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Choosing a website template takes extra time and effort before you find the one that suits your purpose. Whether for business or personal online space, you have to consider several factors such as your personality, goals, and even your target audience’s preference. Choosing the best website template for your eCommerce business, blogs, arts and craft, portfolio, and startup is essential. Also, you must consider what kind of impression you want to showcase to your website visitors. If you’re starting a small business, make a great website that emphasizes your brand or best-selling products. For artists and creators, your personality will definitely reflect on the website design you choose – the colors, texts, and images tell about your creativity. We’d love to share excellent tips on choosing the best website template in this blog content. We will also discuss the qualities and functionality of our free website templates here at Strikingly. If you’re interested in our new website templates, we will show you our most recent themes that suit your taste. It’s great to know about the latest trends in web designs, but here at Strikingly, you don’t need to be an expert in developing stunning landing pages. Let’s discuss some tips for choosing a website template and what we have for you.

choosing a website template

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Tips on How to Choose the Best Website Template

  1. Define Your Purpose and Goal
  2. Consider What You Want to Establish Online
  3. Choose From a Series of Website Templates
  4. Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Web Designs
  5. Don’t Forget About Web Necessities and Functionality
  6. Go Live and Stand Out

1. Define Your Purpose and Goal

Knowing your purpose on why you want to build a website is very important in choosing a website template. The next thing you need to define is your goal. What do you want to achieve? Sales? New customer? Anything relevant to your purpose matters in choosing the best website template.

2. Consider What You Want to Establish Online

Whether you want to start a blog, sell online, or showcase your works, choosing a website template that suits your purpose is ideal. You have to tailor-fit what your website needs and what your target audiences are looking for.

3. Choose From a Series of Website Templates

It’s best to have many choices in terms of web design ideas. But, if you’re tired of looking for the right design for your business. Check our website templates and see what theme is closest to your heart.

4. Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Web Designs

This is very important if you want to drive traffic to your website. Your website should be mobile-friendly to rank well and be searchable online. Did you know that all our websites here at Strikingly are mobile-first? Try it.

5. Don’t Forget About Web Necessities and Functionality

Think about what you need to execute your goals and purpose in building a website. Do you need to add a Custom Form, social feed section, location map, newsletter subscription, shopping cart, online gallery, and all the necessities to make your website work?

6. Go Live and Stand Out

Once you have figured out the best website template. Go ahead and edit the way you want it. With Strikingly, it’s easy to set up your own website in minutes. Publish once ready.

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Strikingly Website Templates – Categories and Flexibility

Choosing the right website template can be daunting, but once you have figured out what you need and your purpose – it’s suddenly become a piece of cake. Building your own website with Strikingly is ridiculously easy. Why? First, you don’t need to learn how to code to make a website with us. You don’t need to be a professional in web design or development.

choose the best website template

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We have over one hundred website templates you can choose from. We care about our users. That is why all our website templates are flexible and mobile-friendly. A mobile-first design is vital in selecting a website template if you want your page to be searchable and adjustable on mobile devices. Strikingly has a free drag and drop functionality, making adding or positioning texts, images, and objects easy. Another good thing about our web editor is that you can upload or browse your photos from your computer and use them straight to your website template. Choose a photo, video, or color as your background. Add a Simple blog or eCommerce store. Anything you want, we make it simple and easy for you.

Moreover, here are some of the categories of website templates that you can check out with Strikingly.

website template examples

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• Startup

These website templates are perfect for small businesses and startups. To grow your business online, you can check some of our easy-setup website templates for this category.

• Store

Online store website templates are one of our specialties here at Strikingly. In fact, any website template will allow you to add a Simple store easily, but you must check out some of our users’ online shops, too.

• Business

For your business needs, it’s ideal to have professional web designs that will represent your brand. Take a look at some of our fresh designs under this category.

• Creative

If you’re in the field of art and craft, this category will give you artistic website templates that are eye-candy for your target audience.

• Personal

We have different options for personal website templates because we understand individual differences when it comes to preference and purpose. Whether you’re showcasing your talent or practicing professional services, we have the right website template.

• Blog

Every blog writer has a unique style in presenting their ideas online. They also have different tastes when it comes to web designs. That is why we have launched new website templates for blogs.

• Blank

Starting from scratch? It’s fine because we have a DIY website that you can easily set up. Try our simple web editor to instantly build a website and go live.

What’s the Right Website Template for Your Purpose?

In choosing the right website template, make sure you have identified your purpose and goals first. This will lead you to the best website template ideas that nail your business. Here are some of our newest

• Store Website

Pawfect Food is the right website template example if you want to start a store website. As you can see on its homepage, there is a short introduction about the product, brand logo, shopping cart, testimonials, flavors, and contact section. If you want to sell online, check out the best website templates like this one.

Strikingly website templates

Image taken from Strikingly web templates

• Blog Website

Today’s Look is a fashion and beauty blog website template. This is one of the most trendy web designs with a minimalist theme. The white background highlights the images for each article. Add a date for each blog. You can easily connect your website to your social media pages with this website template.

Blog website template

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• Art Website

Art Player is our best recommendation if you want to inspire your audience with your artistic skills. This template has a clear Call-to-Action button for interested audiences who want to register as members. With a simple menu bar that consists of two sections, you can easily move from the home page to the set of activities being offered.

Art Player website template

Image taken from Strikingly web templates

• Personal Website

Train With Cathy is a personal fitness trainer website template that’s best for people who want to sell services online. It has a built-in online store, contact information, subscription videos, and a login page for its members.

Another good thing you have to watch is the visible CTA that says ‘Watch Now’. It can definitely take your website to the next level using this website template.

 Train with Cathy

Image taken from Strikingly web templates

• Portfolio Website

Brandon Bath is one of Strikingly templates with a clean and sleek design. Well, most of our themes have clean and minimalist designs to highlight your brand, except when you decided to add a brilliant touch of creativity to your website. For portfolio websites, this is ideal because you can rock it with a ‘killer’ About section on how you started and succeeded in your field. Make it simple and entice your audience with your story.

Brandon Bath website template

Image taken from Strikingly web templates

Final Thoughts

We’re down to our final say about choosing the best website template that suits your purpose. Always remember that you don’t have to show it all on your homepage. Just put your best foot forward by showing your audience the best thing you have and making them want to look for more. Website templates are just quick guides on how you picture and build your online space. Our easy-setup websites are a must-try if you want to unleash your creativity. Seriously, our platform is the most effortless among other website builders. Try it for yourself and create your account with us now.