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We are all customers of some sort. You might be a business owner yourself but also one of the people going to the restaurant, doing bank transactions, ordering pizza, or visiting shops. Thus, everyone knows how customers should be treated being in the same shoes. At some point, you know exactly how you like this local shop helper who’s thoughtfully packing the items you bought and chatting with you in a friendly manner. Not just because they are doing their job, but you know they have a very personal approach to serving their customers. Customer service can be anywhere else, but customer care is totally on a different level. That’s what we love to share with you here at Strikingly. Most of our users, if not freelancers, run their own business online and offline. We thought it’s ideal to have these effective customer care programs sorted out to help your business grow and create a stronger brand that customers will love.

What is Customer Care?

What is customer care? As the word itself portrays, it is about taking care of the customers. It defines how customers are served and treated when they go to a certain business establishment or brand. The way workers and managers provide services can describe customer care or merely perform services as their duty. Customer care is an important aspect of providing services because it delivers a clear message on how you treat and interact with the customers. Hence, a customer care plan should be well executed to work.

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Indeed, customer care can’t be measured by metrics or parameters like customer service satisfaction rate does. Customer care goes above and beyond these numbers to work out well. Sometimes, there has to be some special action or bend the rules to help out a customer. When you focus on measuring customer relations, satisfaction, or success, you’re doing a job that’s far from what customer care really does. Associating customer care vs customer service is quite normal because there’s a thin line yet significant difference between them. Since customer care means to go the extra mile, how does it differ from customer service?

Customer Care vs Customer Service

According to Hubspot, customer care is a process of building an emotional connection with your customers, while customer service is simply the advice or assistance that the business provides them, nothing special or remarkable. It only means that customer care goes deeper than just customer service alone.

Many can perform good customer service based on measurable metrics. By following guidelines and sticking to the rules, you can provide the best service to anyone. Whether it’s satisfactory or not, you can tell it with mere numbers. Customer care extends help even if it's beyond your business scope. Providing recommendations or solutions to a problem that is not even related to your role or services offered is such a remarkable deal. Most customers do give five stars when served right. But, how about something more personal and special about your company? Will they remember your business at the end of the day? That is the vital role of having a customer care plan set for your business. Your goal is to gain loyalty and trust by going the extra mile. We will further understand how to create an effective care plan below.

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How to Create an Effective Customer Care Plan?

To run your business or a website, you must understand the big difference between providing customer care vs customer service. An effective customer care plan aims to meet the customers’ needs while customer service simply provides services to make it easier for them to work with. Customer care programs give a hint to the customers that they can rely and trust on your business.

As a website builder, working with thousands of users online makes us more determined in meeting their needs. Strikingly improves its products while not neglecting high levels of customer care support. Here are some great ideas on how to create an effective customer care plan for your business site.

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∙ Website Optimization

Running your own business online, you must ensure that your site is updated and properly optimized. Be transparent to your customer about recent updates that might affect their navigation to your site. Optimization is vital to achieving positive results regarding audience engagement and, most importantly, your business sales.

∙ Dedicated Customer Care Support

You can’t answer all your customers’ questions at once. It’s ideal to have dedicated customer care support that would address immediate concerns. Strikingly, for instance, has a Live Chat feature and SMS messaging for our website users. Also, we give you real-time support to answer your queries on time.

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∙ Data Security

You can’t compromise both your business information and your customer’s too. Having regular security monitoring as a part of your customer care plan gives your business a level of confidence that you can take care of your customers and not waste a single dime. This saves both of you from fraudulent activities that occur online. When any suspicious transaction pops up, you get these red alerts sorted out right away.

∙ Safety and Backup

Let us say you’re one of our resellers who have partnered with us to buy and build websites for your clients. You must understand the importance of ensuring safety and secure backup. This can save you from future dilemmas and an effective customer care plan that your clients will love. Because you care about their information, you back them up with protection.

∙ Website Performance

Your business website, unlike a local shop or physical store, can be easily gauged with performance reports, activities, and ratings. But, the good news is that this can also be one effective customer care plan to monitor your website and address issues arising on the dashboard. By knowing what the problems are or what’s affecting your site performance, you’re giving so much value to your customers.

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Why Do Customer Care Programs Matter?

Having customer care programs can take care of your business revenues and create a strong network among your loyal customers who have trusted your product for some time. These programs secure an open connection between you and your customers. Hence, it’s a foundation that supports each other. Customer care plays a big role in taking your business to the top. If you prioritize customers by executing plans and programs that support them, it’s already close to success. Remember, you’re creating an emotional connection to your customers. Thus, this can bind trust and reliability, which is the reason for providing customer care and going the extra mile.

How Strikingly Website Builder can Help?

Understanding the difference between customer care vs customer service is something that only serious business owners do. When you take your business seriously, you want to give your customers the best and only the best. You are not limited to your business rules and guidelines but rather extend support even beyond your scope. This is something that inspires Strikingly to have such a good product in terms of website building. We empower our users with the tools and features that can accommodate their customers' needs. These features highlight the importance of data security, site performance, easy navigation, no coding skills requirement, professional designs, and personal preferences. We thought that giving our users the freedom to build a website with ease is awesome. And backing up with the great tools and web services they need to provide customer care is divine.

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Here at Strikingly, we’re not just working on how to improve your site’s performance in terms of numbers, but we ensure that we are always by your side every step of the way. The website building process can be tough, but it’s fun to get help from a talented team. We got a team of experts and developers to get things sorted out, from professional web design to user-friendly site editor. It’s not just all about the task but the fun of working together to produce the best output. After all, in building a website or running your own business, you need to have a great team to support and care for each other. That is the meaning of customer care. We go the extra mile for our customers to achieve the goals we have set in the first place.

Takeaways? Don’t get customer care vs customer service get mixed up. In the end, you realize that customer care is immeasurable but remarkable, while the other is purely based on numbers. It’s not bad to set the rules and guidelines in business for as long as you’re ready to bend those rules to serve your customers well. It’s how we do it here at Strikingly. Want to try our best customer care support then? Talk to us today.