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Do you have a website that’s designed beautifully and can attract many visitors, but you are still not able to make sales? If your answer to this question is ‘Yes’, you are facing the problem of a low conversion rate.

In other words, you are not able to convert website visitors into leads or customers. Building traffic on your site is one thing, but to convert your website visitors into customers is another thing. Many people fail to apply the features to their site that encourage the site visitors to take the desired action.

Conversion does not necessarily have to be about making a sale. Any desired action that your site visitor takes can push them further in your sales funnel, bringing them closer to making a purchase. It can be an action as small as signing up for your monthly newsletter or recommending your brand to their friends.

All these are different forms of website leads. You need to keep track of both your website visitors and your website leads, so that you can effectively calculate your conversion rate at all times.

When you know how to convert your website visitors, it is easier to generate online sales for your business. Making sales may not be the primary objective of your website, but it surely is the main goal of every business. When running a business online has so much value attached to it, every business owner needs to know how to convert website visitors into customers.

This post will discuss ten different strategies that you can adopt to increase your chances to convert your website visitors into leads.

6 Strategies to Convert Website Visitors

Here are 6 ways to convert your website visitors into leads or directly into customers.

1. Be Visible

Making your website more visible and discoverable means working on your site’s SEO. The more your website is search engine optimized, the easier would it be for your target audience to find it in their search results. If your on-site SEO is intact, Google and other search engines will pick up your web pages faster than other websites and place them higher in the search results for the relevant keywords. It is, therefore, essential that you do your keyword research properly and apply it on every page of your website.

You also need to write a precise and clear site description and provide appropriate meta descriptions for each of your web pages. Make sure to use your relevant keyword phrases on every web page, and include them in your headings as well.

 site description in the Strikingly editor

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Further, try to get some backlinks to your site by contributing to other people’s blogs as guest posts. You can insert links into the guest posts you make that direct the readers to your website. The more search engines see that your website is well integrated with other websites over the internet, the higher its value would be in terms of search rankings. This will lead to a higher conversion rate, which means you will better convert website visitors into leads.

2. Define Your Web Strategies

Your web strategies include your SEO strategies and all the other marketing efforts to enhance your brand presence over the internet. Think about the most important function or purpose of your site. Is it to promote your products and services? Is it to merely provide information about your business? Is it the lead generation that can ultimately lead to sales? Or is it to directly make sales through the online store on your site?

![Simple Store product manager]( manager.png "Simple Store product manager")

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You need to be clear on your website’s main goal and your web strategy. Pursuing more than one strategy is fine, but diverting too far from your main goals could cause a loss of focus, resulting in an inability to convert website visitors into customers. You need to be clear about what you want your website visitors to do. Only then you can build a path of desired actions for them on your site.

For instance, if your website’s main purpose is to build an email list, you need to have a prominent and quick subscription form on your landing page. Make sure the form is short and clear so that your website visitors do not feel overwhelmed filling it up. You can choose to offer an incentive, such as a free ebook download, upon subscription to your visitors.

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3. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

Your website must be easy to navigate. Do not let your site visitors be lost in your web pages. Insert a clear call to action buttons, and link all your web pages to each other in a visible way. Include a sitemap to further clarify the directions in which your site visitors can browse through your content.

If you want to convert your website visitors, you need to make it easy for them to spend time on your site to get what they want from it. If you use Google Ads to drive traffic to a particular web page, make sure that page is connected to the other relevant pages on the site. CTAs play an important role in this. They tell the site visitors where to go next and how.

Your landing page is like a sales letter, and its purpose is usually to close the deal and convert website visitors. Therefore, always end the letter with a proper signature: a clear call to action button that directs visitors to the checkout page or to any other activity where the visitors can take the desired action.

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4. Integrate Your Site with Social Media

Whether someone sticks around on your website or not, they will skim through your social media pages if you integrate them with your site. Many people are more comfortable getting information about a brand from its social media profiles than its website. That’s why it is highly effective to link your social media profiles on your web pages so that your site visitors can visit them and be inspired.

There are more chances to convert website visitors if you show them that your brand info exists on more platforms than just the website. Thus if you have a Facebook Page for your business, insert a Facebook icon on your site’s footer and link it to the Facebook page. If you have an Instagram account full of your product photos, insert an Instagram logo in the posts on your website and link it to your Instagram business account.

If your website is built on Strikingly, you can even insert part of your Instagram feed in your web pages by adding a social feed section on the page. Social media integration also provides credible endorsements to your brand.

Instagram feed inserted on a webpage built on Strikingly

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5. Provide Your Site Visitors Different Means of Contacting You

This is super important. Customers always prefer to get in touch with you or your support staff before purchasing from your site. Sometimes, they might even want to contact you before subscribing to your site. That’s why the more means you provide for them to contact you, the more comfortable they will feel.

Building a contact form on your site is quite effective in this regard. It is the traditional way of providing a simple mechanism for your website visitors to send you a query. However, a more effective and relatively modern way is to build a live chat feature on your site. Having live chat available on your site greatly increases the chances to convert website visitors.

contact form requesting for feedback on a Strikingly user's website

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If you build your site on Strikingly, you can add a live chat widget to it, which will keep your site visitors a lot more engaged with you than otherwise. You need to be on our Audience Plan or VIP plan to enable this feature.

6. Offer Discounts and Awards from Time to Time

If you want to keep your website visitors engaged and interested in your brand at all times, you need to run sales promotions and offer discounts from time to time. You can do this in multiple ways. One way is to give a discount on anyone’s first purchase from your online store. Another way is to build a coupon system.

As a Pro user on Strikingly, you can create interesting coupons for your customers through the Simple Store feature accessible through your site’s editor. Promotions run through sales coupons are a great way to convert website visitors and get repeat customers.

These were 6 effective ways to convert website visitors into customers. Know that the way your website is built and the platform used to create it plays a major role in your ability to convert your website visitors. Therefore, we recommend choosing a suitable website builder first and then adopting these strategies for maximum benefits.

Strikingly offers almost all the features and tools required to run your site effectively and apply marketing strategies that help you convert website visitors into quality leads.