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Many small business owners and startup founders are looking for opportunities online. Social media is one of the favorites on their go-to list to promote business brands, launching new products and services. Indeed, we can’t blame them. Social networking sites are the place where people spend most of their time. That is why the best place where businesses should be – is no other than the social media networks.

First of all, do you want to know how many people use Facebook? According to the Oberlo article, Facebook has 2.80 billion monthly active users (Facebook 2021). Daily, about 1.80 billion users are visiting social networking websites. If you are an entrepreneur, this is the place where you want your business to be established online. While there are tons of options at the tap of your fingertips, creating a Facebook business page remains essential. Yes, it’s definitely a must thing to do. That’s why we have sorted the best ideas in this article about how to create a Facebook business page. Moreover, it’s good to understand the importance of making a Facebook page for your business growth and development.

Importance of Having a Facebook Page For Your Business

Your Facebook business page serves as a ‘home’ for your brand (next to your website). This is basically the ‘face’ of your company on the largest social network. Why is creating a Facebook business page essential? The answer is quite simple – It’s where people hangout. Regardless of your target customers, many people spend time on social media platforms, especially Facebook. It’s where they find good recommendations and positive reviews about a certain business establishment. People will get to see your business if it’s there on Facebook. You just need to create one now if you still haven’t.

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Before we take a deep dive into creating a Facebook business page, let us know what it is first. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about a Facebook page.

FAQs About Creating a Facebook Business Page

1. What is a Facebook Business Page?

  • A Facebook business page is a place online to establish and manage your business operations and development. Its benefits include promoting brand awareness, increasing profit margin, and getting more customers on this largest social networking site. The following are the things you can do on your Facebook page.
  • Post or Share Contents
  • Collaborate With Other Businesses or Customers
  • Engage With Your Customers
  • Collect and Respond to Customer’s Orders Online
  • Update Customers About Latest Product Development
  • Serve as Contact Page

2. Can You Use a Personal Profile to Facebook Business Page?

  • Yes, you can, BUT somehow it’s not a good idea to use your personal profile for business purposes. Why is that? Simply, you are missing essential tools and features specially designed for Facebook business pages only. Some tools are exclusively created for business management, such as scheduled posting, business content creation tools, paid promotional access, campaigns, analytics, etc. Plus, your customers would be needing to send you a ‘Friend request’ if you are using a personal profile. A Facebook business page doesn't need to engage with customers since it is set to a public audience.

When you create a Facebook business page, you open up a wide opportunity for your brand. And you’re setting up a more established relationship with your customers online. Of course, this part should be backed up with a website which we will discuss to you in a while.

You can create a separate Facebook page for your business or convert your personal profile to business. This is called the ‘migrate’ process which won’t take much of your time.

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3. How Much Does a Facebook Business Page Cost?

Creating a Facebook business page is absolutely free! You can throw a few dollars on Facebook page ads or campaigns, but it doesn't cost anything to grow your audience organically. It simply is the best option to build and promote your brand online. Imagine, you can even create a storefront for free. So, do you think creating a Facebook business page is essential? It is indeed.

5 Easy Steps On How to Create a Facebook Business Page

1. Create a New Page

Head to the Facebook homepage using this link. On the upper left part menu, select Pages and click on Create New Page. It will lead you to the Page creator. As mentioned earlier, you can also convert your personal profile to a business page.

2. Add Images or Videos

You have to carefully choose relevant pictures and videos to upload on your Facebook business page since these things will define your business brand. Be consistent and always consider your business values above all.

3. Create a Unique Username

It can be your business name or something close. Like choosing a domain name for your website, it is very important to create a brandable username. Your Facebook business page username will also show on tags, content sharing options, etc. That’s why you have to think about your brand.

4. Edit Facebook Page Information

Fill in necessary details about your business, such as location, contact info, business hours, website link, and the likes. With Strikingly, you can easily link social feeds on your website. People can connect and get to your Facebook page instantly. We will tackle how it works in a bit.

5. Familiarize the Facebook Page Settings

You have to understand your Facebook page and the tools that allow you to create content, campaign, or advertisement for brand promotion. Also, an online store setup will give your business a wider audience reach where your best-selling products will be featured in public. Voila! That is how easy and simple it is to create a Facebook business page.

How to Add Facebook Page to Strikingly’s Social Feed Section?

As promised, here’s how you can add a Facebook business page on Strikingly. We keep it simple as our web editor to link social media accounts to the social feed section.

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  • Go to your website editor and click ‘Add a New Section’ to see various options such as social feed, Simple store, contact section, etc.

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  • Under the Social Feed section, you can edit the part where you can link your social media account. Adding a new section to your website is simple and easy. Plus, the ease of editing or updating is a bonus.

Add Facebook business page

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  • You can choose the Facebook icon to add your Facebook business page. Other social media platforms to choose from are Twitter, and Instagram.

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Connect Facebook business page

  • Finally, this Social Feed section will lead your customers to your Facebook business page, plus you also get feeds directly to your website dashboard.

Final Thoughts

We have learned that the Facebook business page is essential in achieving your goals as an entrepreneur. Creating a Facebook page is a brilliant idea for someone starting out. It’s one of the best ways to deliver your brand message to your target customers. You can engage with them and know their thoughts about your business at the same time. Surely, there are other ways to promote your brand online like email newsletters, blog platforms, and even your business website. These things work together to build a strong brand for your business. If you fail to take advantage of one opportunity like creating a Facebook business page, you lose potential customers. Thus, losing possible income as well.

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Strikingly has worked well with millions of users who are entrepreneurs, artists, marketers, startup founders, and small business owners. We have witnessed how one small idea grows into a huge space of opportunity. Online spaces empower their business and make it stand out among others. Provided with the best tools and web services, one can achieve the goals in no time. Brand awareness, increasing profit margin, and getting more traffic are definitely good for business. If you are one of the many entrepreneurs we have worked with, this is the time to take your business to a better place. Find a website builder that has all your business needs such as eCommerce tools, secure checkout pages, social feed section, mobile-friendly web designs, and branding tools. Strikingly got them covered for you. With our no-code needed website builder, you can’t go wrong with your business website. All you need to do is start with the best platform, understand the right tools for your business, and promote to a wide range of audience. Create a free account with us now to get started.