Many small business owners struggle with managing the digital aspect of their company - emails, website and social media pages - on top of daily operations. To make matters worse, startups are usually challenged by limited operating budgets so hiring staff or outsourcing solutions may not be applicable to them. With the right choice of website host, it is possible for startups and small businesses to consolidate digital marketing campaigns by keeping certain aspects under one platform.

website host with email

Even when you’re a startup, you want to have your own company email address along with a personalized domain for your site. Finding a free web host that can provide you with these services is simple enough but you want to make sure that you’re working on a reliable platform to ensure that you’re getting consistent access with little to no downtime.

1. It’s cost-effective

One of the main benefits of having your email and website hosting under the same platform is it is cheaper than getting separate hosting services. On Strikingly, for instance, you get a free website host along with an option to get custom email address starting at $25 per year. That’s relatively cheaper compared to say, Google’s email hosting service that starts at $5 per month. You can purchase additional email addresses to your account as you hire more staff into your business.

2. One login for everything

Running a business usually entails managing several logins for different things - banks, government tax reporting sites, professional associations, social media, websites, email address, and the list goes on. Getting your emails from the same free host web site platform means one less login to manage and worry about. Strikingly features a single platform for updating your website and managing your email accounts

3. Single customer support

It’s always good to have just one place to ask your website management related questions. When you put website and email hosting together, you won’t find yourself getting shuffled back and forth between two separate companies when you ask questions about your site or your emails. For instance, if you get a free web host Google support may just refer you back to the former if you have issues in say, delivering your newsletter to your contacts. It can get really confusing.