In the past, web design and development was a task left to professionals. To design website that is effective and functional, you need technical skills in programming. Strikingly lowers the barrier to entry for owning a professional site by enabling beginners to design websites without learning code.

anyone can design websites with Strikingly

As a leading website builder, Strikingly aims to empower individuals to express their individuality and share their unique ideas with the world. With user-friendly web design websites created from this platform have the potential to be as competitive as professionally-built sites. We create opportunities for small businesses to build online awareness for their brands without the high overhead costs.

Strikingly believes in the Internet’s potential to empower everyone

The increasing accessibility of the internet has levelled the playing field for up and coming entrepreneurs and new brands competing for market share with bigger companies in their niche. With the Striking platform, they can design website free of cost so they can allocate a bigger part of their budgets on product development or any other area of marketing.

Every type of content has an audience. Strikingly provides a venue for startups and individuals who want to create content and information for digital citizens to consume. In this way, the source of information and data is no longer limited to bigger organizations and the tech savvy. Even beginners and smaller brands can contribute to data sharing and education.

Strikingly believes in providing equal opportunities

We are an internet company that has enabled thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs and award-winning professionals to pursue their dreams. We believe in providing an opportunity for small businesses to build their online presence and compete with chain stores for market share.

Strikingly is all about simplifying the web design and development process for people without the technical background to build professional-looking and engaging websites from scratch. With user-friendly and free design website building is an exercise that even students and beginners can participate in. We provide a platform for those who want to dip their toes into the realm of digital marketing. Strikingly has been used by schools to educate students about website design and marketing concepts.

Anyone can design websites

By taking advantage of Strikingly’s free accounts, anyone - from students and fresh graduates to professionals, startups and entrepreneurs can design websites to promote their brand to the world. As your website grows in scale, Strikingly continues to keep up by improving its capabilities and features and providing you with enhancements that you need to stay competitive in the digital arena.

design website using Strikingly web templates

We are all about empowering every individual to create his or her own unique brand and share his or her individuality with the rest of the world. Our modern and mobile responsive website templates were created by a world-class team of designers and developers to suit various industries and niche topics. When you sign up for a free account, you get access to the entire collection of web templates so you can choose a design that suits your brand and your personality.

Adding your content is easy with the intuitive site editor. You get to edit and write directly on your website to make it easy for you to visualize what the page will look like once it’s published. You can also switch to a mobile screen view so you know how the content adapts to a different screen size and aspect ratio.

In case you change your mind mid-way to editing your site or even after publishing it, you can switch to a different template easily with minimal adjustments to your content. You can also add more sections to your page depending on the purpose of your website. For instance, with any template, you can add the Simple Store section to turn your site into an online store.

As Strikingly continues to grow, we create countless possibilities for site owners to grow and improve. Create an account today to get started.