When you see web celebrities and influencers enjoying luxuriously comfortable lives out of their internet job, it’s difficult not to get drawn to the idea of building your wealth through an online venture. On the flip side, it’s also easy to dismiss the idea as preposterous because it all seems impossible. How do you make a website and earn from it unless you’ve already amassed a following from other web platforms?


How do you create a website that’s profitable anyway? We don’t promise a get rich quick scheme in this article. We can’t promise you’ll get filthy rich by doing these but here are some ideas as to how you can monetize your online space and at least get you started.

1. Choose your niche audience.

The first step on how do you make your own website profitable is to zero in on a dedicated potential audience. Choose a niche topic that you are particularly passionate in and identify your target market. You have to be a bit more specific in selecting your niche because you will be speaking directly to this group through your content. Targeting a specific audience group makes it easier for you to create relevant content and increases your chances of growing your brand faster.

2. Spend time designing a user-friendly website

The next step is to put a lot of thought into designing your website and your content. Normally, website building in itself requires a significant amount of investment. So how do you create a website for free without sacrificing quality design? The answer lies in your choice of website builder.

Strikingly simplifies the website building process by getting you started with an expansive collection of website templates. You don’t need technical know-how or website design experience to build your site. All website templates are mobile responsive so you’re sure that your site will render well on all screen sizes. With that said, there’s still a lot that you need to do to make your site unique and attractive. Customize your website. Play around with color schemes and typography. Make information accessible by breaking your content down into sections. To further monetize your site, create a Google Adsense account and add it to your website.

3. Build your site content

How do you make a website for free and make it profitable in the process? The key is in your content. Build valuable, insightful content that your target audience will want to consume. Without your content, you don’t have an audience. Focus your energies on building quality content and marketing it gain online visibility. It’s also important to create new material consistently. Bloggers upload new articles at least twice weekly.

4. Promote your website through various platforms

How do you build a website follower-base? Share your content on social media and other content bookmarking sites. Submit it to news websites, build relationships with similar sites in your industry.


It’s also important that you optimize your website for the search engines. Create content around your focus keywords but take care not to stuff your web pages with the same keywords. Learn about the fundamentals of content and search marketing to boost your site’s online presence.

5. Leverage on social media

How do you start a website and get it noticed? Social media networks can help you build your brand’s online presence. Create social media pages and link these to your website. Share your content on these pages to attract traffic to your site. Encourage visitors to share your content to their social networks. Create content on all platforms and engage your audience by participating in forums and discussions online.