Powerful SEO tips to build an explosive speaker website

Speaking is an art not much different from music or dance. Your speaking skills can elevate moods and people, motivating them to further the cause of your speech. Representing your capabilities as a public speaker on the global platform can expand your brand and develop your portfolio. Websites are the best way to connect to the world and increase your revenue.

A speaker website is more than just a place to showcase your worth. It can help you build an expansive network and make yourself a household name.

Speaker websites like any other, require certain basic web pages and buttons as any other business website. But there are certain specifics that can help boost your speaker website among numerous others in the market.

In this article, we will show you what you need to include to create an exquisite speaker website without any professional help.

Essential of a Public Speaker Website

1. A Dazzling Homepage

Your Home page is the first impression visitors get of you as a professional speaker. You must reflect that image on your homepage. Keep it professional and simple.

The colour coding of your website is crucial in setting the tone for your website. Choose colors that express what you do as a speaker such as using bold colors for motivational speakers websites or going with light colors for health and wellbeing speakers websites.

Don't crowd the home page with a lot of content. Given that it’s a public speaker website, it's best you put up quotes that resonate with the topics that you talk about.

Example of a motivational speaker website created on Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly’ user website

Nick Vujicic’s motivational speaker website is a great example of a website home page that’s clear and precise. An amazing headline and an image of the speaker basically tell the whole story. The homepage directly shows the location and timings of the talk owing to the speaker’s hard-built reputation.

2. Let Your Work Speak for Itself

You can either introduce yourself in the next section or go with your unique selling point. We suggest you go with the latter cause it’s easier to show what you do than trying to express it in words. Go with what will grab your audiences. Post videos of your work

Professional speaker website design created using Strikingly custom template.

Image taken from Strikingly’ user website

Emily Penn’s speaker website created on Strikingly’s interactive platform showcases videos of her work. This lets the audience make an instant connection with the speaker as a person. Videos and photos also help keep visitors engaged on your speaker website for longer.

3. A Striking Introduction

Show off your speaker capabilities in your writing. You can start by describing you as a person, your journey, and what led you to become a public speaker. You have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. So, the words you use to convey your message are of utmost importance. Choose them wisely.

You can add a paragraph of your vision or mission. It builds a positive impression of you as a professional speaker.

Creating a public speaking website is easy with Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly’ user website

Nick Vujicic’s about page uses strikingly’s custom features to add a background image. The image adds depth to the content and gives a vibrant look to the page.

4. Your Expertise

You would want people to know exactly what they get when they hire you to speak at an event or in the company. Showcase all your skills. The better you are at specifying your niche and areas of expertise, it’ll be easier for clients to know if you're the right match for their requirements.

Personalize your public speaker website created with Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly’ user website

Alexis Schomer’s site depicts this to the point. Using Strikingly’s exciting web building features, the public speaker has neatly outlined the services offered. The eye-catching icons just add to the overall appeal of the page.

5. Validate Yourself

Speaker websites must have a testimonials page. It's a great way to show credibility and develop trust among future clients, especially new ones who might be second-guessing on your worth as a professional speaker. Get testimonials that show your versatility as a speaker.

Say you're a corporate speaker who motivates working professionals. Try getting testimonials from various people like CEOs, managers and executives asking them to tell how you’ve inspired various aspects of their work.

Professional speaker website design created using Strikingly custom template.

Image taken from Strikingly’ user website

Kerryn Gamble keeps it simple and just puts up a picture of the person giving the testimonial followed by a brief paragraph. Letting people know who is praising you adds weightage to what’s being said.

6. Blog Section

As a speaker, a great way to extend your reach is to convert your voice into words. You can segregate your work and target a wider audience by writing about their specific pain points. Blogs are especially helpful in generating visitors to your website and increasing your followers. So pick highly sought after topics and don't forget to give that personal touch and make your public speaker website stand out among others.

Creating a public speaking website is easy with Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly’ user website

Kerryn Gamble’s blog page is just blissful. She makes complete use of Strikingly’s design and layout features by adding thumbnails to the blogs. When you land on her blog page, you instantly know what she’s all about.

7. Contact Page

Your speaker website is here to let audiences connect to you. It can either be by signing up to your blogs, emails, or booking a session with you. Apart from pop-ups and buttons on other pages that ask visitors to take the required action, be sure to have a page specifically designed to get audiences to connect to you. It shows that you are dedicated to suit their cause and are willing to give them your valuable time.

Your contact page can be simple but your CTA button needs to be the highlight of the page.

Also, don't forget to add links to your social media handles.

Personalize your public speaker website created with Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly’ user website

Samir Goel’s speaker website displays the icons for Instagram, Twitter, email, and Quora. You Also have the option of liking and sharing the page on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This can boost the social stature and elevate social media presence.

These tips help you get through building a professional speaker website that can attract audiences left right and center. They’re sure to want to hire you once they land on your page. But there’s one problem - they have to find your website among countless others first.

Your speaker website is probably not the first and because you’ve just created it or might not have kept it active, certainly not the first one someone sees when they type in the words “Public speaker website’ Or ‘motivational speaker website’. So how do you get google to make your website front page news? Well the answer is a three letter abbreviation that everybody’s talking about these days - SEO!

SEO or search engine optimization sounds complicated and it most probably is when you go into specific details. But optimizing your speaker website is a lot simpler, that is, if you follow these crisply written SEO tips specific to speaker websites.

5 SEO Tips to Keep Your Speaker Website on Top

1. Get your Keywords Right

Key words are nothing but commonly used search words. These are the words that people use to search for something they need. For example, if people want to search for a public speaker who talks about motivation and overcoming fears, the probable key words might be ‘motivational speaker’ or ‘public speaker’.

You need to decide upon the keywords that could possibly be used to search your public speaker website and add it strategically into the contents of your webpage.

Title, headers, your site URL, and the meta description must contain keywords in order to rank your speaker website higher on search engine results. Let the content also have enough keywords, amply spaced, while maintaining text flow.

A downside here is that if you overload your website with keywords, google will pick it up and penalise it for keyword stuffing.

2. Refine Your Content

Apart from giving value to customers, your content also needs to be seo optimized. For that you need to consider two important aspects. The length of the content and its originality. Even if you are referring to other sources for your material be sure to write it in your own words.

Give that person touch to your content to connect with your audience. Let your content be an extension of your public speaking.

Also remember to keep your content up to date. People want to know all the latest news and events. Even the blog and other written content must be revised from time to time. This improves site visibility on search engines.

3. Google Looks at the Meta Description

The meta description is the small paragraph under the title on the search results page. This information helps google understand what your website is without having to go into the website.

When people search for a particular set of keywords, Google shows the websites that are most relevant to the keywords they typed. Be sure to put in a few keywords in your meta description.

Also remember that there’s a limit to the number of characters of the meta description displayed on the screen. Your speaker website’s description with the keywords need to fit in the character limit. Or it just won’t show on the screen.

Grabbing audience attention is a plus, if you can manage to do that with your meta description.

4. Pictures Count, Too

Apart from text content, Pictures and videos are great at increasing your speaker website’s visibility on the internet. Adding a small description of the image/video can increase its chances of being found by Google.

As you’re building a speaker website it is important to use your videos to drive traffic into your website.

5. Links Build Trust

Users are always looking at exciting topics to click on. So make you have put in sufficient links on your speaker websites. These need to be both internal and external links. Internal links are those that take your visitors to different pages on your speaker website. They increase user engagement and lead to conversions.

You also need to have external links or backlinks from other websites to your site. This improves the credibility of your speaker website and you as a professional speaker. It also means that Google finds the information to be valuable and trustworthy. It automatically ranks higher than speaker websites that don’t contain such links.

By following these tips, you can build an amazing public speaker website and become the top public speaker in your niche. You can have a steady flow of quality work, even when you’re not actively looking for it. Your speaker website will be doing all the digital work for you while you focus on improving your portfolio.

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