Domain Parking

Securing a domain name for your website or domain parking is one of the first (and scariest) tasks in the website construction process. Your domain represents your online identity. Thus, it should be as consistent as you can with your branding.

However, you must be aware that finding quality domain names might take a lot of work. They are gone once they are purchased. If you want to avoid overpaying for a domain that has already been acquired, you better be prepared.

What happens if you're fortunate enough to find the perfect domain name for your brand-new website? The domain is yours, but there isn't a website to link it to. You now proudly have a domain parked.

Parked domains can be helpful for both inexperienced and seasoned business websites. In this guide, let's understand the most common uses of domain parking and how to set one up in your hosting account.

Domain Registration On Strikingly

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What Is Domain Parking?

Domain parking is a subject that many entrepreneurs need to know when expanding their business. However, not everyone understands what is domain parking. A registered domain name not linked to an internet service, such as email or website hosting, is a parked domain. In other words, it is a domain name that was bought but is not currently used. It is "parked" instead for later use.

Most domain names that we are familiar with direct to a web page; for instance, points to the homepage of the Strikingly website. However, parked domains typically point to a simple "parked domain" page, a parked website that is essentially an ads page with multiple links or no web page. In the latter scenario, your browser will display an error.

Furthermore, visitors to a domain parking may be directed to a website used by a different, more prominent domain name. The domain parked, in this instance, is referred to as the primary domain's "alias domain."

Why Should You Do Domain Name Parking?

What good is owning a domain if it isn't being used for anything? So why are people talking about domain name parking? Retaining one or more parked domains is beneficial for several reasons, including

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1- To Secure a Unique Domain Name

An uncommon domain name can be a precious asset because the domain name can be a factor behind a successful website. Sadly, everyone attempting to get one for their website has probably discovered that their preferred pick has already been acquired. Also, their only chance of obtaining it demands investing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Due to this, many individuals attempt parking domain early on in launching a new company, even before they have begun developing their website. Domain parking is a step to remove the domain name from the market. Given the significance of having a memorable domain name, it is cost-effective to park the domain until your website is ready to go live.

2- To Use Domain Parking For Alias

As indicated, a parked domain can be a backup for another main domain. It takes you to the same webpage as the primary domain and refers to the same IP address.

Companies frequently buy several parked domains with names that are similar to those of their main domain, such as a website with the primary domain product.


Then is configured to use these domains as aliases.

This business strategy of parking near the domain sends users to the right website even if they forget the main domain correctly.

3- For Protection Against Cybersquatting

Aliases are necessary to prevent cybersquatting. Cybersquatting is acquiring domains that are variations of a company's primary domain name and subsequently seeking to resell them at higher domain parking prices to the company. The cybersquatters' freedom to do anything they want with the domain might risk your brand's image and credibility. Reduce your odds of this happening to you by buying numerous relevant names and connecting them to your website.

4- To Make Money

Due to the high demand for domains as a commodity, many people profit by buying domains at a discount and then reselling them for profit (your domain parking cost + additional price). The domain remains parked throughout this time. When an interested party reaches out to you, you have to quote a price.

5- To Wait For The Domain To Expire

The domain parking can stop other websites from registering the domain before your ownership time is over. It is useful when you no longer want to connect it to your website's IP address.

How To Do Domain Parking?

Time and money are the first requirements for a thorough domain name research and purchasing the chosen website domain. As it produces passive revenue you can set and forget about, it eventually can become a dream asset for internet business owners.

Domain Registration Requirements

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Your domain must be connected to a domain parking service. A web page will be on each domain once you have created your account and selected the domains you wish to park.

Depending on the name, volume, and kind of traffic it sends to the website, the web page and its advertisements will be sent to that specific domain. The majority of domain registrars provide parking services. You may make extra money from these parking options with the help of Strikingly. You must, however, confirm that your domain receives enough traffic to support the costs of the entire plan. Furthermore, you can reserve your desired domain name if you create a website early on in the plan. Below, we'll provide an example of how to link your domain to your Strikingly website.

Connect Your Domain On Strikingly

Go to the Strikingly site editor and choose "Settings" before selecting Domain as the first step. You must enter your custom domain in the "Custom Domain/Subdomain" section. To prevent a "404" problem while browsing your website, you must type your custom domain in lowercase. You may select your registrar and continue with your setup after clicking update. You may also choose to transfer the domain from the domain tab on your dashboard.

Transfer Domain

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How To Buy A Parked Domain Name?

The steps for buying a parked domain name for extra money or your business website are as follows:

1- Find The Domain Owner

Typically, a quick WHOIS database search makes finding the domain's owner simple. You can discover the owner's contact information, detailed information, and crucial technical specifications of the parked domain through further inquiry.

You can phone or email the owner after you've tracked them. In most cases, emailing is preferable to calling right away.

In the email, you must state if you want to buy the parked domain. Introduce yourself as a potential buyer but withhold any information on your price range. Start a discussion if the owner is prepared to sell his parked domain.

2- Negotiate Pricing

Refrain from giving them the upper hand by demonstrating your desperation for the domain. Even if it might not be true, make it plain to the owner that his parked domain is only one of your numerous possibilities.

Consider the cost you're prepared to spend for domain parking. Once you've decided on a budget, determine how much the seller is ready to take. If you promise to pay immediately and in whole, an owner may be willing to lower the price rather than always expecting you to meet halfway.

Make sure that your offer is fair to both you and the owner. You can do preliminary research and present the owner with what you learned about the domain name. This can assist in determining the price.

Avoid haggling with the owner over a meager price. Make sure you grab their parked domain name if you want it; else, the owner will sell it to someone else who will pay for it.

3- Use An Escrow Service For The Payment

A third party, known as an escrow service, holds the money until the owner and you have fulfilled your contractual obligations.

Payments are required if you and the owner finally agree on pricing. However, this owner is not your buddy, and it isn't easy to put your faith in anyone these days. Use an escrow provider to ensure that you may obtain your ideal domain parking name without falling victim to fraud.

With an escrow service, you won't have to pay the owner directly. Provide the escrow service with your funds, and they will hold them until all required transactions and procedures have been completed.

After completing all these processes, the domain name is yours to use.


Parked domains aren't particularly extraordinary. They are registered but unused domain names. That doesn't mean they aren't valuable; you may park domains to divert extra unintentional traffic to your primary domain or reserve domains before you need them. Whatever your motivation, you should secure a distinctive domain name as soon as you have one. Next, choose how you'll utilize your new online identity.

Are you ready to do your first domain parking? Create an account on Strikingly and park your first domain.