If you spend hours on your phone scrolling, skimming, and watching videos -- IGTV is the one for you.

Instagram TV, or more popularly known as IGTV, is one of the latest added features on Instagram. Essentially, it allows users to post longer videos on their feeds.

Social media applications continuously update and upgrade their features, so let’s digest IGTV a little more. It’s time to talk about what IGTV really is, how it works, and how you can use it to further your IG game!

What is IGTV?

Instagram TV (IGTV) is a standalone mobile application that allows the sharing of longer and high-quality videos on Instagram.

Originally, Instagram only allowed 60-second videos to be uploaded and shared, but with IGTV, users are now free to share content that exceeds the 1-minute margin.

IGTV creates a way for content creators to expand their platform. Now people can share more information about the videos they wish to talk about or introduce. For mobile phone apps, a maximum of 15 minutes can be uploaded. While on the web, a maximum of 60 minutes is allowed.

IGTV Instagram initially was not widely used, but similar to other Instagram updates in the past, users gradually began to accept it and see how fun it would be to produce their own content. Additionally, how to make an IGTV was a simple process attracting more and more users to try it out.

One of its main features is that it presents videos that are made for your phones -- in short, portrait mode! Videos uploaded and shared will be viewable in portrait orientation and in full-screen mode. But in the case that the video is in landscape orientation, IGTV automatically fits it into the user’s screen and gives them the option to flip their screen if they want to view the video in full screen.

How to make an IGTV?

Now let’s discuss how to make an IGTV -- all you need are your phone, internet connection, and a drive to do something new.

There are generally two ways that you can go:

  • Using the IGTV mobile app; and,
  • Using your Instagram account.

Using the IGTV Mobile Application


The first step is to download the IGTV mobile app on your phone. This is, again, completely free -- and available for both iOS and Android users. Once done, you now have the standalone app installed on your phone ready to use to watch videos from other content creators and for you to upload some videos of your own.

Once you open the IGTV app, it automatically detects the Instagram account logged on into your Instagram app. IGTV is available for everyone to use, but one must have an active Instagram account to access it.

After you log-in, the app shows IGTV videos uploaded by accounts you follow. This means that users no longer need to follow accounts from their Instagram accounts just to watch the IGTV videos -- IGTV has done it and is broadcasting immediately.

Similar to Instagram, IGTV also has a Discover tab where the users are free to browse other IGTV videos broadcasted from different accounts based on category and hashtags.

Using the Instagram Account


The choice to use the mobile app is optional. IGTV is accessible through your existing Instagram account without the external application. Downloading the IGTV mobile app is good if you wish to focus on watching and browsing IGTV video broadcasts without the other features of Instagram, such as Instagram stories, posts, and lives. IGTV Instagram on the other hand is a good tool if you wish to have all your Instagram needs in one app.

Similar to the IGTV app, the first step is to log in to your Instagram account, and to create your first IGTV broadcast is the same as posting a photo or video on your feed. After that, your IGTV Instagram is now set and ready for the various uploads and broadcasts of your IGTV videos.

And there you have it! Now you know how to make an IGTV which is a really fun and easy experience for everyone. Make sure to read the fine print!

How to make an IGTV video?

Another crucial thing we need to know is how to make an igtv video. Uploading or broadcasting a video on IGTV is fairly simple and closely resembles posting on one’s own feed.

Here is a simple run-through on how to make an igtv video:

  1. Choose a video over 1-minute long.

When uploading a video intended for IGTV, the video must exceed the 60-second video margin initially allowable for videos to be posted on the feed. If the video chosen is over 1-minute, the option to upload it onto your IGTV channel will be available.

If you are on your home feed, press the + icon at the lower portion of your screen and choose from your video gallery.

Otherwise, you can visit your profile and click the + icon in the upper left corner. A prompt will appear asking you what type of content you would like to create, click on the IGTV Video option, then choose which video you would want to be broadcasted on your account.

  1. Click the “Long Video” option.

If you chose to upload a video onto your IGTV channel from your home feed, a prompt would automatically ask if you wish to have your content shared as a Short Video or a Long Video. For IGTV, always choose the Long Video Option to ensure that your chosen content does not get cut.

  1. Choose a cover photo or thumbnail.

Another feature of the IGTV videos -- similar to Youtube and different from Instagram video feed posts, is the option to choose your video’s thumbnail or cover photo.

Two choices are to take a screenshot from the video you wish to upload or to add a thumbnail photo from your camera roll. This allows content creators to further personalize and control their videos. If you love editing and creating posters or banner designs, this is the chance to design one and have it featured as the thumbnail photo of your IGTV video.

  1. Indicate the title and description of the IGTV video.

The final step is to give your IGTV video a catchy, fun, and interesting title. Be as creative as you want to because this is another way to pique the interest of your viewers.

Also, include a short description of what happens in your video. You can indicate your discussion topic or an overview of what is to be expected from the IGTV video.

It is good to include hashtags in your description. This allows your video to be tagged into the hashtag, and when a viewer uses that specific tag to search for similar videos, your IGTV video could potentially be one of the content the viewer watches.

  1. Click on “Post” and watch your IGTV Instagram video come to life on your feed.

Once you click the “post” button, the video is then uploaded on your feed, ready for your followers to see and watch. IGTV videos are not deleted after 24 hours, unlike Instagram stories, so viewers can watch the videos again!

How to create IGTV Channel?

If you’ve heard about IGTV Instagram, you’ve probably also heard the term “IGTV Channel”. Now the question pops up, how to create IGTV channel? Don’t worry it won’t require a whole other process apart from what you have already done.

Once you have uploaded your first video, your profile will now have another column between your grid posts and your tagged posts. This is now your IGTV Channel. Basically, it contains all the IGTV videos you have posted which allow the viewers to choose which content they want to explore for the day.

Your feed is a collection of photos and videos you have posted, while your channel is a collection of IGTV Instagram videos you upload. Generally, that’s all you need to know about how to create IGTV channel.


Tips to up your IGTV Game

Now that you have generally covered how to make an IGTV, how to create and IGTV Channel, and how to make an IGTV video it’s time to apply what you’ve learned and elevate your IGTV Instagram game.

  • Choose a topic that you love

IGTV is a great platform for content creators to share more about the ideas they have. So to fully utilize it, go and choose a topic that excites you.

With the amount of video content already existing, having a topic that the viewers know you enjoy talking or discussing will definitely give you a competing edge over other content.

Knowing the basics of how to make an IGTV allows for a wide variety of content for your channel, but choosing the right topic for you will make the experience better.

  • Be natural

Don’t overthink it and just be natural! Your IGTV Instagram videos can be a variety of perfectly edited videos or a simple one-shot video with no cuts, graphics, or music.

You can use IGTV the same way you use Instagram stories -- as a sort of peeking into your everyday life, but this time it won’t easily be gone in 24 hours!

  • Make those first 15 seconds to 1 minute count!

Before you post your IGTV video, the last stage has a toggle button that allows you to share your IGTV on Instagram by posting a preview of it. This means sharing your video on Instagram stories and feed.

For Instagram stories, the first 15 seconds will be previewed, while the first minute for your Instagram feed. After this, the viewer will be given a prompt to continue watching the video on your IGTV channel. So make that first 15-seconds to 1-minute interesting and creative!

You can provide a short and engaging overview of your video within that margin, which will then pique the interest of your viewer and encourage them to watch on.

As for your initial video, why not tell the story of learning how to make an IGTV! You never know, maybe you could even inspire your followers to create their own.

  • Create a Series

IGTV also has a feature that allows creators to have their own IGTV series -- this is a collection of videos that discuss the same topic or are related to each other. Once a viewer clicks on one of the videos in your series, IGTV automatically plays the next videos from that same series.

Similar to Youtube having a playlist, you can create an IGTV Video Series with binge-worthy content that will hook the viewers to finish.

  • Share, Save, and Share!

After you’ve posted your IGTV video, you can:

Share it to your Instagram story and feed, so your followers are given a notice that you have posted such content.

Save the IGTV to your Instagram account. On your profile, you can add photos and videos to your “Saved” which allows you to have your own collection of posts that you wish to revisit. Doing this for your IGTV videos can act as an added filing system for each.

Share the IGTV video on your other social media account. IGTV has the option to share your video on your Facebook account so more people can see and watch the content you broadcasted.

  • Personalize your content

IGTV is your Instagram TV, the channel is found on your account, and the content comes from you, so be creative and confident to personalize the content that you put out.

IGTV videos are the best way to give insight on what you do in a day, how you create a particular item or even spontaneous adventures that you wish to share. Since the videos are not broadcasted live, you can edit your IGTV content to fit into your current Instagram feed and brand.