Developing a church website

One thing that faith is able to do is to thrive even in the digital space. In a sphere populated by massive information each day, church websites are able to flourish by keeping up with contemporary trends in website design and development.

Unlike most websites, church websites exist for very specific purposes and these are often different per congregation. A church website by one religious group may want to focus on sending updates to its members. Another church website may want to encourage new visitors to look through their online sermons and lectures.

Whatever the purpose of a church website is, it all boils down to clarity, simplicity, and usability. A great church website must present vital information as clearly as possible. It is also better for church websites to be on the simpler side of aesthetics, so as not to confuse website visitors. Finally, it must serve a purpose to visitors by having a navigable interface, and well-organized information.

If you’re driven by the strong religious faith to carry the words of God into a digital platform, then you need to know the basics of developing an exceptional church website. But how can you create one if you don’t have any knowledge in website design and development?

Luckily for you, we’ve listed church website examples so you can get inspiration for a great website design. And once you’ve collected all your ideas, you can apply them using Strikingly’s features, which allows you to create a fantastic website in just minutes!

Read through so you can learn how to create an outstanding church website.

Examples of Church Websites

We’ve collected some of the best church websites out here today so you can find great inspiration. These beautiful church websites will fuel your creativity when developing your own website.

  • Your Destiny Church

The church website of Your Destiny Church looks like something straight out of a young, contemporary magazine. The simple, straightforward use of buttons makes it easier for the visitor to navigate their site.

Your Destiny Church website

Image taken from Your Destiny Church

Visibly positioned at the top of their site are 8 menu buttons for their About, Watch, Online, Locations, Connect, Ministries, GIve, and Contact Section. To go from one page to another, all the user has to do is to click these buttons.

The website is also rich in vibrant colors where the fierce white font contrasts well against a darker background. Their choice of typography is also very simple, shifting the visitor’s focus to a much larger picture.

What makes this an amazing church website is the developer’s ability to demonstrate calmness, peace, and serenity throughout the site. The choice of color palette signals safety and the blocking of information signifies strength.

On the more technical side, the website has very clear Call to Actions (CTAs) that assert a feeling of connectedness to the viewer.

When designing and developing your own church website, make sure to add these factors to make the visitors feel at home.

  • New Spring Church

Our second choice for some of the best church websites is New Spring Church. This website is a great example of the effective use of multimedia in websites. Upon visiting the site, you will be welcomed by the vibrant energy of a dynamic video background.

All necessary information about their congregation is also immediately placed on the homepage. This makes it much easier for their members and observers to locate their church and attend their worship services.

Their videos provide the visitors a good grasp of the church’s activities such as worshipping and kids’ ministry.

Their interface is extremely navigable too, with menu buttons strategically placed at the right spots. This church website is vibrant, full of life, and is beaming with positive energy.

When you’re building your church website with Strikingly, don’t forget to make use of multimedia sources too. They make your website much more appealing, and it increases the quality of user engagement.

  • Exchange Church

For modern church websites, Exchange Church takes the lead. The simple yet brilliantly placed elements, from the simple white background, to beautiful images, make it stand out on its own.

Exchange Church

Image taken from Strikingly user website

Their color palette signals such bright, positive, and youthful energy, that is carried throughout the well-spaced blocks of menus. These elements manifest a sense of youth and hope on their website.

What makes this church website unique from the other websites is that it highlights

Missions, involvement, and generosity in their page. This shifts to focus from the church to its members, emphasizing support to its people.

From a technical standpoint, this church website is able to take advantage of photography techniques by featuring beautiful snapshots of its members and pastors. Each image resource is wisely positioned on the page without blocking any important words.

To build your own church website, you need to make sure there is room for your church members to share their insights and stories. Additionally, you should also leverage photography techniques to improve the visuals of your website.

  • Sonship Bay Ridge Church

Speaking of modern church websites, Sonship Bay Ridge Church is also a great example. This church website is able to apply the principles of minimalism from design, function, and experience.

To navigate through their website, all a visitor has to do is scroll down. From there, they can easily access different sections of the website effortlessly.

Their menu buttons are accessible and can be easily spotted on each page.

Similar to other websites, this church website also made use of great photography as a focal point of their visuals. This centralizes the aesthetic into a singular image, unifying all other elements of the site.

As a church website, it's able to transcend from plain and basic web designs by adapting to modern design trends, without comprising the wealth of information they provide.

If you're designing your website, you can also go for a more minimalist design. This approach is clean and rids of unnecessary distractions. If you're creating a website for praise, it's better to adopt a "less is more" style.

Creating a Reliable Church Website Minutes

Now that you have substantial church website ideas, it's time to apply those to an excellent church website builder.

Strikingly's powerful set of tools and features can turn your website ideas into reality in just minutes. With Strikingly's easy-to-understand interface, you can develop your own church website even without professional technical knowledge in web development.

Can't wait to start your own website? Just follow the steps below:

  1. Pick a Church Website Template

Strikingly offers a wide array of website templates to its users. An example of a good website template is this template used by a Strikingly user.

Strikingly user church website

Image taken from Strikingly users website

As you can see from the image above, the interface is clean, simple, and straightforward.

To select a template you can click on the "Discover" menu on Strikingly, then scroll down to see some examples. If you think a template reflects what you want on your site, select it.

It will prompt you to a window showing the Strikingly user website that used that template. All you have to do is click on "Use Website Template", and you're good to go.

Once you're on your dashboard, you can make changes to your chosen template. Just remember to apply what you've learned from our church website examples.

While you're editing the template, most of the settings are on the left side menu. From there you can change "Styles", "Add Store", "Audience", and "Settings".

You can also "Add New Section" and "Add New Page". You can use these to add pages for your About Us and Location information. Or you can also use it to post images and videos of sermons and worship services.

  1. Add Important Details

One of the most important details you need to put on your church website is the direction and location of your church.

Visit us page

Image taken from Strikingly users website

You want your visitors to know exactly how to get to your church. Look at the image above. This church website from a Strikingly user was able to add an address and a snapshot of a map to get there.

To do that, refer to the image below:

Contact us page

Image taken from Strikingly product

From this window, you can click on "Add New Section". Then, select "Contact Us".

There are different styles to choose from for a Contact Us page. We recommend that you choose the one with a map integrated into it.

The Contact Us page is vital to let visitors know that they can connect with your church. The map can make it easier for people to get accurate directions to your physical church.

Once you're happy with the look, style, and functions of your church website, just click on "Publish".

When developing a church website, you need to remember important factors: clarity, simplicity, and usability. Without these three things, how can you create a great church website that reflects the beliefs of your church and resonates with its members? By using Strikingly, you can create a church website in just minutes, and empower your visitors with peace, comfort, and positivity.