best print-on-demand products to sell online

If you are looking forward to increasing your revenue or starting a new business, you can look into the best print-on-demand products to sell online in 2022. If you choose to go with conventional business arrangements, it has a considerable risk of financial loss. Moreover, there is a chance that the inventory may not be sold or not adequately marketed.

You must consider those opportunities that involve a comparatively lower risk. In other words, you should look for trending print-on-demand products with high interest in the online market. Selling print-on-demand products is one of the most crucial aspects of doing business at low risk.

Best Print-On-Demand Products to Sell

1) T-shirts

It is common these days that people like casual clothes, which is why they prefer the best T-shirts. T-shirts are considered one of the top print-on-demand products to sell online because they come in different layout variations.

When you choose your print-on-demand t-shirt provider, you should look beyond price and quality. For example, if you are selling children’s t-shirts, you can pay attention to three different sizes. There are three specialized sub-categories for children i.e. baby, toddler, and school-aged children.

t-shirt online business

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Customization can save you from spending huge on your designer as you don’t have to come up with new ideas to design a customized T-shirt. You can simply print the customer’s choice of design or text font on the shirt you sell. You can outsource your work to an additional supplier who will make sure to ship the product. By including your brand name on every T-shirt you sell, you can make a profit and run a successful business.

2) Face Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic created havoc across multiple industries, financially impacting many individuals and business sectors. One of the most common things that came out of this pandemic is selling face masks. Whether you are going to the office or simply going to a physical, face masks initially became an imessentialart of your dressing.

COVID-19 face masks

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Although the concept of social distancing has died down two years since the pandemic emerged, people are still buying masks continuously. Moreover, the masks have started coming in different designs.

The reason why face masks are one of the best print-on-demand products in 2022 is not just because of their protection from viruses but also because it adds to your personality. In recent months, many online stores have integrated face masks as part of their product portfolio. The demand for face masks in different designs usually comes from youngsters. They like face masks printed with their preferable design.

3) Engraved Jewelry

If you have done shopping for jewelry before, you would know that it takes many different shapes and sizes. It is often small and lightweight, making it ideal for shipping. Jewelry is also considered the best print-on-demand product to sell today because of its customized designs and engravings. Most importantly, there is a demand for jewelry during the entire year.

engraved jewelry products

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When we talk about making jewelry, there are many options to consider. You can make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other related products. If a product has a charm about it, it is going to sell. They can also become great gift items if you engrave text and pictures onto them.

When you dive into the jewelry world, you will find a wide range of products. For example, you will identify circle necklaces, hexagon necklaces, heart necklaces, bar chains, bar chain bracelets, or hexagon engraved earrings.

4) Socks

Custom socks are in high demand in today’s eCommerce world because of their quality prints and comfort. There is no shortage of designs in this category, as the most colorful socks are more popular. Socks are one of the best print-on-demand products to sell today because you can use them on different occasions. For example, you can make an exquisite design for your socks based on holiday themes.

Apart from the occasions, they can also create socks designs based on popular cartoons, movies, and pop culture icons. As socks are essential in everyday clothing (especially in the winter), their demand will continue to stay constant in the coming years.

5) Hats

Just like custom socks, hats have become one of the most trending print-on-demand products to sell. Recently, hats have become a trendy fashion subject for youngsters worldwide. The print-on-demand product strategy helps youngsters to customize their hats properly.

Selling hats with the correct shoes and socks will help you earn considerable profits. You can add a customized design or a printed logo on your selling hats.

6) Posters

If you intend to sell your artwork online, you don't need to sell expensive oil paintings or abstract canvases. As an eCommerce person, you can convert your designs into posters that can be easily purchased by the masses and not just a selected number of customers. Although expensive oil paintings can also generate sales, it won’t be many because many people won’t be able to afford them.

Posters have been trendy for a long time and will continue to be in the marketing trend. Everyone wants to demonstrate their products and opinions through posters, from shopkeepers and beauticians to protesters and the government setup. However, they must have a quality printing shop at their disposal. Even if they can find a printing shop, their prices could be out of reach. You can devise a solution by selling print-on-demand products as part of your business plan.

You can mention your product price and show your poster design. If there are certain elements included alongside your poster, you must cite them too. The best thing about posters is that they can be delivered straight to the customers’ houses, so they won’t have to deal with the traditional busy markets.

7) Sneakers

Custom sneakers have become one of the most trending products to sell in today’s digital world. According to the Google Trends Report in 2021, there are hundreds of weekly searches regarding different types of sneakers. The same report also states that the most trending sneakers in 2022 are retro and galaxy-printed sneakers. They are currently the best print-on-demand products to sell on InterestPrint.

Sneakers have redefined modern-day fashion and have influenced plenty of youngsters worldwide. They are no longer used for sports events but by youngsters hanging out with friends and family.

If you are looking for the best print-on-demand product to sell quickly, you should go for sneakers. They can be considered the ideal choice to generate more online sales because many people like to craft their designs and get them printed on their sneakers.

8) Mugs

Mugs are one of the most popular print-on-demand products today because they come in different varieties and people like to use them a lot. They are seasonal during holidays but otherwise, their level of interest remains constant.

However, you must note that we are not just talking about a random white mug. Although they are attractive, it doesn’t mean that they are always the best sellers. Therefore, you must try to be creative with your mugs. For example, you can design a colorful mug with an interior. Apart from that, enamel mugs are also popular.

Sell Print-On-Demand Products on Strikingly Website

The best way to sell print-on-demand products online is to build a quality eCommerce website on Strikingly. Strikingly is a website builder that helps you create professional websites through our user-friendly website editor and responsive website templates. Both of these elements help you build web pages in just a few minutes.

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Once you have completed the registration on Strikingly and chosen your preferred website template, you will gain access to Strikingly’s website editor. Make sure that you go through the following steps for adding and selling top print-on-demand products on your online store:

  1. Select “Add New Section” and then head over to “Simple Store” from the editor
  2. Hit the button “Add New Product” on the website editor
  3. When the product editor opens, you can add the product name, description, and a product photo
  4. Select the right price for your product. You can also consult with your advisors regarding your product pricing strategy before coming up with the right value.

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  1. Make sure that you add different payment gateways. We offer to our users PayPal, Stripe, Square and more.

By relying on Strikingly, you can run an entire business, incur negligible costs, and build a fully-functional eCommerce website. You can enjoy our tools to run your profitable business and make your online presence in the digital world.


Choosing the best print-on-demand products to sell is vital for the success of your eCommerce business. In the past decade, the competition in the eCommerce world has increased, which is why you have to make your mark and position yourself as a reputable brand. If you pick an established niche, it will help you to increase your visibility and enable you to target a specific audience segment.

As an entrepreneur, you must consider your hobbies or interests, your professional experience, the products you are likely to buy or use, and the products you want to own. Although your passion is essential, your selling products must have a level of interest so you can generate good profits.

Make sure that you study the marketing trends and see the top print-on-demand products available for your niche. If there is no demand for your product, you cannot expect any substantial profits.