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Do you have the intention to create a blog for free? If the answer is yes, you couldn’t have come to a better article than this. If you are in the learning phase about writing website content, it can be challenging. Sometimes, you will see the biggest blogging professionals struggling to come up with a profitable niche idea that can elevate their business leads. This can be a consequence of writing so much that you eventually start to drain.

Many people believe that blogs are the third most important thing after families and friends. There is a reason why bloggers are more trusted than politicians these days. Even if your provided isn’t detailed, you can still attract numerous visitors to your blog if it has seriousness and uniqueness. If you have the passion for elevating your writing skills and starting a blog, you couldn’t have come to a better article than this.

Best Strategies to Write a Blog

1. Start Preparations

Before you begin with your plans to create a blog for free, there are a few questions that you need to answer. When you are trying to understand what is blogging, one of the things that you will go through is the purpose. What is the purpose behind your writing ideas? For example, if you have the ambition of helping fellow writers with your writing skills, you must consider hobby blogging.

If you want to write about your business objectives and achievements, you can create a regular business website on Strikingly and add content as per your schedule. Once you start adding content regularly, your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking will also improve. You can also promote your services and products on your eCommerce websites by writing about them in detail.

2. Rely on an Effective Website Builder

If you want to talk about the best free blogging sites globally, there aren’t many options better than Strikingly. We ensure that our readers don’t only get overwhelmed by the website content but also by the visuals representing that content. Once you create a blog for free and look to publish it, Strikingly helps you play with color schemes so that your background coincides with the website content.

For example, you cannot be writing about an achievement or a positive breakthrough related to your website but have a dark background. Strikingly ensures that you can change your font color and per your liking. To add to the representation, we also help you add website images as part of your blog. You can also link a YouTube video to your blog to attract further eyes towards your blog.

3. Blog Customization

When we talk about the customization of your blog, the website template holds extreme importance. When you go through the tutorial on how to create a blog for free, you will not just be taught about the impotence of website content but also about the website template. If you do not have the website template to match your content, all your hard work will go down the drain. Therefore, you must select a website template that looks attractive to your visitors. Strikingly provides their users with a collection of templates to choose from.

4. Improve Readability

There is no point in writing high-quality website content when you don’t have anyone to recognize your hard work. When you go through the tutorial on how to create a blog for free, the importance of SEO strategies is explained in detail. SEO strategies enable you to attract visitors to your website. If there are problems within your content related to SEO, you will be reported right away to remove them.

search engine optimization

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Strikingly has always proved to be excellent for implementing SEO strategies. We provide our users with an SEO checklist through which they can identify numerous aspects of their content concerning SEO, such as title tags and descriptions. It is important to note that if you have a free plan, you will not be able to recognize the advanced features of this SEO checklist. As a result, if you want to access the advanced features, you must upgrade to your free plan.

5. Establish Blog Categories

When it comes to creating blog categories, Strikingly is one of the best free blogging sites. Once you create a blog for free, ensure that you go through the following steps to create blog categories:

  1. On the Strikingly website editor, click on “Settings” on the side panel
  2. You will see the option of adding five blog categories to post
  3. After posting the categories, they will appear in clickable links

When you click on the blog categories (clickable links), a new page will open in which all the blogs related to that category will be displayed. Apart from that, you can also go back to the option of “Categories” and choose to rename or change the name of your blog category.

6. Add External Elements

When we talk about ways to create a blog for free, it isn’t just about the quality of website content you can write. It is also about the external elements you can add to your content. Writing skills are the bread and butter of free blogs, but their representation is also key to making them a source of attraction for your potential visitors. It is also essential not to use these extra elements unnecessarily, or it will be a distraction rather than an attraction.

GIF external elements

Image taken from GIPHY

Strikingly enables the users to add additional resources in their blogs to create an identity for their blog section. For example, you can use GIFs to ensure that you catch your visitor’s attention straight away. Apart from that, you can also play with different colors to match your writing skills. Strikingly enables you to change your background color, font color, and background images to enhance your website content.

7. Apply Finishing Touches.

You may have to invest a lot of time to create a blog for free. However, people do not apply the final touches after doing the writing portion. They feel that they have done all they can in a blog. A few users have let their hard work get wasted as they didn’t publish their content. As a result, their business leads go down instantly, and they cannot generate any revenue from their business website. When you go through the tutorial on how to start a blog for free, make sure that you don’t forget to publish your blog after finalizing it.

publish your blog

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Strikingly makes it easy for the users to get their blogging work live. Once you are done with the writing part, you will see two options on the Strikingly website editor i.e. “Publish Now” and “Schedule for Later”. By clicking on “Publish Now”, your website content will be made live right away. If you click on “Schedule for Later”, you will be given a date and timing on which you want the blog to be published.

Strikingly as a Blogging Platform

Nowadays, creating a blog isn’t as difficult as before. By relying on a quality website builder, such as Strikingly, you can ensure that you create a blog for free that competes with the biggest blogs in the business today. If you have already made up your mind about the particular niche you want to write on, you can consider starting a blog. When you start doing brainstorming related to blog writing, make sure that you have a couple of topics in your mind. If your topics are trending or creating arguments in the worldwide media today, your thoughts will likely be heard on the internet.

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Apart from the topic, it is also vital that you select a domain name that matches the writing ideas you want to implement. For example, you cannot be writing about the political situation in Ukraine and have the domain name related to Friday sales. Strikingly enables you to get a domain with a starting value of $24.95. This value can change as per the kind of domain extension you want, such as .org or .net. Strikingly will also behave as an ideal web host as it will focus on your website content rather than the technical aspects of web development.


If you have all the required resources, it is only a matter of time before you create a blog for free. However, you must make sure that you keep the poker face and remain focused until you get done with the entire cycle of blogging. As much as the blog shouldn’t have any grammatical issues, it is also crucial that your blog corresponds with the daily trends on social media.

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Strikingly seems to be one of the best free blogging platforms today. You will find it easy to incorporate your website content into your web design by relying on us. More importantly, you should have the habit of writing continuously to achieve success frequently. Writing consistently and relying on Strikingly will only be a matter of time before you see that no one competes with your blogs.