web design best practices to gain more traffic

Thinking about web design best practices is complex, especially when you need more proper skills and training. You will need clarification because there will be so many things going on with your website design. Whether you are a professional or a beginner connected with a website design company, you will always experience setbacks.

Occasionally, it would help if you had more creative ideas to build a top website design. Hence, it is essential to follow a guide to web design best practices that will enable you to overcome this point in your career.

If you are a beginner in web designing, you must understand the dynamics of marketing your products and services. You must learn how to communicate your business message with the target audience. User engagement is a considerable factor related to website design development. If you haven't followed the relevant website design tips, likely, your design won't be engaging. Consequently, your visitors will walk away from your platform before you know it. Best website designs give visitors an idea of your business plans and what you want to sell.

Web Design Best Practices for Businesses

1) Easy Navigation

Web design best practices are followed by every successful entrepreneur today. Hence, they come out with high-quality website designs to satisfy their audience. One of the characteristics of a well-designed website is the easy navigation system. Quality website navigation is characterized by the main menu bar, which informs the users about what they will find after clicking on certain links ("Contacts," "Services," "Testimonials"). These navigation elements should be clear and relevant to your website. They must also be easy to read for the viewers (clear font with a simple background).

It can also be beneficial to add a navigation map to the website footer, a search bar so that people can go through specific keywords, and breadcrumbs on every web page to track the user's journey throughout the website. It lets users easily visualize their location and retrace the steps if needed. Since people naturally go through the website from left to right, the best thing is to include your navigation bar on the left. However, many website owners also tend to include the bar at the platform's top.

2) Text Minimization

Large chunks of text can be problematic for mobile screens. Since many people use responsive website templates to build their website, they must also consider how it appears on mobile screens. If the text appears correctly, it will look pleasant and professional. The best approach is to create a summary of your written content.

Text depreciation is one of the web design best practices because it ensures that mobile users don't walk away from your platform. Usually, viewers have an objective in mind when they visit a website. For example, they want to buy a business product from your online store or gain information about them through your blog posts. However, they would want to see only a little text on their computer screen. They would want minimum information to complete their objective.

3) Consistent Color Scheme

A consistent color scheme is one of the web design best practices and plays a massive role in your visual brand identity. Thinking about some of the most successful brands today, you would immediately relate to their signature colors. For example, Coca-Cola has a combination of red and white colors. All brand websites must reflect their color schemes respectively.

website color scheme

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Facebook is an excellent example of a brand with a consistent color scheme. Although you can easily recognize white, dark blue, and light blue, you must also notice how these primary colors are incorporated into other visual brand identity elements. Facebook's logo and navigation bar also contain white and blue colors. Being a website owner, you must prefer a simple color scheme. You will be fine if you identify two colors that go well with one another.

If you have hired a professional web designer, he will understand color combinations and provide you with color palettes that you can use throughout your website.

4) Images and Visuals

Images are one of the most significant elements of any website as it helps to engage the viewer visually. Adding visuals is one of the web design best practices because people are urged more by the graphics than the written content. More importantly, some people interpret visuals better than text. Adding images helps you to make a top website design and eliminates any dull vibe about your platform. Here are some examples regarding images and visuals:

  • Photographs
  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • GIFs
  • Screenshots
  • Animations

images and visuals

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

There are many ways to integrate visuals into your website. Although you don't want to overwhelm your viewers with visuals, it is an excellent habit to diversify your visual content to keep the website lively and attractive.

5) White Space

Although a consistent color scheme is essential for a web design, a lack of color is also crucial in the web design process. White space is one of the web design best practices today because it helps you to keep a website from looking overfull. It is technically called "negative space" by website designers or the areas of the web page between elements. Margins, gutters, and graphics are all crucial aspects of white space.

White space promotes a neat appearance of your website, creating a balanced visual effect, and making the content easy to read. If viewers are calm by visuals and images, it will be easier for them to register on a platform and act accordingly. For example, white spaces around a call to action (CTA) button like "Register Now" attracts the viewers, and hopefully, they click on it.

6) Powerful CTAs

Speaking of CTAs, they are also web design best practices considered by many entrepreneurs worldwide. When you build a website, it should be geared towards a particular CTA. For example, it could urge the customers to buy a product or a service, sign up for a newsletter, subscribe to a blog feed, or gain knowledge about your business' offerings. A CTA will always include promotional language, such as "Get Started," "Shop Now," "Learn More," etc.

Your website can have multiple CTA buttons, which will appear on different web pages according to their purpose. When you include a CTA on your website, ensure that it stands out from the rest of your content. It should get your attention visually through its color, typography, and design, making them unique to the rest of the page.

7) SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the web design best practices because it ensures the evolution of your platform. Excellent SEO practices make it easier to recognize your website on the Internet. Top website designs cover from the SEO perspective, such as keyword usage, meta-titles, labeling of pages, etc.

strikingly mobile website

Image taken from Strikingly

Since you are the website owner, you must remember that SEO practices are not just for desktops but also for mobile. A mobile-friendly design is a necessity nowadays for a high Google ranking. If a website design isn't optimized for mobile phones, the users may experience problems, such as slow loading speed and elements appearing in unusual areas.

Build Best Website Designs on Strikingly

In today's day and age, every business needs a professional website to get its operations up and running. Building a professional website is similar to creating an online space for your business plans. It allows you to relax and expand your business tasks. You must follow the top website design tips to create an eye-catching and captivating platform. Eventually, you will be able to attract visitors who can become clients or paying customers. Strikingly is a top-notch website builder that provides you with all the necessary features to build a professional website that can stand out in an ocean of website design competitors. We provide you with easy-to-use website templates, but you can customize them according to your knowledge of web design best practices. Our website builder also provides a drag-and-drop feature that lets you quickly move elements around your website.

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We also enable you to upload high-quality website images on your platform. You can either upload the images directly from the computer or browse the file you want to link. You can go through the best website designs to learn about website development on Strikingly. Instead, you can click and edit your website.

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Finally, you can publish your website in minutes. We also provide you with our mobile app feature to promote your business website and a chatbox to respond to customer queries. If you need help implementing our website design tips, you can follow some of the successful websites built on our platform. You can take out your notebook and highlight all the factors that make those websites successful.


Nowadays, every web designer is looking for inspiration. Hence, they follow the web design best practices to build top-notch websites. Some developers like to trust their creativity while building a website. However, the best approach is to understand the best website design tips, so you keep your design. Requiring patience to implement these website design tips will improve the website's performance and conversion rates.

You can rely on Strikingly to build your best website designs. Once you register for a free account on our platform, you will be eligible to build a basic website design with all the fundamental features. You can contact our Happiness Officers today to learn more about website development on our platform.