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As a business owner, sales is one of the most important things that you aim to get on a daily (or even hourly). But paying attention to how you get that sale - your sales funnel, and marketing funnel is as important as the sale itself. See, to generate income, you must first generate leads. While that seems simple enough, lead generation can be challenging for different businesses. And in this article, we will be talking to you about the different ways to drive leads to your business.

Lead Generation

Leads refer to people showing interest in your business’ products or services and, thereby, potential customers. Thus, to grow your business, you need to drive leads towards your website and your business. A steady stream of leads means better potential for your business to generate income and become more successful. There are a lot of ways in which you can drive leads. A key thing to remember as you explore these different ways to drive leads is that you must do what is best for the kind of business you are operating and the kind of customers you are interacting with.

12 Ways to Drive Leads to Your Website

1. Create Good Content

Know your customers. Understand what their needs are or might be. And try your best to provide what exactly they are looking for. That is how you drive leads to your website. Lead generation involves remembering that there are different types of content that you can use. Diversify so that you can bravely open the door no matter what kind of potential customers come knocking. Or maybe focus on only certain kinds because you found that your potential customers mostly need or like. The important thing to keep in mind is that you have to create content that gives value and new information to all of your target markets to generate leads. Make them want to come back to your website, and in the end, avail of what you have to offer.

2. Create A Compelling Lead Magnet

Lead magnet refers to a particular kind of content that you give for free to your site visitors and customers. There are a lot of different lead magnets that you can come up with—ranging from exclusive content, videos, and guides, to coupons and discounts. This is one of the many ways to drive leads. You can put these lead magnets directly onto your website, or you can promote them on other social media platforms. With the right ideas and the right tools, lead magnets can be relatively easy to set up. You must know your audience because no matter how good your lead magnets are if they are not tailored to your target market, you still won’t generate leads.

3. Create Landing Pages

A website landing page is a page that is dedicated to lead generation. It is meant to drive leads to your website or even to drive leads directly into conversion. It is designed so that when any potential customers click on the link, they would be faced with a page that tells them what they need to know and a form or button that they can click to accomplish what they need to (and what you want to). This type of lead generation can be for a subscription, a sign-up for any events or promos, or purchase of any of your products. Think of it as the first impression that you give. You want to make sure that you make a good one - a great enough one to gain their trust and lead them in the right direction.

4. Have A Precise Call-to-Action

A call-to-action button refers to a lead generation technique of strategically placing a button on your website that would drive leads or convert customers. While there are many ways to drive leads using your call-to-action button, do not make the mistake of placing multiple types on your website pages. You have to decide what you want (or need) your leads and potential customers to do on your website. Do you want them to subscribe, download a file, or follow you on social media? Or do you want them to browse through your list of products? No matter what, just make sure you put it clearly and strategically so that customers can easily see and be encouraged to click.

5. Offline Marketing Still Works

The ways to generate leads and generate income have been finding a more comfortable home in the online industry. However, lead generation can still be effectively done using offline marketing. Especially after the year that the pandemic gave us, people would want to make connections with real people outside of their screens. Thus, to drive leads, you must understand the need for personal connection. Plan for an event, or show up in industry events and campaigns, or distribute print mediums to promote your business. You can easily use QR codes and the likes on your physical posters, banners, and other printed materials so that you will lead your customers to your website directly.

6. SEO Optimization

Optimizing your website for search engines can be for more than to drive traffic to your website, you can also use it to drive leads. Lead generation, after all, is all about leading people to you. This time, instead of just aiming to have them visit your website, you can be more specific and more in-depth. You can use more long-tail and more focused keywords that would result in lower competition for you. You can tailor your posts and your SEO optimization techniques to bring your users directly to your sales funnel to generate leads. These efforts could eventually lead to not just driving leads and traffic but to also generate income.

7. Get Involved in Referral Partnerships

There is always more potential for good and extraordinary results when you find the right partner. Businesses aren’t that different. As a business owner, you have to be open to the potential that can be brought to the table when you partner with other businesses like yours. You and other businesses can drive leads to one another and help each other generate income steadily. You can do this by simply getting involved in referral partnerships wherein you refer your partner businesses whenever the opportunity arises. You can arrange for both of you to receive a percentage of revenue whenever you make a successful lead generation for the other.

8. Use More Than One Platform and Channel

While your website holds much potential to drive leads and generate income all by itself, it would be a waste not to use all the resources available for you. Lead generation can be tricky, especially if you are in an industry where competition is high. But letting your business’ excellence known across platforms and channels can improve your chances of soaring higher than any of your competitors. There are a lot of different platforms out there that you can explore and use. Find out where most of your target market is scrolling through and staying most of the time. That way, you don’t just go around and randomly throw seeds, but you are planting them in a place where they can generate leads for you.

These last four ways specifically talk about how to drive leads to your website with Strikingly.

9. Add Photos and Videos

People enjoy looking at photos and videos. More than text and description, having high-quality images tends to get the attention of your customers more. You can easily drive leads to your website when you add photos and videos that tell them all about what you and your business have to offer and entice them to do business with you. With Strikingly, you can easily add photos and videos. You can even use them as backgrounds for your website. Go to your Strikingly editor and add the section for photos and videos that are most appropriate for your business.

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10. Use Coupons and Promotions

Who doesn’t like a discount? Or a bonus item or fee? As a business owner, you must be well aware of how much customers like coupons and promotions, no matter what kind it is. It is a good way to drive leads and easily generate income for your business because people are encouraged and inspired more when they know that you have made it easier or cheaper for them. Strikingly can help you achieve this. You can add up to 100 coupons with Strikingly Simple stores, ranging from flat, free shipping, or percentage-based. All you need to do is to access your Simple store manager, create your coupons there and distribute codes to the right customers.

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11. Refer Your Leads to Easy Forms

Lead generation can be delayed by inconvenience. That is to say, no one likes filling out any forms that are scattered through different pages and take a long time to load or even read. Thus, to drive leads to your business, you should have easy to fill out forms. You wouldn’t want to drive leads away just because your forms scared them off. That’s such a shame. Luckily, Strikingly gives you different kinds of forms to add to your website. You can simply add a contact form or a sign up form that Strikingly pre-made for you. Or you can add a custom form that provides you with the information you need. You can even embed Wufoo or Google Forms to your website.

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12. Add Your Social Media Feed on Your Website

As previously mentioned, you have to spread your wings and go to different platforms. But who’s to say that you can’t also bring other platforms to your website? That is, it might be a good idea to also connect your social media accounts to your website (or vice versa) to drive leads more steadily to your website. By doing so, you increase the potential of lead generation because your site visitors can follow your accounts and be updated whenever you update your website. You can do this by simply adding a social media feed section to your website. Go to your Strikingly Editor and add a Social Feed section from the Advanced category of the sections of Strikingly.

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Lead generation can be challenging, but if you do it right and consistently, you set yourself up for sustainable success that can last for years. And while knowing all about the different ways to drive leads to your business and your website might add to the worry of how challenging it can be, you are more than ready to take on this challenge with the motivation and tools you have. Arm yourself with more tools and sign up with Strikingly today!