Designing an effective landing page takes a lot of work and careful planning because you need to create a page that serves the kind of content and service your target audience really wants. Learning how to create a landing page is more than just building a site that looks good. It has to be able to fulfill your marketing objectives.

How To Create A Winning Landing Page

As a leading free landing page builder, Strikingly understands how crucial it is to have a solid foundation for building an online presence. It empowers startups and small businesses with a robust platform that enables them to create the best landing pages that will suit their digital marketing requirements.

Over the years, we have seen a lot of brands and websites take off and be successful with their landing page strategies on our platform. With that being said, here are some of the most common elements that successful landing page examples have that you might want to keep in mind.

1. Start with a magnetic headline

The headline is where most on-page experiences begin. It attracts attention, creates interest, and leads to understanding. Your headline should get the visitor to stick around and want to learn more. It should also give him a clear view of what you are offering - your product’s unique selling proposition (USP). It may sound like a lot but you have to squeeze this into a few words (ideally no more than 20). Check out this landing page example.

Inside Hockey grabs the visitor with a strong headline “Believe You Can”. It is short, sweet and to the point. By itself, it can capture the reader and invite him to click to the CTA. You should aim to create a headline that will get the user to drop whatever he’s doing and click through your page.

2. Follow through with punchy subheadings

If your headline is meant to grab your user’s attention, the subheadings should make him stick around. Together, the headline and the subhead serves as the one-two punch that will convince the reader that your brand and whatever you’re offering will potentially change his life.

Write a persuasive subheading that will support your headline. Ideally, it should go more in-depth than what your headline covers as it will serve to expound more on what your product is about - how users can benefit from it and what makes it different from your competitors.

3. Seal the deal with a powerful CTA

Once you have the reader hooked, you’re going to want to keep a CTA nearby to get him to react. No other element is probably more important than this button. Where you put it can influence the effectiveness of your entire strategy.

For starters, the CTA has to be big. It has to be in a contrasting color that will make it stand out on your landing page. Experts agree that the most important CTA has to be a button because people know what to do when they see it. There’s no explanation needed.

4. Address your audience’s pain points and provide relief

Your landing page should be able to address what a potential customer stands to lose by not taking advantage of your offer. You should be able to identify your market’s pain points and challenges, and provide a relief from these pains.


The best landing pages are able to empathize with their reader and clearly express that they understand his challenges. Without missing a step, they are also able to communicate how their product, service or organization can provide a viable solution to their challenges. Customers are motivated by a desire to gain something. Show that your product meets this emotional need so you have to go beyond its function and express how comfortable, happy, easy the reader’s life could be when he uses this product.

5. Be reachable

Finally, you have to show that you’re running a legitimate business by providing clear contact methods. With Strikingly landing pages, you can either use a chatbox, a custom form or a Facebook messenger integration to open the communication lines. You have to eliminate any roadblocks to conversion by providing the assurance that you’re a real company and indicating your business address and phone number. If you’re going to have a chatbox, make sure to respond to inquiries in a timely manner so as to maintain high service levels.

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