When it comes to online shopping websites, looks matter. No matter how good the deal is, consumers still navigate towards a storefront that is more modern-looking. If your online store design is outdated, users tend to think the brand is no good or you’re offering low-quality products. It would seem like your company is unable to stay current because you’re not making enough business.

When learning how to create an online shopping websites, it’s always a good idea to stay on top of the latest ecommerce design trends. You don’t necessarily have to follow every single one but it would be good to choose a few elements that would work great on your website. Here are a few of the biggest design trends that we have seen on online stores today.

1. Microinteractions

microinteractions on an online shopping website

Femme & Fierce

Microinteractions refer to the small and subtle events that happen in response to a specific user activity. They can take the form of hover animations, sound effects, confirmation messages or error messages. These are not new by any means but a lot of online shopping websites have been implementing microinteractions this year due to advanced capabilities in web design and development.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots have been around for so many years but with the recent advances in AI, they are no longer the clunky and cold bots of the old days. These chatbots are programmed to answer the most common questions that customers have. There’s still nothing like having an actual human store assistant to talk to when you have questions about a product but an AI-powered chatbot can be a good backup option for when you are not available.

3. Animated backgrounds

2019 09 24 video background on online shopping website

Bionic Sports

One of the things you must have learned on how to create an online shopping websites is that your content should be able to get users to keep interacting with the site. The background is a good way to do just that through the use of video and animated content. This year, ecommerce websites have embraced the use of video backgrounds to increase user engagement.

4. Hamburgers

hamburger menu on online shopping website


Hamburger menus are icons composed of three parallel lines. We usually see them at the top right or left part of a webpage and opens to a navigation menu of the site. We’ve seen them before but they have become quite popular in 2019 among online shopping websites.

5. Diversity in web design

Thanks to the many social upheavals on gender justice, diversity and inclusion, we see these themes reflected on ecommerce websites as well. Brands have been embracing this trend to appeal to a wider audience and as an effort to be more socially sensitive. Diversity can be manifested in ecommerce in the form of gender-sensitive language, the use of a wide-range of ethnic groups for models and depictions of homosexual relationships.

6. Vintage photography on site images

The year is a mixture of futuristic and retro themes when it comes to website images. Some online shopping websites want to appear forward-looking with the use of sci-fi themes and next level technology on images while we see a lot of other ecommerce sites reviving vintage photography styles - think gritty, sepia filters on Instagram. Day-to-day life kind of shoots are also commonly featured on sites to imbibe the good ol’ days effect. This trend could be a hit or miss depending on the brand. Stylistic and thematic photos may work for some brands but not all might benefit from it. Do adopt this trend if you feel that your brand can benefit from the retro touch.

Final note

While it’s good to follow trends closely, do not expect to implement every single one on your online shopping website. Select design trends that are more in tune with your brand image and your content.

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