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Reunions are considered special “reconnecting” events for many families. It is one weapon that has the power to connect and build stronger relationships between family members.

Organizing a family reunion may become a handful if you don't have any ideas on what steps to take. You will need to do all the calling and collecting of your relative’s address information. Creating the list of activities as well as the choices of places to host your reunion will also cost you a lot of time. To lessen all your worries and organize a reunion smoothly, you will need a family reunion website.

In this article, Strikingly will provide you everything which a family reunion page should have and how to set up a family reunion activity. So sit back, take note of every detail, and start creating your family reunion planning website!

Effective tips and tricks on how to set up a family reunion website

To start, below are the basic tips and hacks you should know to make your no-brainer family reunion website in less than 30 minutes.

  • Write Blogs

Blogs make it easier for your relatives to understand what your family reunion website is all about. ou can post articles about your family reunion website's ideas, and ask them to pitch in if they have ideas of their own. You can add a section where they can put their comments, suggestions, and other insights about the whole reunion planning.

With Strikingly, creating your blog section will never be stressful. Through its Simple Blog feature, you can easily start making blogs and post in on your desired section within your family reunion website. To know more about this feature, here’s a guide for you on how to start making blogs for your family reunion website.

Add simple blog

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  • Create Guest List

Another idea you should consider when making your family reunion website is how can reach out to your family members in the most efficient way possible. This can be facilitated by creating your family reunion website guest list using Strikingly’s Custom Form section. You can add each family member’s name, and even include their contact details and address. You can also include an email address where they can contact you if they have any concerns and questions about the reunion planning. Select from whatever type of custom form you’d wish to have and include it on your family reunion page easily. To enable this feature, visit here for more about how to customize form section.

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  • Include a List of Vacation Houses and Rentals

Reunions would never be fun without the best venue. To make your family reunion website more informative and functional, include a section having the best reunion venues and rental choices. You can do it in a form resembling a brochure or gallery where all the necessary details are written below the picture. You can even make your posted images linked to another website. Once the website viewer clicks on the photo, they will be redirected to another website page where other details linked to the photo can be seen.

You can easily do this step with Strikingly’s Form Options feature. Form Options feature allows you to smoothly build a redirect page where you can forward your family reunion website subscribers to a different landing page or a greeting page. Here are more details about how to customize form feature for family reunion website.

Add redirect page

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  • Post A Set of Food Choices

Food is essential in every gathering. Whatever happens, a full menu of best-tasting food must be included in your reunion party. When designing your family reunion website, consider adding a section filled with all the food choices your relatives would like to enjoy. Having different tastes is inevitable especially if you are in a large group. You can also include a list of all catering services along with their contact number and even their recipes and menus to give your relatives a better idea of the food they’ll have during the event.

Doing this part for your free family reunion website is also easier to accomplish through the Strikingly Add Custom Form feature.

  • Consider Volunteering Activities

A family reunion can be done in many forms. One way to make it more memorable is by doing volunteering activities. Not only you can enjoy hanging out with your relatives, but you can also get the chance to give a helping hand to others. You can organize a tree planting activity, a feeding program, or organize a party at a foundation for kids. Create your program and post it on your family reunion planning software to make your relatives aware of it. Who knows, they may like the idea and even add their thoughts on how you can make your reunion even more exciting and worth remembering.

  • Post Narratives

Narratives are like remembrances. They leave worthy marks on your minds on how fun and meaningful was that day to you and the people you are with. Add photos and videos of your whole family reunion as a form of documentation. By posting narratives, you and your relatives can go back through your previous activities and be inspired to continue organizing one. You can design a section on your family reunion website where all the photos and videos taken that day are posted, just like a gallery.

  • Choose Your Website Host Wisely

Last but not the least, one best idea to consider in creating your family reunion website, is to choose the best free family reunion website builder.

Website hosts play an important role in securing your family reunion web templates' efficiency. It is a must for you to carefully study and analyze a website's builder's capability of handling your family reunion website. There are tons of website builders you can find online to help in building your family reunion website. All you have to do is pick the best one which will not just suit your taste but will also give you everything that you need when it comes to website designing, just like Strikingly.

venue schedule gallery

venue schedule gallery

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What your family reunion web templates should have

The family reunion website would not be complete without the right set of website elements. Strikingly listed down below all the necessary features your family reunion website should never miss.

  • Chosen Reunion Website Name

Website names are essential. Your relatives can easily find your family reunion website if it has its distinct name. You can use your family name, or even be creative and create a unique one. Website names can also be used in designing a logo which you can also put on your family reunion planning software.

  • Embedded Maps

Embedding maps is very helpful in setting your family reunion website. Not only does it make it look more structured, but also makes your family reunion website more reliable and effective specifically in providing directions every time you have activities.

With Strikingly, you now have the option to embed Google Maps on your family reunion website. Use this feature in giving accurate location and directions towards your family members, for your next family reunion.

  • Schedule of Activities

Creating a schedule of plans never fails in making any gathering more organized. By posting a schedule of activities on your family reunion website, your relatives can have a grasp on what to expect at your family gathering. They can take a look at all the activities you will do, and be prepared for it. Include a specific area within your family reunion website where you can post all the activities along with details like the time and day scheduled for it. Scheduling of activities will not just have a smooth flow of family gathering activities, but also avoid leaving out other plans untouched.

  • Linked Online Payment Tools

Payments made during reunions are mostly shared. To make it easier for your relatives to give their share of all the expenses, you can simply provide them a section for all linked online payment tools on your family reunion website. You can include this section to make paying transactions towards venues and catering services easily done. Strikingly can give you a helping hand.

The best family reunion website builder examples to help you design yours

To give a nice end to your family reunion website building journey, here’s a list of family reunion website examples that can help you in creating one for your next family reunion.

  1. Facebook Events
  2. Evite
  3. Paperless Post
  4. Strikingly

Family reunion websites ideas to inspire you reconnect this 2021

To give you a better view of how a family reunion website should look like, here are the best examples Strikingly provided you.


This family reunion website is handled by a company which is considered as one of the leaders in the field of organizing family reunions. Their website features a set of beautiful templates ready for action, a registration section, sold tickets, and an option to send customized invitations to your family members.


Family is among family reunion websites which offer a set of templates that are easy to use. They allow their user to create a family reunion blog and customized message board so all members of the family can chat and post their messages. You can also create a family reunion poll for your members, share any files, and send direct emails.


If all you want is to achieve a family reunion page with all the necessary information about your family reunion, then is the right family reunion website for you. On this website, you have the option to create a website for your family reunion, share photos, videos and even design a family tree. You can have your own designed family reunion website which you can use in announcing important details and news about your reunion program. However, the website is free but not customizable.

Ready to create your family reunion website? Chat with us, and let’s work together.