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You want your website to rank higher on Google’s search result pages, but are not sure what are the key inputs you can do. So, we’ve put together this is list of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. SEO is important for website owners to increase their exposure on search engines. It might seem complicated at first, but our list is here to help.

Search engines rank sites to help their users such as yourself find the best, most relevant sites. They take time to examine and index your site, and thus it takes time for SEO to increase or links listed to change. They know what the “tricks” are. Keep in mind it depends on a variety of factors including content, descriptions, link-backs, host, URL, and more! Here are a few tips to help you improve your search rankings:

1. Connect your domain!

Your domain is the best keyword to search for your site. Connecting or will take you a long way. Here’s how to do that. The good news is your free Strikingly site URL ( has good SEO and loads quickly as well!

2. Actively share your site on other websites!

A huge part of search engine ranking comes from back-links and traffic. That means the more sites that link to your site, and the higher the quality of those sites, the better your search engine ranking will be.

Start posting your site on blogs, forums and social media! Create a Google Plus profile, if relevant. Include your URL in your LinkedIn profile, email signature and other networks. Find the places where people are interested in what you do and share!

3. Complete page descriptions and meta tags.

Fill in as much information as possible for your page description and meta tags. Your description should be a few sentences long, and you should have several tags that categorize your site or business. However, be careful not to include tags just for the sake of increasing your ranking, as many search engines demote this behavior and rank you lower.

A good description: “Johnny’s Bakery is a gourmet bakery and confectionary based in the Mission in San Francisco. We started in 1965 and we’ve been offering delightful breads, cakes, pies, and cookies to happy customers ever since!”

Good tags: “johnny’s bakery, san francisco mission bakery, delicious pies, fresh bread, wedding cakes”

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