The idea of building a professional website to represent your company and managing it on a regular basis seems incredibly daunting. But if you want to get ahead in the digital era, a website is an absolute necessity for any business. With the right choice of CMS builder, you can build a site that perfectly reflects your company’s image and implement an ongoing digital marketing campaign that will improve your brand’s online presence.


What is CMS?

CMS stands for content management system and is essentially a software or web application that enables you to build websites and manage web content. Some platforms come with website templates that provide you with a shell of a website that is designed to house your content. Strikingly is a type of CMS website builder that features an expansive collection of site templates that are suited for virtually every industry and niche topic you can think of. With this platform, you start with the basic foundations to get a site up and all you need to do is customize it and make it uniquely your own.

Who it is for

Startups, small business and individuals could benefit a lot from from the use of a free CMS website builder. Organizations with a smaller staff size and a limited digital marketing budget have been known to use a CMS to create websites cost-effectively.

CMS platforms power more than half of today’s websites. It is widely used in various industries because it enables users to create their own online spaces, lowering the barrier to entry to website development and management. A good CMS website builder enables an individual or organization to compete with bigger brands in the digital world. If you’re a small business, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a website if you don’t have that amount to spend. A reliable CMS is more than sufficient to meet your digital marketing needs.


Choosing the right platform

Different CMS site builders are great for specific types of websites so your choice of CMS essentially depends on the kind of website you’re building. If you’re building an online store, for instance, you want to consider platforms that specialize in ecommerce sites. Understanding your goals and objectives for building a site would help you narrow down your choices. Here are other things you should take note of:

1. Customization options

The beauty of a CMS is you get started with a basic website that you can expand by adding plugins and sections. Strikingly, for instance, has a built in app store that enables you to add different features to your website. These include music backgrounds and playlists, document uploads, events management calendars, and even ecommerce platforms.

2. Web design features

Your CMS builder should also give you a good amount of freedom to create a unique look and feel to your website. You should be able to change up your color schemes, typography and layouts easily.

3. User permissions and staff access

Managing a website can be challenging for one person to do alone. Select a CMS that allows you to implement user access and permissions for different types of staff. This way, you and your team can all go in and roll out content updates as they come in. You can also manage your team’s finance through integrated online pay stubs with the right website builder.

4. Watch out for marketing tools

Your website needs to be promoted as well. People need to know it exists so it can fulfill your brand’ objectives. Your CMS website builder should make it easy for you to implement your digital marketing strategy. Look for marketing integrations such as form builders for collecting user details - e..g email address and contact, SEO tools for editing your site’s metadata and social media tools for adding your social media feed to your site.