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In today’s digital age, having a meaningful online presence is important for the consistency of professional websites. For the new entrepreneurs who are looking forward to expanding their business, the idea of creating a business website can prove to be a time-consuming task. However, using a suitable website builder and deep research of development tools can be a smooth process. Even though building websites requires algorithms, most of the hard work is done by the website builder itself, which wasn’t the case previously.

As consumers spend most of their time surfing the internet, the importance of an online presence grows higher every passing day. If your business budget isn’t substantial enough, you can rely on an appropriate website builder, such as Strikingly, to make your life easy. We will help you in making your site live with minimal investment involved. By relying on a high-quality website builder, you will be able to showcase your website content to generate revenue for your business.

Elements of a Business Website

1. Call to Action

When you build a business website, you must build it with the intention that the customers have an idea of what to do when they land on your website. For that, you must include a strong call to action (CTA) on your website. You must inform your students clearly about what they should do. For example, if the customers are interested in your website, they can visit your office, buy your product, read your newsletter, contact you for details, etc.

The customers’ approach will be chosen by you. Most importantly, you should create a call to action that is attractive. For example, you will not generate enough clicks if you have a CTA button with a random text of “Download” and “Click on it”. You must attract your customers in a way that they trust your business.

2. SEO

For all small business websites worldwide, search engine optimization (SEO) practices are vital to improving their online presence. By creating optimized website content on your website, you will give yourself a chance to improve your Google rankings. As most online experiences commence with a search engine, you must capture those users who are actively looking out for products and services in the market. You can conduct in-depth keyword research to understand your audience's keywords to search for you and include them as part of your website content.

3. Easy URL to Remember

With an effective website builder such as Strikingly, you will be able to get yourself a custom website name. You must ensure that the address of your small business website is easy to remember because it will be part of your brand image. In most cases, the domain name is similar to the business name, especially if they have built a strong fan following for their services on social media. If you have started making a website for your business, make sure you select an optimized website name based on your target keywords.

4. Payment Options

include payment options

Image taken from Strikingly

When you create a website for business, you must know the importance of payment options. When you do all the hard work to bring consumers from all over the world to your website, you must have the available features, such as payment options for them. To include payment options on your business website on Strikingly, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Settings” on the Strikingly website editor
  2. Choose “Accept Payments”
  3. Choose the currency you want to receive your money and create a payment gateway using Paypal, Stripe, and Alipay.

Paypal is arguably the most common online payment option in the world of eCommerce. Stripe has also done bits since its initiation in 2011 as it enables you to accept credit card transactions for your online shop. Many companies use Stripe to accept payments, request money, and manage their online businesses.

Strategies to Create a Website for Your Business

1. Finalize Your Objectives

When you create a business website, you need to finalize your objectives. If you look at all the websites for businesses worldwide, you will realize that they have a mission statement and a set of goals. When you do your business online, there has to be a clear reason for it. Every single element found on your website must have a meaning behind it.

create mission statement

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Identifying what your website does for your business influences your features and website content. You can create websites to sell them online, showcase products to be sold, provide information about the services you are providing, or simply become an online face for your company. If you intend to sell eCommerce products, the importance of website images grows even further. Once you have a clear identity of your business objectives, you can move on to the next step.

2. Select an Effective Website Template

When you decide to create a business website, it starts with an effective website template. Strikingly provides you with exquisite and mobile-responsive website templates that would connect all the dots of your business idea. Our templates are categorized as per type to help you with your research. You can look deeply into each website template and start customizing them from there.

strikingly website template

Image taken from Strikingly.

Once you select your website template, you must thoroughly understand the type of website content that you want to add and organize. Some of our website templates are ideal for multimedia content, whereas others accommodate heavy texts. You can go through numerous blogs on Strikingly to have a better idea about choosing the best website template for your individual use case.

3. Website Customization

The next step to creating a business website is to customize the website template per your brand image. Through Strikingly’s website editor, you can select the best color scheme for your website. Color scheme will typically be used for your website buttons and active links that you may add throughout your website. When you select a website template, it will have default color scheme options. However, if you choose to have a different color of your logo, you can use the custom shade by entering the hex code of that particular color.

doing website customization

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

You can create the best navigation system for your website by adding menu items as per your liking. You can choose to add them on top or on either side of the website. As the users tend to go through the website from left to right, it is better to put the menu items on the left. You should never be afraid of playing with the website design elements and combinations. You can even consider another website template if your initially chosen template isn’t working for you.

4. Publish Your Content.

Learning to add or publish your website content is ideal for creating a business website. When you develop a website, content creation is critical. It is crucial for conveying your business’s message to potential visitors. Your landing page should contain an overview of what your business is about and the kind of products or services you provide. Obviously, the content type will depend on the kind of business you are doing. For example, if you sell eCommerce products, you must include high-quality website images.

high-quality website images

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

You can include the blog section on your website. In the blog section, you can regularly publish blogs about the kind of services you are offering. You can also inform your visitors about the updates within your business. If your business is of a current clientele, make sure to consider testimonial pages to improve your credibility. If your customers are satisfied, they will waste no time in singing your praise to their relatives or family members. This will give you a chance to attract wider audiences and improve your conversion rate.


Since the start of the pandemic, the importance of websites for businesses has increased considerably. You no longer have to rely on just a physical store to ensure that your business will reach considerable heights. As the connection within people seems to have lowered since the pandemic, the importance of websites has increased. Therefore, if you own a business, make sure to create a website to support it. To ensure that you attract wider audiences to your website, make sure that you conduct quality SEO practices.

The best advice we can give is to consider a solid and versatile website builder when you choose to build a business website. Strikingly seems to have connected all the dots in the last few years based on its incredible features and minimal involvement of costs. We provide thousands of website templates to choose from related to your business idea. If you have any queries related to website building, our Happiness Officers are available 24/7 to listen to you. We put in a lot of work to ensure that you don’t face any setbacks in the website development phase.