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We don’t think it is a mystery when we say that almost every working and non-working person has a social media account associated with his name. Whenever we open our social media account, we often ask ourselves what we should post next. Now, we can save our and our partners’ time by having an effective social media content calendar.

According to a marketing statistic, an online marketing site posts over 16 posts in a month to generate 3-5 times more traffic than those sites that make just 4 posts. However, you need an appropriate content schedule to produce 16 posts in a month. It is tough to think about 16 posts out of the blue without having a clear marketing strategy.

Even though an unprepared strategy is good for some businesses, it doesn’t mean that they should compromise on the quality of posts. Therefore, brands eliminate the risks and consequences with an effective productivity strategy to popularize high-quality content.

Constituents of a Content Calendar

Let’s look at the most important matter and learn how to create a social media content calendar. There are various approaches for you to create them, but you must look into the pillar of constituents below that you should integrate while making it.

1. Relevant Headline and Logos

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There is a saying that if you write a headline of your content, you have earned 80 percent of your earnings. Therefore, you should make your headlines engaging so that your audience actually bothers to read the rest of the content. If you are creating a landing page, headlines become even more important.

In the earlier phase of content development, you can use headlines the same way as your topic. However, once you create professional content, you must be careful while writing a content headline. Moreover, you should also be careful about the logos that you integrate within your content.

You must ensure that you use icons from standard libraries and snippets directly from the social media platform to avoid any misinterpretation of icons. Strikingly provides you with a social media content calendar tool to embed social media icons as images on your respective platforms.

2. Best Publishing Schedule

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Publishing dates is a crucial aspect of a content calendar. If you look into any social media calendar template, the publishing dates are one of the higher priorities. The publishing dates allow you to have a clear picture of your expectations and planning.

Every time that you cannot meet your deadline, you miss out on opportunities regarding new leads and conversions. Of course, we all want to see an improvement in our content. Publishing dates will increase the efficiency of your work and make you avoid getting caught in the dream of perfectionists.

As you promote your content on social media, make sure that you know about the dates that are the best for publishing content. This step ensures your posts get to the right people.

3. Decision on the Type of Content

According to one statistical report, video traffic will be accountable for almost 82% of the overall traffic incoming to a website by 2022. If you want to build such sites, you can check out the best video hosting sites and blossom in the world of marketing. Similarly, infographics are becoming a huge part of a social media content calendar now.

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Therefore, if you want to improve your website traffic, make sure that you include different content as part of your marketing strategy. Webinars are excellent at generating leads, whereas pragmatic posts can let your audience know about the trends and potential breakthroughs in the industry. However, you must have an effective content schedule to integrate different content into your calendar.

4. Assign Responsibilities to Different Team Members

There is a lot of hard work required by all the team members to ensure that a post goes live. Teamwork is essential in this regard. Every member of your team has a specified role to play in ensuring that the content gets completed within the deadline.

For example, you will need team members to create content that must be made live. Then, you require certain team members for its promotion on social media. Afterward, you require team members to integrate the content in a social media calendar.

Therefore, you have allotted roles to your team members appropriately, it will give your content strategy a direction and it will get completed before its deadline.

Benefits of a Content Calendar

A content calendar assists you in organizing the future content by making you understand the post that you will publish next. With this calendar at your disposal, you will no longer be having to deal with a content topic on the same day as you publish your content. The pressure of deadline day will not allow you to think clearly. Some benefits of making a content calendar are as follows:

1. Improves Website Traffic

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If you have a social media content calendar, it will help you generate traffic on your website. Your website traffic will eventually improve if more people are landing on your website. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate and gives a good customer experience. If your customers do not like the content on your website, it will cause a high bounce rate for your website.

Strikingly can help you analyze your website’s traffic consistently. Once you build a website on our platform, you will have statistical support for it. Moreover, we have built-in analytics. The Strikingly Analytics dashboard enables you to visualize how many visitors have landed on your website. You can also check out their locations.

If you want to build a social media content calendar and improve your website traffic through it, make sure that you consult with our happiness officers. We have a social media calendar template collection, which will make it easy for you to choose from.

2. Keeps Audience Engaged

Sometimes, your website can work without the engagement of your audience. However, that strategy will not work in the long run. When you don’t have a social media content calendar, you will be desperate to complete your posts without thinking about their quality.

Because of this negligence, you may create repetitive content, as you may have not paid attention to your previous content properly. Similarly, randomly picked content does not sit well with the audience and it will harm your engagement with them. Therefore, effective content in a social media calendar will minimize all these blunders.

3. Works on Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you are into the digital marketing world, you would know that content and social media marketing creates a special bond that ensures the welfare of a business. A social media content calendar will allow you to detect the successful content pieces and use them in paid social media advertisements. You must make sure that you are using the best content pieces because, if you are not, it will cause a high bounce rate on your website.

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Make sure that you visualize the best infographics, video content, webinars, reports, and whitepapers on social media channels. Afterward, you can use them as part of your paid social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Even if audiences haven’t liked your Facebook page or are not friends with you, they will see your paid advertisements.

As we have seen a drop in organic traffic on Facebook, it means that your content will only be seen by 6% of the audience. Therefore, you must create a paid advertisement for your business.

4. Keeps Track of your Performances

If you want to measure the track of your content success, then you must have a social media content calendar at your disposal. If you cannot analyze your website performance, you cannot understand the output of your marketing efforts. Creating marketing benchmarks is necessary for your success. By paying close attention to the metrics, you can modify your content and fulfill the demands of your audience.

Numerous marketing agencies tell business owners to make an effective content schedule for their work. If you look into many blog sites around the world, you will see that they have a ready-made content calendar integrated within their working plans, which keeps them aware of all the happenings surrounding their content.


Making content is fun, but it becomes very hectic if you create with no strategy in place. Brainstorming a couple of ideas on the day when you have to post content on social media isn’t an ideal approach by any means. Moreover, it will impact your business in the long run. If you have a social media content calendar, you will ensure success in every piece of your content.

In relation to that, Strikingly works extremely hard to ensure that our users communicate with the audience with the expansion of their media engagement scope. With some of our great features, such as the Social Feed Section, getting more audiences and improving website traffic has never been easier. This section allows users to display their content in a social media calendar on engagement platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This feature is an ideal way of keeping your website updated without doing much hard work.