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Home improvements websites have been a trend in the field of business. Many people seek help from these remodelling contractor websites, especially nowadays, where dealing with face-to-face appointments is crucial due to pandemic. With just visiting a contractor website, services, remodelling, and house improvements are way more manageable.

If you are someone planning on putting up a contractor website, visiting Strikingly is one best decision. In this article, Strikingly shared some useful hacks and website design tips on achieving that one of a kind contractor website.

Practical ideas on how to create the design for a contractor website

Before proceeding with the actual designing process of your contractor site, you must learn the basics first. We’ve listed down ideas and reminders that you should never miss regarding what a contractor website should look like, and the different elements that will make you stand out.

  • Keep it mobile-friendly. Admit it. We love surfing the internet through our mobile phones. We can even spend our whole day just lying down, scrolling down on our phones. This is one tip you should keep in mind in designing general contractor websites—keep it mobile-friendly. Since most of your potential audience will use their phones, doing this step will make your contractor website more effective and user-friendly. You can even gather more website visitors knowing that your contractor website is easy to navigate and performs well.
  • Say something about you. There are times when users are not that well-informed when it comes to contractor website services. Adding an “About Me” section on your contractor website design will help them get to know you and the services you could offer them. You can include some background information about you and post it right next to your website’s name, or even designate a whole website page for it.

With Strikingly, you can easily do this step through its Create Multiple Page Site features. By activating this, you can now add up to twenty more pages to your multiple page site and make your contractor website more exciting! Here’s how you can create multiple page for your contractor website.

Create multiple page

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  • Add sign-up/membership sections. Sign up, and membership features help in building strong business-market relationships. Through this option, having a tight grip on your clients is more possible. Include a section on your contractor website to keep your website visitors updated on the latest on your services. Through membership, you can even give them other premium offers they can enjoy.

Strikingly has one fantastic feature which gives you the power to convert website visitors into premium and loyal clients. To know more about this feature here’s a step-by-step tutorial Strikingly provided for you.


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  • Include a booking section. Being a contractor means having a specific time span of work for every single client. As an effective contractor website, adding a booking section is a must-have. Having a section intended for scheduling will be easier for your clients to transact with you. It will also be a big help to you in being organized and having a better view of your business. Strikingly Add Custom Form can help you in having this kind of feature on your contractor website design.

Add custom form

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  • Make it SEO-friendly. To achieve that top-notch contractor website, you must know how the world of SEO goes. Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO, plays a significant role in helping your website gain recognition not just from website viewers but also in the field of e-commerce. Having enough knowledge on how SEO works will make it easier for you to manage and control your contractor website.

If you are someone who is a newbie in the field of contractor website design and ecommerce, don’t worry because Strikingly got your back. Below are the best tips you should note in dealing with designing your contractor website and ensuring that it goes along with search engines.

  1. Your contractor website page title tags must contain your chosen focus keywords.
  2. Each meta description you create must also include a set of keywords.
  3. Home improvements websites page URLs or slugs must also contain your chosen focus keywords.
  4. Include your focus keywords on your contractor website first headings (H1).
  5. Each image file name, article/content title, and alt tags should also include your focus keywords.
  6. Every opening paragraph on each website content must also include your keywords.
  7. Always make sure that your chosen set of keywords is spread generously throughout your contractor website.
  • Choose the best website host. Your contractor website will never work well if you have a weak website builder. Website hosts play an essential role in ensuring that your clients, and even you as the owner, have the best contractor web design experience. They are essential too, which will help you sell your products/services and make it more possible to reach your goals.

As someone who seeks stability, choose the best website builder which will help you do things accordingly. Someone who will always be there to help you fulfil your client’s needs. Someone who knows exactly what they are doing—someone like Strikingly.

Elements to put on your contractor web design

To make a contractor website fully-functional, it must have the best set of website elements. With that, Strikingly gives you this list of website features your remodelling contractor websites must never miss. Take a clear understanding of these elements, and in no time, achieving the best-designed contractor site will be on your hands.

  • Your Services. Website viewers have one common reason in visiting your contractor site—to know what services you can offer. Adding a services section to your contractor website makes it easier for clients to transact with you. By simply at your services list, they can quickly identify which service they would like to purchase. Create a services list on your contractor website, including details like the service name, price, inclusions, purchase process and other essential information a customer will need to transact smoothly with you.
  • Your Blogs. Blog articles make any website page more fun to visit. Through its presence, customers can interact more with your contractor website. Sharing blog posts and articles is also one marketing strategy to convince your target market to join your contractor website. You can share your insights and even give them updates on how your website is improving.

Strikingly has a feature that helps you in making your blog section within your website. Through its Add Simple Blog, you can quickly create blog articles and blog posts intended for your website viewers. To know more about this feature, here’s a more precise view for you.

  • Your Theme. Website themes and templates are among the secret weapons in creating the best contractor websites. By choosing the correct set of color schemes, templates and website background, you can easily achieve that perfect first impression from every user who visits your website. You can choose a theme that perfectly suits your contractor website branding or be out of the box and make things more unique.
  • Your Gallery. Galleries are the website’s portfolios. It serves as one piece of evidence of how excellent your contractor website is. When making the best contractor websites layout, never forget to include a gallery of all your past projects and transactions. You can even include a collage of your before and after services done along with your past client’s testimonials and comments about their experience working with you. Through this step, you have the opportunity to grab any potential client’s trust and gather more in the future.
  • Your Achievements. Achievements are tokens of all your hard work as a service provider. And by adding this to your contractor site, you are sharing your dedication and passion in your chosen field to the whole world. Include a section in your contractor site where website visitors can take a look on all your achievements and awards received as a firm. Through this, they will develop an instant curiosity about you and eventually proceed on transacting with you.
  • Your Other Websites. Your other website and social media accounts can also be used as a tool in gathering more audience for your contractor website. Link your other accounts on your contractor site, and reach a wider target market in only a short period. Strikingly has one amazing feature which can help you do this step flawlessly. How? Visit here.

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Best contractor website examples to get inspiration in creating your own

Now that you’ve come this far, Strikingly has a bonus for you!

Below are the best contractor website examples that genuinely ruled the world of contractor website designing. Get inspiration from them, and be the next in line!

  1. Max Home
  2. The Spaces
  3. House of Bohn
  4. Contractors Reporting Services
  5. Acclaim Contractors

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