Branded Email

Email branding is ideal for minimizing doubts that your small business is authentic and will provide quality services. If you have invested all your time to create a structure for your small business, it would only add value if you could integrate a professional email address alongside it. For example, if you own a tennis company, it would be better for your brand personality to create an email of “” instead of “”.

What is Branded Email?

A branded email ends with a custom address such as rather than,, or any other platform that provides free email services. Numerous organizations worldwide tend to use this kind of email instead of a free email service provider. For a professional company, a professional email address is crucial.

what is branded email

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

As you can see from the example above in Lever and Bloom from Strikingly, the email version below the email headline is an email that is branded. These email addresses are a bit more complex to create, but they have a lot of value from the business point of view. With an appropriate setup, you will get more than just an email that is branded. It won’t just help your communication channel but also build professional integrity within your working environment.

Importance of Having an Email for your Brand

1. More Professional Look

One of the biggest reasons you should be getting your own branded email is that it gives your business a more professional look. If you are a business owner that takes everything related to your work seriously, you shouldn’t waste time and create a business website along with an email address that coincides with it. It will send a message to the audience that you aren’t just messing around. You are in the market to do something constructive.

As many scammers are trying their best to do illegal activities in the digital industry, you must convince your customers at the spot that you don’t belong to the same bracket. By having a professional email address, you can do just that. Moreover, this email address can literally be the difference between the success of your business and the hesitation from your end to gain customers’ trust.

2. Sender Becomes Clear

The branded email of the sender is extremely influential in determining whether the recipient opens the email or not. If your email address is not professional, it will not look good for your customer care plan. People will find it easy to connect your email with your online business when you brand your email. According to a survey from SendGrid, the biggest factor in determining whether the recipient opens an email or not is whether the sender has any professional integrity or not.

If you have an email address that does not cross the recipient’s mind, they will take you as a stranger and ignore all of your emails. Even if they open the email, they won’t go through it properly due to a lack of trust.

3. Promotion of Brand

Every time you send an email, your branded email will be shown to the recipient. This means that your brand will be visible on the body of your email and in the email address itself. This will help you create an effective brand management strategy for your business. An excellent business plan will always go to the limit when it comes to professionalism.

By getting your own branded email, you will be able to expand the name of your business even further. Your email address will be visible in the recipient’s inbox and many other workplaces. If you comment on a blog and attach your email address to the directory site, everyone will be able to identify it. Even though Gmail is an excellent email service provider, doing business with will not benefit your online business.

4. Keep Work Separate

If you can keep your professional away from your personal email address, it will only benefit your online business. Suppose you associate your professional work with your personal email address. In that case, there is a huge chance that you will be able to skip some of your professional work as your business emails will mix up with your personal emails. You will be relieved of these problems by getting your own branded email. In your professional email, you can keep all of your important files i.e. business contacts, documents, and other critical data files.

Steps to Create a Professional Email Address

1. Invest in an Effective Web Host

If you have a business website at your disposal, you don’t need to do anything further. If you don’t, you shouldn’t think twice before creating a business website alongside a branded email that coincides with the domain name. Strikingly enables you to create effective business websites and brand your email within a couple of minutes. Despite having zero coding experience, you can customize one of our templates according to your firm and make the most of your business.

strikingly web host

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Apart from that, you can also get your website up with Strikingly. You must go through the following steps to complete this procedure:

  • Create an account on Strikingly without any costs
  • Make sure you choose an effective website template. After choosing the template, you can use an appropriate customization tool to shape the template according to your business requirements
  • Ensure that you add your content to the website. Through your content, you can tell the audience about your brand. By adding images and videos, you can make your content even more engaging
  • Once you are done with the content, make sure to publish your website. Once your website goes live, web hosting will be up as well. Strikingly will handle all the aspects of web hosting for you.

web host solution

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2. Decide the Name and Create Email Address

In the guide to email branding, you will be informed about both the one-person business and the business in which you employ multiple people. If you own a one-person business, a branded email may not be the most important thing as you control everything regarding it. However, if there are multiple people, you would need this email to match the growth of your business. Make sure that you look for one of the following recommended formats:


name email address

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Regardless of the format that you choose, you will see more customers willing to contact you, your partners, or your employees if you stick by it. If we talk about creating an email address, it totally depends upon the web hosting provider you are associated with.

3. Choose your Email Client

Once you have a branded email, you won’t automatically have all the features needed for an email address. Notably, the features include sending or receiving emails, creating email signatures, or creating folders within your inbox to manage the communication channel. If you want to do all of that, you must choose your email client. Those who don’t know about this would definitely be aware of the terms i.e. Thunderbird, MacMail, and Gmail.

Even though most of the clients mentioned above provide you with features that make it easy for you to manage the process of organizing and writing, Gmail is the most popular and obvious choice for business reasons.


Nowadays, you can attain many benefits by getting your own branded email. As email engagement carries a lot of importance nowadays, users have become inclined to it on both desktop and mobile versions. As a result, emails have become a prominent communication channel for business owners worldwide. Moreover, it means that you have to create email designs as per the requirement of your mobile screens. If the users see the overlapping of texts on their mobile screen, it will disrupt the reputation of your respective brand.

email business tool

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Even though a selected portion of business owners do not give weight to the emails in their marketing plan, you must disregard them at all costs. If you have just landed in entrepreneurship, the importance of communication via emails becomes even more critical for you. Strikingly will enable you to maintain professional integrity through emails. You can get to know your clients and visualize their opinions straight away if you wish.