Print-on-Demand Products

If you are looking for ways to increase your income and start your own business, we have ideas for you in this post on the top print-on-demand products that you can start selling online. If you choose to go with conventional business arrangements, those involve a high risk of loss, or inventory not being sold or perfectly marketed. Therefore, you must look for an opportunity that involves comparatively low risk, which means looking for the trending products that have a high demand in the online market.

Selling print-on-demand products is one of the methods of doing business online with low risk entailed. In this article, you will learn what you'll attain with print-on-demand products. We have a list for you to consider of some good print-on-demand products to sell. But first let’s describe what running this kind of a business really entails.

What is Meant by Selling Print-on-Demand Products?

Selling print-on-demand products is a way of trading printed products on the acknowledgment or demand of consumers. The business works on the concept of zero inventory or just in time inventory, where you produce a product after receiving the order at the right time, and deliver it exactly at the designated time, without keeping the stock of merchandise.

You will need to collaborate with suppliers, who will deliver your desired supply as you order. Then you will customize or assemble the items according to your preferences. The potential of earning from these print-on-demand products is quite high, which is apparent from the data of the past four years that it has prospered to 12%.

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Advantages of Running a Print-on-Demand Products Business

Besides being able to make good profits, there are several other advantages of selling print-on-demand products that make this into a profitable business model in 2022. Here are the most commonly known benefits.

1. Low Cost

Since you do not have to invest in heavy equipment, high levels of inventory, or even a retail outlet in most cases, you are able to save a lot that you would otherwise need to spend as a capital budget for starting a business. A print-on-demand products business only requires you to have printing equipment that’s available at your convenient location (which can even be your house or place of residence), to be able to produce or manufacture the items that you will sell.

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2. Low Risk Involved

Since you do not need to stockpile any inventory of goods to sell print-on-demand products, the risks of having excessive inventory are not there. It is easier to manage your orders and handle your customers when you maintain just the right number of goods in your inventory. In fact, when you sell print-on-demand products, you don’t need to maintain any stock at all. You get the items from your supplier as and when you receive an order, print them and deliver them to the customer right away.

3. Higher Customer Retention and Loyalty

Since you are most likely to manage your orders effectively in running a print-on-demand products business, your customers will be satisfied with your service and maintain loyalty towards your brand. Having customer loyalty in a business is critical for retaining customers. It incurs relatively higher costs for any business to market their products and services to new customers than to retain the existing clients. Higher levels of customer retention will thus help you save on your marketing expenses.

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4. Potential of Earning High Profits

As mentioned above, when you sell print-on-demand products, you have the potential to make high amounts of gross profits. Your cash does not get stuck in inventory, and your customers don’t have to be kept waiting as you wait for the next shipment to arrive. It is like a self-running business with minimum staff and required retail space.

5. Ability to Deal With Multiple Products

Since you will only be printing the items you sell, this business allows you to deal with several print-on-demand products simultaneously. When you promote your business, you will be marketing your print-on-demand services, including various goods that you can get from suppliers, print, and sell.

10 Top Print-on-Demand Products You Can Sell

Here is our recommended list of the best print-on-demand products to sell this year.

1. T-shirts

Most of the population in the world is now wearing T-shirts as casual clothes. T-shirts are one of the best print-on-demand products to sell with several layout variations. Here's another thing - you must contemplate that today’s customers want everything of their choice. They might not accept the standard printed T-shirts. Everybody wants to wear a customized design according to their preferences.

This factor can help you save on your designer cost, as you don’t have to come up with your own design ideas to make customized T-shirts. You simply print the customer’s choice of design or text on the shirts you sell to them. You can also outsource the work to an external supplier who will even die and ship the product. By merely using your brand name on each item sold, you can successfully run a business and profit from these print-on-demand products.

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2. Hoodies

Like T-shirts, hoodies have become a popular dress choice for people, especially in winter. Depending on the circumstances, you can either create your own design or make it according to the customer's desire. Then the supplier will dropship your hoodie with your name at your customer's place.

3. School Bags

Young kids now want their favorite quote or display of the game printed on their school bags. Some also want to print their own or their best friend's picture on the bag to look different in school. If you want to fulfill their profound fascination and make a profit out of it, then sell print-on-demand products such as school or college bags.

4. Posters

From shopkeepers and beauticians to protesters and the official government, everyone needs a poster to demonstrate their products or opinions. However, they have to find a good printing shop for this purpose. Even once they find a shop, the prices are not affordable. You can intervene here by selling print-on-demand products or services online.

You can quote your price and offer your design, and whatever they want will be printed on the poster. These print-on-demand products can be delivered straight to the customers’ houses, saving them the hassle of visiting the traditional busy markets.

5. Phone Covers

Keeping an elegant phone cover is becoming a trend. Couples want their wholesome picture to be printed there. Those who love memes want their favorite meme template on their phone cover. Some want to print their art piece or quotes whatsoever. As a print-on-demand products business owner, you can ask them to enlighten you about their wish and then satisfy them by providing a beautiful phone cover. You can earn a great profit without incurring a lot of capital or cost.

6. Sneakers

Sneakers are one of the most trending and profitable products globally these days. They have redefined modern-day fashion and are influencing much of the younger audience. Sneakers are also the choice of sports athletes.

If you are looking for print-on-demand products to sell instantly, go for sneakers. That’s like a golden ticket to more sales because many people enjoy the facility to craft their design and get it printed on their sneakers.

7. Socks

People often wear sneakers, but the combination is not complete without the socks. Socks have become a worldwide trend as people can enjoy different prints on them based on popular cartoons, movies, and pop culture icons.

Socks are the next item on our list of print-on-demand products that you can sell to the desired audience. People nowadays look for socks with the design of their favorite pop-culture phenomenon. It makes this product even more exciting when you give them the facility to craft their design printed on the socks.

8. Face Masks

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc worldwide, making face masks a necessary element of our dressing. They are worn to protect from infections. As time passed, face masks achieved the trend of having different designs.

Various online stores of print-on-demand products began to include face masks as part of their products portfolio. You can also have the same opportunity to include face masks as items to sell on your online store. It’s mostly the youngsters who demand face masks printed with their favorite designs.

9. Bed Sheets

Bedsheets have become a trendy item on the list of the top print-on-demand products. In fact, bedsheets have been an integral part of e-commerce stores from the beginning. Selling bedsheets as print-on-demand products makes them even more valuable items for you to sell this year. The number of searches made on Google for bed sheets every day can lead you to more conversions for this product than you can imagine.

10. Hats

Like sneakers, hats have become a trendy fashion subject for youngsters. The print-on-demand products business strategy makes it possible for youngsters to stylize their hats. Selling hats along with sneakers can double your chances of making profits. Even hats have the facility for people to have their customized design or logo printed. It makes them one of the best print-on-demand products to sell in this day and age.

How to Sell Print-on-Demand Products Online?

The easiest way to sell print-on-demand products online is to build an eCommerce website on Strikingly. Strikingly is a platform that allows you to create professional websites with the help of our user-friendly editor and ready-to-use templates, which enable you to build web pages in just a few clicks.


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Once you have signed up for an account on Strikingly and selected a template for your website, you will get access to your site’s editor. Take the following steps to add your print-on-demand products to your store.

  1. Select ‘Add New Section’ and click ‘Simple Store’.
  2. Click ‘Add New Product’.
  3. The product editor will open. Key in the product name and description, and upload a product photo.
  4. Set the price for your product.
  5. Select from among the payment gateways we offer on Strikingly so that you can accept payments from your costumes through this online store.

You can run an entire business, incurring negligible costs, by building an ecommerce website on our platform. Enjoy the tools we offer and run a profitable business by selling print-on-demand products through a website built on Strikingly.