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With online shopping trends these days, the option to sell digital downloads has many advantages. It has opened great opportunities for entrepreneurs and startup founders. People embraced the convenience, accessibility, and unlimited options of shopping online. Just imagine a scenario about buying a card for your loved ones online. Some websites offer printable or virtual cards which you can download or send directly. Digital products are ideal for business because you don’t need many resources. You don’t need a physical store or a warehouse for stocks. Although you need to secure some business permits, the overall process won’t require huge capital, depending on your location. This is why many startup owners sell digital downloads. Because of the growing demand for digital products, it is one of the most ideal for business startups. Still, the question remains, ‘how to sell digital downloads'?

We’ve simplified how you can start a digital products business using a Strikingly online shop. Join over twelve million users who made it global with our easy-to-set-up websites.

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How to Sell Digital Downloads Using Our Simple Store?

Our Simple store supports digital products for the Pro plan and above. It is easier to set up your online store for digital downloads than physical products in three steps. First, you can simply upload a file. Second, set a price. Finally, your customer will receive a download link upon purchase. Your customers have 72 hours to download the link until it expires. This way, you can avoid link sharing among your customers.

Note: Before you sell digital products, make sure you've already set up and registered your custom domain.

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1. Connect your Custom Domain & Payments

We support Stripe, PayPal & Square as the payment gateway to sell digital downloads. Make sure Stripe, PayPal or Square is enabled in ‘Settings - Accept Payments’ first.

The download link of your digital products will use the Custom Domain you set in ‘Settings - Domain’. You must connect or register a valid custom domain before you sell digital products in Strikingly. Please ensure your domain has already been successfully connected. If you connect an invalid domain, your buyers can not request any valid download link from your website after the purchase. The last thing you want to happen is to disappoint your customers.

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2. Select the Product Type

When you add a new product, you can select from “Digital Download” products (music files, e-books, docs). Under physical products are clothes, jewelry, electronics, or service products such as consulting, training, and coaching on your website.

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3. Upload a File for Digital Product

After selecting the "Digital Download" product type, click "Upload File" in the product editor to select a file.

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Here are the accepted formats based on our Help Center, if you want to sell digital downloads with Simple store. And the maximum file size is 500MB. Remember to select only one file.

  • Image: .jpg, .png, .gif (image files will not be compressed)
  • Audio: .mp3, .mp4, .wav, .flac, .m4a
  • Document: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .odt, .odp, .epub, txt, key, numbers, wps
  • Zip Files: .zip, .zipx, .7z, .rar

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4. Manage Orders and Generate New Download Link

Unlike Physical & Service Product orders, the orders of digital products will be completed automatically after the customer has processed payment. You don't need to manually complete the order, and there is no way to cancel the order after the buyer has completed the purchase. However, you can still refund it.

After it's purchased, the file is available for download on the order confirmation page. Also, the customer will automatically receive an order confirmation email with a download link to the file.

Note: This download link is unique to that purchase, and is only valid for 72 hours after purchase. This prevents link-sharing by the customer.

What are the Different Digital Products to Sell?

These days, you won’t run out of ideas about what to sell online. If you’ve decided to sell digital downloads, you may need some inspiration. Here are seven examples of digital products you can sell online.

  1. Art – This can include painting, illustration, portrait sketches, etc.
  2. Music – It can be an original composition, or you have a license to sell digital downloads for music or albums.
  3. Services – You can choose this category for coaching, training, consulting, etc.
  4. Ebooks – If you’re an author, this is the best way to sell your books.
  5. PhotographyTurn your hobby into business with photography and create an online gallery.
  6. Designs – Are you a web designer or graphic artist? Give it a go.
  7. Tech software – Fond of developing apps or other tech softwares, this one is a good option.

Tips for Selling Digital Products Successfully

There is nothing such as one size fits all when selling digital downloads. However, we have some of the finest tips and tricks you can apply. The most common digital downloads to sell are ebooks, music, photographs, apps, designs, and tutorials. These digital products may require licensing or ownership to be legally sold online. While you sell unique digital downloads, you still need to promote them to your target customers using coupons and freebies you can share on social media platforms. There are a few tips to sell digital downloads successfully, and it’s up to you to pick one that suits you.

We would like to give your business an extra push to stand out from the competition. Here’s what you need to do to take your digital downloads an extra mile.

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∙ Identify What You Really Need – Licensing or Ownership

You own your digital products like artworks, photos, and content. Once you sell that content online, you’re also selling a license to use or share it. It is totally different in terms of selling physical stuff and digital downloads. When you purchase a flat iron online, you can sell it to anyone else without hassle. On the other hand, digital products are protected from unfair distribution or sharing. For example, you can set within the contract that your customer has the right to use your work and print out multiple copies. These details must be clearly specified on your listing.

∙ Don’t Try to Economize on Scanning

Wonder how to sell your physical artwork as digital downloads? Scanning and taking photographs are two ideal options to get your physical artwork online. You can use an at-home-scanner or have it scanned at a print shop. In photographing your artwork, make sure that the quality isn’t compromised. Use a DSLR camera instead of a smartphone, no matter how high-resolution your phone camera has. You don’t want the images to look pixelated or blurry. Also, the secret to print-on-demand business is to provide high-quality images to your customers.

∙ Apply SEO Strategies

SEO is often the ‘make or break’ factor in whether or not your products will get the web traffic they deserve. The more remarkable your item listings are to search engines, the higher chance your web pages will rank well. As a result, more people will find you online.

Below are SEO strategies you can apply if you want to sell digital products online

  1. Use Relevant Keywords

Relevant keywords turn into relevant tags for your digital products. Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes and find out what phrases they use to find what they’re looking for. Use relevant keywords that will lead potential customers to your online store.

  1. Add a Descriptive Title Tag

A descriptive title tag will encourage potential buyers to make a purchase. Make title tags clickable, likable, and understandable. Keep it short and straightforward.

  1. Write an Enticing Product Description

The copy that users will view as a summary of what you’re selling is called product description. Keep it direct to the point and specific in terms of choice of words.

∙ Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

Think about the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as opportunities to widen your audience and engage with people. It is a perfect way to promote your digital products. You can turn your followers into customers. Engage with your customers via live chat or comments section. Yes, this is absolutely going to work effectively. Many companies have tried and executed this strategy very well.

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Final Thoughts

Nowadays, many people are empowered with digital technology. It’s now easy to start your own business, sell digital downloads online, be an influencer, or conduct online tutorials. Some stay-at-home parents even find themselves more productive because the information has become more accessible with the help of the internet. More people are now familiar with online processes such as paying the bills electronically, downloading favorite music, subscribing to a movie app, and making online payment transactions. These empower the business to sell digital downloads and other digital products to the global market. Strikingly is committed to its users all over the world. We’ve worked with musicians, educators, authors, entrepreneurs, designers, and professionals who have successfully expressed their skills through the digital products business. You, too, can do it right with the help of a dedicated team. Talk to our team now and try our ridiculously easy-to-use websites.