Converting Customers

Nothing comes for free in today’s highly industrialized world. There is a corporate or brand name for everyone now. You are most likely to pay even for advice that someone gives you! It is wise in such a case that whatever product, skill, or even information that you have, you use it to earn. For this purpose, you must know the art of business which deals with many factors. But the most crucial factor in all this is the customers you have.

Some people often randomly search for something online and land on your page. But from that point to the point where you actually convert potential clients into customers is your job. Converting customers is a skill you need to learn to increase your sales and make your business profitable.

What is Meant By Converting Customers?

First of all, you need to understand what converting customers mean. Converting customers means ensuring that the person who lands at your website or landing page actually makes the purchase and does not just leave after checking out what you have.

You can increase your sales if you know how to convert potential customers. To convert customers, some strategies have been proven to be quite fruitful. We have gathered all those tips to make your job easier.

10 Tips in Converting Customers

Here is a list of 10 proven tips that will help you convert customers and increase your sales.

1. Know Your Target Audience

You need to know who you want to market your product or skill. Converting customers can be reasonably easy if you know what people are interested in. You need to know several things about them, for example, the following.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status and whether they have kids or not
  • Budget
  • Other interests they have.

After finding out this data, it would be easier to convert customers by setting up your market price according to these people's budget and advertising your product or skill as useful for other hobbies. If the targeted audience has children, you could easily combine your product with something related to kids to make your offers more attractive and entice your audience further.

2. Know Where to Advertise

Internet search engines have fantastic algorithms nowadays that can find out what interests the person has who is browsing a particular website. Take advantage of these algorithms as much as you can. Make sure you place your advertisements at websites where your targeted audience is most likely to visit. Never underestimate the importance of correct marketing! This is one place where you do not want to save money. Invest as much as possible into proper advertising, and see for yourself how much it helps in converting customers!

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3. Make Your Customer Care Service Perfect

Unfortunately, many large companies often lack a friendly customer care service. Many times, all your effort goes to waste if you do not have a friendly customer care service. Most people prefer buying things from a place where they can get a hassle-free experience, even if they have to compromise a little on their cost. Companies and websites that provide good customer support are preferred by large audiences.

A person would rather buy from a website that sells expensive products but has instant chat customer support right at the checkout page. Such websites are preferred over others that sell cheaper things but don’t give any means to shoppers to get in touch with their staff if something goes wrong. If you run a website, or more particularly an online store, you need to ensure you have features enabled that allow your visitors to contact you on the spot if they need help in their buying process. If someone makes a complaint, you should have someone ready to cater to it immediately. These factors go a long way in establishing a positive user experience for your store’s visitors.

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4. Start With Free Trials and Giveaways

This is a standard practice used by almost everyone nowadays. No one is willing to spend on you when your name has not been established yet. At this point converting customers can be quite a challenge. So then, how to convert customers when you are relatively new in the market? Attract people by giving them free giveaways (like digital gift cards) or free trials of whatever service you provide. When they get used to your service, they will undoubtedly extend their package by buying something from you. Another tactic is giving a portion of your service for free and paying the rest. If your free version attracts people, it is a shortcut method of converting customers.

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5. Study Your Competitors

In order to convert potential clients, you need to know who your competitors are. Read all the customer feedback that people have given to them. Implement in your service whatever positive things people have to say about them, and make sure to eliminate the things that cause negative reviews to come in from your service. It is even better if you buy something from your competitor to better understand how to improve your own service.

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6. Set Your Price Considering Both, Your Profit and the Audience

Picking the right price is crucial to your success. As stated before also, you need to consider the budgets of your target audience. But that does not mean that you let yourself suffer from losses. You need to balance and convert customers by making them believe that your service is affordable without cutting down much on your profits. Converting customers is easier if you minimize hidden costs from the clients to know you care about their benefit and are willing to accommodate.

It is also important to conduct a competitor analysis to analyze the pricing strategies used by the other players in your particular niche. You might need to beat the price margins established by your competitors to penetrate new markets while at the same time ensuring that you make at least a slim profit on every sale.

7. Don’t Limit Yourself to One Website

In this day and age, when social media is so common, you should make sure to be seen by clients on every platform. Just a simple website is not enough. You need to have separate pages on Facebook, Instagram, and other commonly used platforms to advertise products and services nowadays.

Savvy marketers use both a professionally built website and attractive social media profiles. When they run their marketing campaigns, they integrate all these platforms to benefit from the overall traffic. It is easy to link your social media pages to your website by inserting icons of the respective social media platforms on your site’s footer or some other dedicated section.

8. Think Out of the Box

How efficiently you can convert customers depends on whether you have something unique to offer to them or not. Make sure to be a little innovative and different from others. The more you think out of the box, the more creative marketing ideas you’ll be able to come up with.

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9. Keep Your Employees Happy

No business can be handled alone. You will always need a team to ensure that every department runs smoothly. One of the most essential tips in converting customers is to keep your team and your staff happy. If you give incentives to your employees, they will be willing to help you in converting customers. By aligning your staff’s individual goals with your overall organizational goals, you can build the kind of spirit and corporate culture that reinforces productivity and increases your sales.

10. Know the Art of Negotiating

Converting customers would become much easier if you knew how to negotiate. You can keep offering the customers something you think is attractive to them, but you won't close the deal if your negotiation skills are poor. Come up with exciting marketing offers.

For example, along with a simple product, you can offer a quick service that does not cost you much but sounds attractive to your potential customers. This can even convince them to pay you higher prices. This is one of those techniques that never gets obsolete and works wonders most of the time.

Try using all of these tips and see how your sales increase. For a little cherry on top, make sure your website is built on a user-friendly, and feature-rich platform that makes it easier for you to announce your sales offers and run your marketing campaigns. If you are currently on the lookout for such a website builder, hop on to Strikingly and try out our tools by registering for a free account with us.