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We are now living in a world where businesses don’t just pertain to those we see while we roam around our streets, our malls, our parks, etc. Because of technology, we expanded horizons and brought businesses right to the doorstep of every home across the globe. The world of eCommerce for sale- electronic commerce to get sales for your business has grown immensely in recent years. Its popularity has left many business people grasping for their share of the online spaces. With everyone vying to get a spot, you need to understand exactly how to keep up - and even get ahead of everyone else. Suppose you can increase eCommerce sales for your business. You can earn enough, but you can also get loyal customers that will support your business for a long time.

It’s certainly not an easy task to give your energy to produce your products or services while also managing your entire business - either independently or with a companion. But with the right tools and guidance, you can get on with boosting eCommerce sales for your business with not much hassle. To increase eCommerce sales for your business means to get back your capital, both in terms of monetary and labor, and earn a steady profit. And while we are certainly very enthusiastic about helping you boost eCommerce sales by providing you with these tips, the fact remains that you need not do them all at once (or at all). You are still the master of your fate and the manager of your own business.

Tips on How to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Here are some simple ways that you can do to start boosting eCommerce sales for your business - and some tips on how to use Strikingly as a way to do each one of them.

1. Implement a Good Email Marketing Strategy

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While there are a lot of new platforms that are popping up here and there, day and night, you can never really underestimate the power of the traditional marketing strategies that most people still respond to. Email marketing is one of the first strategies that involve technology and the internet. But since the emergence of other social media platforms, some business people and business owners have neglected its purpose in boosting eCommerce sales. Don’t be like these people. Email marketing, when done correctly, can do wonders to increase eCommerce sales for your business.

Believe it or not, the majority of the working population (i.e. customers who earn enough to pay for your products), check their email regularly. And so, by setting up a newsletter feature on your website, you can easily collect their emails and send news updates about your business and your new releases. With Strikingly, you can not only build a wonderful website for your business, but you can also implement a good email marketing strategy to increase eCommerce sales.

2. Keep Up with Social Media

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Various social media platforms have gained popularity in recent decades. And while we mention that underestimating the power of the traditional way to boost eCommerce sales is not good for business, we also would like to emphasize that keeping up with the recent trends, both offline and online, is a must for every business owner. Because while you want to always stand out from the crowd of business owners, you can never really allow yourself to get left behind lest you risk missing the chance to increase eCommerce sales for your business.

An easy way to do this is to integrate your social media on your business website and/or online store. Strikingly allows you to display social media icons directly to your social media accounts. You can also easily have a social media feed on your website so that your site visitors and customers can see your most recent tweets and posts right there and then. This allows for easy access and connections between you and your customers and helps them easily see updates about new products or offers, ultimately helping you boost eCommerce sales.

3. Optimize Your Checkout Process

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Unlike having a physical storefront wherein you can see your customers browsing through your shelves and going towards the counter in real-time, online stores only have carts and checkouts. Having a good display and description of your products is a big must. Whether you are online or offline, the checkout process of your online store is sometimes the defining factor of whether or not you will be able to increase eCommerce sales for your business.

Strikingly helps you do just that. With ease and just a few clicks, you can ensure that the checkout process of your online store is optimized for a quick and smooth checkout process. You can set it up to collect email addresses, send a final notice to your customers, and call for any special requests before sending them your products. If your customers find it easy to checkout, this could exponentially boost eCommerce sales for your business.

4. Spotlight Your Best Products and Features

Boosting eCommerce sales can be made using the most simple and obvious technique. Much like arranging the shelves in a physical store and organizing them strategically, you must also ensure that your online store and your business website properly display all that your business has to offer. As much as you can, you want to be able to emphasize and highlight your best features so that customers will be more encouraged to support your business.

To increase eCommerce sales, you should design your website and your online store to best represent the defining characteristics of your products and services. With a website builder such as Strikingly, you get the tools to do just that. With Strikingly, you can add different photos of your products - in every angle necessary, product names, and product descriptions (both a short one or a detailed description). This will allow you to increase eCommerce sales for your online business significantly. Because when your customers see and know what you have to offer, they would be more likely to be inclined and interested to purchase from your business.

5. Emphasize Reviews and Customers Comments

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You know the saying, “Birds of the same feathers flock together”. As far as quotes go, this perfectly summarizes that most of your customers (potential or otherwise, existing ones) are more likely to believe their fellow customers and enthusiasts rather than you or any of your marketing strategies. This is where getting reviews every time you accomplish a sale is very vital in the business. Remember that your customers’ voice matters, and so you are essentially boosting eCommerce sales for your business every time you give them the treatment they deserve.

With Strikingly, you can easily collect comments from your customers after receiving their purchases. You could then display this information and review it as part of the description of your products for other potential customers to see and read. You can even filter these reviews to display the most accurate and helpful ones on top, for they will only be displayed with your approval. You can easily increase eCommerce sales for your store if you use these kinds of marketing techniques correctly.

6. Allow For Different Shipping and Payment Options

One of the many advantages of having an online store is reaching an audience far and wide. As a business owner, you want to take advantage of that fact as much as you can, so one of the things that you must do is to find the right partners for the job. You would want to be able to settle on a good deal between your business and a shipping company. In addition to this, you would want to broaden your horizons by setting up different payment methods that can accommodate as many different types of customers as possible. You cannot boost eCommerce sales for your store if your customers cannot checkout because of the limitations you have on your online store. No one likes getting stressed with shopping, so really put effort into making sure your customers are happy at checkout.

Strikingly allows you to easily set both options on your business website. By creating an online store section on your website, Strikingly helps you to set up different shipping options and fees. You can even set the weight or size of the packages and determine if it will cost extra fees according to your agreements with the shipping company. You can also set up different payment methods from Google Pay, AliPay, Apple Pay, or even cash on delivery. With different schemes, you can accommodate more customers and thus effectively increase eCommerce sales for your business.

While there is never a 100% guarantee that this will work as quickly or efficiently as we want it to be, there is enough guarantee here to ensure that you increase eCommerce sales for your business. It’s not gonna be an easy ride from here on out. However, with these simple steps, you can still focus on innovating and improving your business and your products while also ensuring that you are boosting eCommerce sales for your business. Don’t forget to still find the joy in what you are doing and sign up or log in with Strikingly. We would be delighted to help you increase eCommerce sales for your business on this journey.