, political parties, or schools.
  • Brand or Product. This page is for companies or organizations that want to promote a brand or product.
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure. This page is for artists, bands, or public figures such as celebrities or athletes.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

Are you looking to create a Facebook business page in 2023? If so, you're in luck! Facebook makes creating and managing a business page easy and is a great way to connect with potential and current customers. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a Facebook business page in 2023:

  1. Go to and log in with your account.
  2. Click on the down arrow in the top right corner of the page, and select "Create Page" from the drop-down menu.

create facebook page

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  1. On the "Create a Page" page, select "Business or Brand" as the type of page you want to create.
  2. Enter your business name, category, and contact information, then click "Continue."
  3. Choose a profile picture and cover photo for your page. You can upload your photos or select from Facebook's stock images.
  4. Add a short business description to the "About" section.

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  1. Start publishing content on your page. As part of your content, you can share updates, photos, videos, GIFs, etc.

That's it! You've now created a Facebook business page. Be sure to populate your page with regular content to engage your audience.

Benefits of Creating a Facebook Business Page

Facebook business pages offer several advantages and benefits for businesses of all sizes. Here are a few top benefits of creating a Facebook business page:

  • Increased brand awareness and reach. Having a Facebook business page enables you to reach a wider audience and promote your brand to a larger group of people. With approximately 3 billion%3A%202.963%20billion%20(January%202023)&text=Number%20of%20people%20who%20use,)%3A%202.000%20billion%20(January%202023)) active users on Facebook, you're taking advantage of a massive opportunity if you have a page for your business.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing. One of the most significant advantages of creating a Facebook business page is that it aids in digital word-of-mouth marketing. If you manage your page correctly, it can serve as a forum for community development and interaction with new and existing customers. It is where you can connect with your customers and answer their questions.
  • Improved customer engagement. Facebook business pages provide an easy way for customers to engage with your brand. Customers can leave reviews, ask questions, and interact with your posts, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Customer segmentation. As an entrepreneur, you must be aware that the number of Facebook users is growing daily. However, this does not imply that you must take note of the entire Facebook audience. Facebook business pages enable you to segment your audience based on geography, age, interests, and other factors. For example, if you have an online store, you can publish clothing lines appropriate for men aged 20 to 60.
  • Boosted website traffic. Including links to your website on your Facebook business page can help drive traffic. It is precious to use Facebook ads, as you can include a link to your website in your ad campaigns.
  • More significant insights into your customers. Facebook business pages offer valuable insights into your customers, including their demographics, interests, and even the types of devices they use. This information can be used to target your marketing efforts better and improve your overall return on investment (ROI).
  • Increased sales and conversions. Ultimately, the goal of having a Facebook business page is to increase sales and conversions. Promoting your products and services on your page can generate leads and drive traffic to your website, ultimately leading to more sales.
  • Mobile-optimized experience. The most important aspect of setting up a Facebook business page is that it offers a mobile-optimized experience. Your page will provide business information to your target customers on their mobile devices if it is mobile-optimized. Because more than half of all Americans make online purchases, you should not hesitate to set up a payment gateway for your customers.

Creating a Facebook business page is brilliant for any business looking to improve its online presence and reach a larger audience. With its numerous benefits, there's no reason not to create a page for your business today.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page?

If you want to ensure your Facebook business page is optimized for success, you can do a few key things. First, make sure your page is up-to-date and complete. Include all the essential information about your business, such as your website, contact information, and hours of operation.

Next, take advantage of the cover photo and profile picture opportunities to make a solid first impression. Use high-quality images that accurately represent your brand.

Finally, use all the features Facebook offers businesses, such as the call-to-action (CTA) button, apps, and tabs. Utilize these tools to encourage people to take the next step, whether visiting your website, purchasing, or signing up for your newsletter. Following these simple tips ensures your Facebook business page works hard for you and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Use Facebook Insights to Improve Your Facebook Page

It's no secret that Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools. With almost 3 billion active users, the platform provides businesses with a huge opportunity to reach their target audiences. And, with the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm, it's become even more critical for businesses to create and maintain an active presence on the site.

One of the best ways to ensure your Facebook business page performs well is to check your Insights regularly. Facebook Insights is a built-in analytics tool that provides page admins with detailed information about their page's performance. By understanding your Insights, you can change your page to improve your reach and engagement. Here are five ways to use Facebook Insights to improve your Facebook business page:

  • Find out when your fans are online. One of the most important things to consider when posting to your Facebook page is when your fans are online. If you post when they're inactive, your content is less likely to be seen. Luckily, Facebook Insights makes finding out when your fans are online easy. Go to your Insights dashboard and click the 'Posts' tab to do this. Here, you'll be able to see a graph that shows you when your fans are online. Use this information to plan your posting schedule accordingly.
  • See which types of posts are performing well. Another great way to use Facebook Insights is to see which types of posts are performing well. This information can help you adjust your content strategy to ensure you're creating the kind of content your fans want to see. To see which types of posts are performing well, go to the 'Posts' tab in your Insights dashboard and click on 'Post Types.' Here, you'll see a breakdown of the different types of posts you've made and how each has performed.
  • Improve your content strategy. Once you understand your audience well, you can use Insights to improve your content strategy. What kind of content gets the most engagement? You can use this information to create more content your audience wants to see and less content they don't.
  • Track your progress. Insights can also be a valuable tool for tracking your progress. It would be best to remain consistent with your progress tracking, or you will not know what you are doing well or poorly.

Essential Notes While Creating a Facebook Business Page

While adding images to your Facebook page, the best option is to use a logo or a well-known image as your display picture. If you have other social media platforms related to your business, you can use the same profile picture to keep your online presence consistent. Regarding the cover photo, you can include an image that highlights the purpose or theme of your Facebook business page.

If you want to make changes to your Facebook business page, click "Edit Page Info" in the top right corner of your page. Here are the modifications you can do regarding your Facebook page:

  • Location. If you own a local business, you must enter the name as your business address so visitors can quickly identify you.
  • Hours. Visitors can note the visiting hours if brick-and-mortar businesses enter their store hours.
  • Price range. This field is optional, but it allows you to specify the price range of your products to target the right customers.
  • Additional contact info. Add your website/domain name, phone number, and email address so people can contact you outside of Facebook. It will also assist you in creating a passage on your business website for your Facebook followers.
  • More info. The first step's description should be under the "About" section. Likewise, external information should be placed in the "Additional Information" section. You can create a mission statement to provide a clear vision for your company.

Add Facebook Page to Your Strikingly Website

strikingly website builder

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Strikingly is a professional website builder that enables you to build a professional website and add social media platforms as icons on your webpage. As our web editor, we keep things simple by linking social media accounts to the social feed section. Here's how to integrate a Facebook business page with Strikingly:

  • Navigate to your website's editor and select 'Add a New Section' for various options such as a social feed, Simple store, contact section, etc.
  • You can edit the section where you can link your social media account under the Social Feed section. It is simple to add a new section to your website. Furthermore, the ease of editing or updating is a plus.

social media integration

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  • You can add your Facebook business page by selecting the Facebook icon. Twitter and Instagram are two other social media platforms to consider.
  • Choose whether to import posts from your timeline or your Facebook page. This time, I'm going to choose a Facebook page. It will result in an effective social media marketing strategy for your company.

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  • Finally, this section will direct your customers to your Facebook business page, and you will receive feeds directly to your website dashboard.


Once you have understood how to create a Facebook business page, you must know that it is critical to achieving your goals as an entrepreneur. For someone just starting, creating a Facebook page is a brilliant idea. It's one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience with your brand message. You can converse with them while learning about their opinions of your company.

There are undoubtedly other ways to promote your brand online, such as email newsletters, blog platforms, and even your company website. These elements work together to create a strong brand for your company. However, if you want to retain your potential customers, you must take advantage of one opportunity, i.e., creating a Facebook business page.