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Looking for new ways to engage your audience? Do you think going live on Facebook could be the answer? Discover a Facebook Live marketing strategy that may help you create a more loyal following that will evangelize your business and purchase from you in this article.

Facebook Live content has grown in popularity as social platforms' support for live streaming features has grown, as has audience interest in video events that are more interactive and less filtered than standard pre-produced content. In 2020, the Facebook Live campaign will be ranked as one of the top three live streaming platforms across multiple age groups. The surge in interest in the live video shows no signs of abating as people adjust their social media and entertainment habits in 2021 and beyond. The question then becomes, how do you capitalize on that engagement for your brand?

What is Facebook Live For Your Brand?

Facebook Live is a feature allowing users to broadcast real-time videos to their friends and followers. Live broadcasters can use this content to engage their audience during crucial moments and events. Going live allows for real-time interaction and can help you gain exposure and build relationships with your audience. Facebook Live marketing is a feature that allows users to live stream directly to the social networking platform. The stream will enable viewers to respond, share, and comment. A video recording is also posted to the page or profile to view later.

Why are marketers so enthralled by Facebook Live in marketing? Because it's a fun and relatively easy way for them to use the power of video to communicate their brand stories and build authentic relationships with fans and followers in real-time. However, for such a simple concept, Facebook Live marketing has many nuances that marketers must learn to get the most out of the platform. This guide will teach you the best tricks for increasing the number of people who see your live broadcast, how they interact with it, and how well it performs.

How to Use Facebook Live Campaign?

facebook live marketing

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Because Facebook Live marketing videos are public, viewers can watch them on any device that has Facebook access but does not require an account. Users on Facebook can go live from their profile, a Page, a group, or an event. Starting a live stream from the app differs from starting one from a web browser; see the instructions below.

Step 1: Navigate to the profile, Page, group, or event on which you want to go live.

Step 2: Press the “What are you thinking about?” Make a post if you have a profile and are on a page. This should bring up the post-editing options.

Step 3: In the post options, select Live video.

Step 4: Tap the button that says To add information about the video, tap to add a description.

Step 5: Configure the settings and any features or tools you want to use during the stream using the buttons at the bottom.

Step 6: When you're ready, tap Start Live Video.

5 Ways Facebook Live Marketing Can Boost Your Business

We're used to using social media by now; after all, 74% of internet users use it every day! But are you aware of how social media platforms such as Facebook live marketing can help your business grow?

While traditional marketing methods remain effective, a new generation of consumers is turning to social media. Consumers use social media to learn about products and services. You could lose out on new customers if your company isn't utilizing social media effectively! If that isn't enough to persuade you to use Facebook live for business, perhaps this will: social media isn't going away. Social media platforms like Facebook remain one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to engage with customers, promote your services, and build your brand. We already know about Facebook's incredible ability to connect friends, so imagine how it can connect consumers to your business.

Are you still not convinced? Consider these five ways to use Facebook live for business.

1. Brand Loyalty is Created by Audience Engagement

facebook live marketing
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Posting frequently on your social media platforms can assist in engaging your customers and building brand loyalty. It's also good to post about your daily specials and product promotions. By interacting with your customers on social media, your company can build relationships, create loyal customers, and, most importantly, attract new ones who are interested in purchasing.

Just make sure you don't wait too long between posts. To get the most out of social media marketing, post quality content daily or weekly.

2. Reach a Wider Audience for Your Live Videos With Facebook Ads

facebook live marketing
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The ability to build an audience based on live views is one of Facebook's most magical features. You can use a modest amount of your advertising budget for advertising your Facebook live marketing to a larger audience. Engagement ads are one of the most underutilized strategies for increasing both organic engagement and future paid advertising strategies.

Start your engagement ad using a custom audience you've built through other means, such as your email list and people who have opted to receive marketing from you. Although you can create up to 500 custom audiences on Facebook, most business owners typically have between 5 and 10. A strategy centered around it can make this underused Facebook live campaign feature a potent tool.

3. Good Content Keeps Your Company Connected

facebook live marketing
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Customers see that you care about staying relevant when you communicate and actively post on social media. As a result, you care about having their business. Creating stimulating and appealing visual content will keep your customers interested, so post frequently! Photos of your products, services, or place of business will create a more personal connection for your customers.

4. Use Facebook Ads to Reach Your Ideal Customers

facebook live marketing
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When you use Facebook live marketing, you can target the exact demographic you want to reach. You can target based on location, age, gender, education level, and other factors. Your ads are relevant to the people who will see them. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about it being shown to people who aren't interested in your services. Users can get directions to your business, a coupon code to use when making a purchase, or information on how to get an exclusive deal from an advertisement. Facebook also provides data on how your ad is performing, which will assist you in measuring its effectiveness.

5. Contests and Rewards Increase Fan Engagement

Everyone enjoys a good deal, or even better, free stuff. When you promote a contest or giveaway on social media, you increase traffic to your page. This traffic increases fan engagement and often leads to increased exposure for your company. Running a contest or giveaway can also help you gain more fans for your page. This means that your company will be able to connect with (and convert to customers) more people over time!

6. Social Media Can Help Your SEO

When people search for your company online, they will almost always look to see if you have a Facebook page. Search engines such as Google rank social media activity in search results. If your company's Facebook live campaign page consistently publishes quality content and has a consistent number of followers and likes, search engines will rank your content higher in search results. Overall, this makes it easier for customers to find your business.


Facebook Live marketing is another way to create visually stimulating content for your audience and fans. It allows you to show off real-life and behind-the-scenes footage instead of engaging with followers through written comments. Even the average person can use Facebook Live. It reaches a large number of people who cannot be ignored.

However, for your Facebook Live marketing efforts to be successful, you must provide valuable and interactive content. Some brands have already demonstrated that it can be helpful for marketing, brand awareness, and even direct sales. Aside from the methods mentioned above, you can also use Facebook Live marketing in a novel way to drive traffic to your brand's website. At the end of each live stream, simply introduce your website to the audience. Encourage viewers to visit and browse your website, even if they do not intend to shop. Continue to remind them of your website's URL in your videos. This will almost certainly increase traffic to your website. But remember that driving traffic to your website is one thing; keeping that traffic is quite another.

To entice people to spend time on your website, it must be visually appealing, comprehensive, and simple to use. A high bounce rate will occur if your website is too difficult to navigate or is not responsive enough to open neatly from different devices. You must prevent people from leaving your website as soon as they open it. Consider using a website builder such as Strikingly, which offers ready-to-use templates to help you create a professional and user-friendly web design. Our platform also provides a variety of website templates to ensure that site visitors have a pleasant browsing experience.