Website under construction templates are great for generating buzz for a product or brand that is about to launch. The page can act as a placeholder in lieu of a fully-functional website while you’re still in the development stage. When used well, this page can be a potential lead-generation tool and a way to start building your brand’s online visibility before it is completely introduced to the world.

2019 10 29 site under construction

An under construction web page lets people know that you are in the process of building or rebuilding your website content. It gives your followers something to look forward to so they know to come back to your site for updates.

Putting up an under construction page also provides proper notice to your audience that your brand has not gone under and you’re just updating your website for even better things. Strikingly websites, for instance, do not just drop off the edge of the earth when you unpublish them. Your visitors get a warning that the page is under construction when they land on your site until you choose to publish it again.

Why you would use a site under construction page

A coming soon or under construction website is a good marketing tool for attracting interest for an upcoming app or product. It can be used in conjunction with an online marketing campaign or a marketing event. Here are other reasons why you would use this placeholder page:

  • Your website already has a good placement in the search engine results pages for your targeted keywords and you want to entice visitors with a teaser of what’s about to come
  • You want to use sites under construction websites as a way to generate leads
  • You are organizing a pre-launch campaign before you start making a product available on your website
  • You want to promote your other pages on the internet such as your social media pages
  • You already have a set timeline as to when your site is going to launch

Generate hype for your upcoming launch. Create a site under construction page now.

Tips for creating effective website under construction pages

Create a page that is more than just a pretty coming soon notice. You can use under construction website templates to start engaging your target market and generate hype for the product or site that you’re launching.

1. Tell people what to expect

timer - website under construction

Visitors should get an idea of what your website is going to be about and why it merits attention. When people land on a site under construction page, they want to be informed as to what’s about to come up on that space. Convince them to keep checking back through an enticing copy.

2. Give them something to do

You can start generating leads from your coming soon website by adding an invitation to join your mailing list. If you’re offering a product or a new app, you can even add a pre-order form. Give people something to do while waiting for your site to launch. Create an email marketing campaign around updates and teasers on what’s about to come to your brand.

This website should be created with the view that users are supposed to take action - be it sign up with your mailing list, order your product, make a donation or simply add a notification for the actual launch to their calendars. Don’t be limited to creating a teaser for your product or website launch.

3. Don’t forget branding

Ideally, your website under construction templates should follow the same look and feel of your actual website. Be consistent with the use of colors, fonts and other design elements so visitors will know that the announcement ties back to your brand. Adding your logo is imperative, of course, especially if you have already built a steady following for your business.

4. Tell people when your product is launching

A countdown timer on your website under construction page is a good way to let users know when they can expect the launch to happen. And on that note, make sure that you follow through and follow your promised launch date.

Get people hyped up for your upcoming launch. Create your own awesome under construction website now.